I Removed the ‘innit’…

Thursday, October 16 2008 at 17:21 (Daily Life) (, , , , , )

Because Max didn’t like it.
And I’m actually so completely bored that I’m now going to write a proppa blog. Yep.

Why does it have to do a double space when I press enter/return? Unless I press shift. Why can’t I just press enter/return twice instead?
It would be much less gay.

Phew. Thursday. What an arsehole of a day. Double Spanish with Miss Bentley being a boring and unskilled teacher, double Drama with Miss Archer being an unskilled and seriously annoying teacher, Mrs Bray (who was actually absent today) being an unskilled and absent-minded teacher and Mr Heath being a bald and very skilled teacher who is just a complete tit/twat/Insert profanity.
Spanish was hugely boring, but guess what! We worked off a sheet today! Wow! It’s not like we’ve been working off mother-freaking photocopies from the textbook for a month and a half now. Or anything.
It’s probably because Miss Bentley plays World of Warcraft.

Doppledrama was actually pretty good, we did a piece about a hobo being on drugs, pretty much. Except it was super-awesome, psychedelic and frigging amazing. We were doing this bit where I get circled by the rest of the group and they chant stuff at me, and I was trying to breath heavily in time to the chanting and actually ended up nearly collapsing in a coughing fit. I think it was quite effective.
Then we moved on to studying a song as a stimulus. Archer said that there would be a merit for the first person to identify the artist who had created it. A momentary glance told me that it was ‘She’s Leaving Home’ by The Beatles. Which, although not my favourite song on Sergeant Pepper (Lovely Rita), is still a song fairly close to my heart. It’s probably a part of the pancreas.
Anyway, so we were analysing through this song, and I said rather too loudly that ‘This song is being ruined by having Miss Archer in it’. I was pretty sure that she had heard me, and so I spent the rest of the lesson in my pale-and-shrivelled-up-super-conscience mode until I apologised to her at the end of the lesson. She hadn’t even heard me. God damn it.

Mathematics involved very little, as we had no Mrs Bray and two French teachers as subs. It was meant to be C-B grade work, but it felt stupidly easy to me.

German! My favourite subject, with my favourite teacher. Mr Heath began the lesson by being a prick and metaphorically shitting on my coursework, and ended by being an even bigger a prick and would have caused me to miss my bus if it hadn’t been late. You see, we were doing display work about school (mine was about teachers) and apparently we HAD to finish it by the end of the lesson, which involved finishing the work in Mr Heath’s room, putting it on a pendrive, running to Mrs Raven’s room to print off the thing on their colour printer, and then being forced to do several menial tasks for the Raven. Pity she isn’t as cool as the guy on the television. The first series, when he had the golden bowl. The later series’ when he had the staff and they could have nine lives and the feathers were gold and they could exchange treasure rings for lives was just stupid. First, ravens have black feathers, so it makes sense that lives should be black feathers, and as for the treasure rings, everyone knows that the only way to get extra lives is by completing the Way of the Warrior, which requires INSANE skillage on the behalf of the ‘warrior’. I’ve always wanted that in my garden.

Where was I? Oh yes. I went home and wrote a blog. What did I do after that? PARADOX! Nyeeerrrgh.

Oh, and a message to any random internet folks: Alfie Ayre is a huge, HUGE, Mahoosive Douchebag. Of the kind that contain multiple STDs.

Listening to The Beatles 1. Reading ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak.



  1. Max said,

    Nice post. Congrats on moving the ‘innit’, it was merely a suggestion but ‘I, Blog’ is an awesome title on it’s own.

    Agreed on the Maths thing, it was a bit easy and kind of calmed me down if this is what we need to get a B. No one likes the French teachers either.

    Bad luck with ol’ baldy, however, if you think you’ve got it bad, think of the group I’m in for German.


  2. Chris said,

    Yeah but Max, at least you punched a guy in your group. And with that and listening to the opening of “Will Of The Heart” I have completely forgotten the witty comment I had… poopy mc doopy…

  3. Savin’ Those Gorons « I,Blog said,

    […] was Friday. Friday, despite having a single period of Mr Heath, conspires to actually be a pretty good day, in the general run of things. Maths was similar to […]

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