What’s This I’m Brewing…?

Tuesday, October 28 2008 at 00:08 (Daily Life) (, , , )

Yeah, so yesterday I woke up and went on my computer and found that the lovely, lovely interenet has created the Homebrew Channel beta 9, which I promptly installed and had awesome with. Much of the rest of yesterday was devoted to messing around with various homebrew apps, including Wii Doom and Wii Quake. And SNES9xGX, which I can use to finally ply Chrono Trigger on my TV. It won’t play Donkey Kong Country 3, though…

Today many more (or just more memorable – I have short term memory loss memory loss) things happened.

  • I completed Chrono Trigger through the Black Omen (properly) for the first time in ages and the first time since getting everyone to level **/99. Oh, and I guess it was the first time I’ve completed it on my TV as well.
  • I watched ten episodes of Red vs. Blue, which is pretty much amusing Halo machinima. It’s not that Halo-y, and is quite amusing in general.

Also, I went into Diss with mon frère in order to have a floop around and maybe buy a book. In the end we ended up chipping in £10 each for Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox, which is pretty motherfreaking sweet. It’s clever, fun, humourous and stylistic. Oh, and it has massive explosions to please my brother. He played through some of the story mode first (there wasn’t much story – he skipped all of the cutscenes) so when I finally got to play I went on the ‘explore’ mode instead, which is more about random challenges with different kinds of Blox. It’s all rather well executed and brilliant. I haven’t tried out the level editor yet, but rest assured that I will be making one of these:

See, images do work.

See, images do work.

Okay, ignore the above statement. Images are more trouble than they’re worth.

Oh. I’ve remembered what else happened yesterday. I played a bit of Symphony of the Night, killed Dracula as Simon Belmont (I think), then I was Alucard but then the Grim Reaper stole all my stuff… It’s super-hard.

Then I played Donkey Kong Country 3 for a bit. Now that game just has NONE of the piratical humour of it’s predecessor. It’s still zany, but just not as good. Diddy and Dixie Kong were the Dream Team. Diddy and whatever the stupid baby is called are the team that are in a game that lacks pirates and has ENORMOUS difficulty curves on some levels. At least DKC2 had the politeness of starting out hard, and running from there.

Another blog, another load of crapola off my mind.


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  1. Chris said,

    Arbie and the Chief are pretty funny as well… Everyone knows that every game needs pirates…. CAUSE…
    PIRATES RULE…. and i’m not going to comment on the repeat of the words BECAUSE that was the joke… NUTS! I just did…

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