Quick Update

Sunday, November 2 2008 at 23:28 (Daily Life) (, , )

Yep, it’s  a quarter past eleven and I have done NO school work, AND I’m writing a blog.

So, my model is finally finished and I was going to have pictures via my shiny new Flickr account, but no, the card reader has to be gay and not connect properly. Damn CompactFlash. What’s wrong with SD cards? I’ll be bringing the model into school tomorrow, so I’ll see what my teacher thinks.

Erm. I got up this morning and had an urge to play SimCity, which I am shite at, but I do have a copy of SC3000 somewhere. The question is, where? I’ve looked all over the house for it, and my brother says he doesn’t have it, but he normally lies about these things. Bastard. So in the end (cue Linkin Park… Oh dear God) it didn’t really matter because I decided to play Age of Empires 2 on normal difficulty without cheating. I found it too hard, and cheated. Okay, sometimes I do play it properly. But only on the training levels. And the Genghis Khan campaign, ’cause that rules. Kushluk got a taste o’ my lightning.

Umm. I think that’s it. Damn.

Maybe I can procrastinate a bit more by writing this sentence before my better nature makes me go and write about the Holy La

Stupid better nature.



  1. Chris said,

    Indeed, the teacher will probably say, “That is REALLY good. But what you could do is….” like she ALWAYS does….. or she wont tell you that it is wrong….

  2. Max said,

    Remember what I said, you’re welcome to borrow my copy.

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