A Delve Into Current Affairs

Monday, November 3 2008 at 23:25 (Current Affairs, Daily Life) (, , , )

Indeed. You read that title right.
I’m going to talk about what’s been on the motherfreaking news.

First order of business: Russell Brand and Jonathan Woss. Woss. Ross.
Just what the hell, people? Okay, as far as I’m concerned Ross is annoying and not particularly funny, although I haven’t heard much of his material, and Brand is near Mr Heath in terms of his utter arsehole-ness and the degree to which his attitude and hair annoy me.
BUT. Here we have two fairly prestigious comedians who I can still respect on a professional level, perhaps Ross more so. What did they do? They made one obscene prank phone call to one person, alleging some obviously joking and over-the-top facts that were designed to amuse people who have had a hard day. And what happens? Bam. Two careers ruined, Ross’s perhaps irreversibly due to the media being dicks. See, I think what happened is that they got so tired of running depressing stories about the Credit Crunch and how Sarah Palin might become the president of the USA, they realised that this might be the last thing to come along in a while, and so they grabbed it and drained it of all blood until it was a pile of dust on the floor, like some greedy vampire prostitute.
This is not cool. Sure, they could have not made the phone call, they could have made do with something else, but no, they decided to push boundaries and make things interesting. I wonder how many of the writers of the 10,000 complaints sent to the BBC had actually heard the call. I’m told that is was pretty darn funny, and I’m guessing on a number less than 50%.
You see, this isn’t like not doing homework. If the whole COUNTRY procrastinates like this in an attempt to pretend that bad things won’t happen bad things will happen. Miss Archer will be in tomorrow, and she will not be happy. And look at the victims of the UK’s stubbornness and inability to accept big, bad things. Two people’s lives may never be the same again.

Second order of business: Okay, I’m fucking terrified. Why? Because I don’t care what the polls say, and I don’t care what the analysts say, there’s still a chance that the Republicans might win the election tomorrow. And that could mean the early death of John McCain and his Vice president taking over:

And Im told that shes pretty hand with a shotgun as well.

And I'm told that she's pretty hand with a shotgun as well.

This would be the reason for my knicker-shitting. This woman, just a few days ago, was prank called by someone pretending they were the president of France. And she totally bought it, it was recorded and broadcast on radio. The VP candidate and the faux president had an interesting conversation about how much they love to hunt and murder things. Do you see those prank call guys disgraced? No! Because it’s hilarious! And this is someone who could potentially become the most powerful woman in the world some day. And how much thought would she give if her advisers told her to press the red button, hm?
I know that it is pretty much a 90% that Obama will win, but somewhere in the depths of my mind, the image of this foul harlot lingers, and it really, really makes me wish that I could vote for the other side.

See? Was that so bad? I can almost cover serious stuff.

In lighter events relating to life, Spooks was awesome (as per usual), but the real highlight of today was whilst watching a rehearsal for the school production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ there was a part where Alfie Ayre (now star of the AAH Club in the pages section) walked onto stage and spoke two perfectly serious lines with a perfectly terrible New York accent. For some reason it was hilarious and our whole group watching burst out laughing. Mr Hanley (music teacher) was not impressed.

Back to school is… dull. It could be due to tiredness, chronic blog writing and really terrible weather, but maybe it was just a shit day. My DT teacher barely gave my model a second glance, which is nice. Everyone is still alive, Max is still singing ‘Still Alive’, and Peter Hicks has got an Xbox 360. But fortunately it’s an arcade, so I’m going to give him crap about his lack of HDD. Revenge is sweet.

Well, that clears up another day. tomorrow has PE (sigh) and the prospect of designing a AHH Club logo (brightens). Outlook, cloudy, rainy, a chance of Sarah Palin based doom (not the computer game) and with any luck a landslide vote for the Democrats. (Crosses fingers)




  1. Chris said,

    Looking out the window now, I see grey skies and foggy mess…..
    The whole thing with Jonathan Ross and Russel Brand is this: Andrew Sacks was meant to be on Brand’s show but he didn’t turn up. They then decided to phone him to ask why, Ross yelled out, “He f*cked your granddaughter!” in which they started to argue and left the phone on…. then later the phoned again trying to apologize, this went wrong, later again they tried for a third time, but failed, near the end of the show they phoned AGAIN and I can’t remember what happened. I heard it via podcast and it was hilarius!
    The funniest thing about that whole thing is that the show wasn’t recorded live…. So it is actually the BBCs fault that “A national treasure” got offended….
    I seriously hope that Obama becomes “The most powerful man on the planet” as Newsnight put it….. it happens tonight for us…. and we probably wont find out until… Thursday morning…

  2. Max said,

    On some recent searches into the US Elections I found something you may with to join, Ben (or not): http://www.teamsarah.org/


  3. Max said,

    *may WANT to join

  4. Peter said,

    Politics-wise, we’re screwed regardless who wins tonight (we’ll find out who won in the afternoon tomorrow, by the way). The only difference the election will make is who we blame for getting screwed. Or we could just blame everyone anyway.

    As for Jonathan Ross, he’s an arsewipe anyway, I don’t care either way what happens to him so that news is uninteresting. Jeremy Clarkson said something similarly stupid recently, though – when doing something to do with driving trucks, he quipped “It’s all pretty much the same thing, really; change gear, drive, change gear, change gear, murder prostitute, change gear,” or something to that effect. Referring indirectly to the events near our beloved big town, or so the East Tory-an Daily Times claims.

    Also, Fable 2 and Soul Calibur 4 are more awesome than you.

  5. Peter said,

    Additionally… I have an HDMI’d 360 with a 120GB HDD. Oh, and it’s glossy black. It’s an Elite, for about the same money. Except it looks better. πŸ˜›

  6. Chris said,

    LOL!!!! I don’t think Jeremy Clarkson would be referring to a small humble place like this… I would understand him saying that Norfolk is a bunch of imbreds because they have a city…. ALSO!!!!!! DAMN YOU aND YOUR FABLE 2!!! My brother is being gay and wont get it right now!!! OR Lego Batman… my brothers 360 is also in GLORIOUS HD!

  7. Peter said,

    So’s mine. Except our TV fails and doesn’t work with 1080p, only 1080i. >.>

    Also, I pretty much thought that too, but the EADT begs to differ.

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