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Time for another bout of brain-crap pouring.

I have decided that thenceforth the symbol ‘ζ’ (lower case Zeta) shall represent ‘Blog’ in equations, alongside:

So therefore (√3ζ)x4.3×10¹²=1.235828977×10¹³ gives the blog(ζ) a value of approximately 2.75332 Newtons, which is equal to the mass pertained in the application of the Clayton estimate to 898!. This demonstrates, without doubt, that I am very glad that Mr Obama won the election, that Coldplay are awesome, and that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has a learning curve like a car hitting a very high  brick wall at 80mph. If it weren’t for savestates, I might well have already given up.
Also, check this out for epic lulz.

Yeah, so I got up early on Wednesday (I always do, there’s school) and the first thing I asked was how the election was going. My dad said, ‘The world isn’t going to end, Obama won.’ This was the first epic thing about Wednesday. Also, it was English Bonfire Night (In which we burn Catholics), but more importantly it was the birthday of a friend of mine called Ned. He’s just a great chap, and he provides 3n|)1355 1(_)17_. Translate that, earn a prize.

I’m not sure what else happened on Wednesday. I re-finalised my boat design (meaning yet another model – and decimals) and we had a fantastic RS lesson in which we actually did very little in terms of normal work. We had a non-religious Eucharist (Mass) in which we listened to U2, wrote ideas down on sheets about stuff and discussed them. I enjoyed the philosophical aspect of how people can view bread, water and a candle.

The main event of Wednesday was that I went to see Kwontum ov Soliss in Ipswich. It was pretty good, but it was kind of annoying that my parent dragged me to see it, because I’m also going to see it on Sunday with Peter Hicks and some of his chums. So I am withholding my review until I have seen it a second time, primarily out of respect to Mr Hicks and also to re-analyse the film with some bits making vaguely more sense and see if it actually stands up to a second viewing. I would like to mention, however, that Max’s review is a LIE. (Come on PINGBACK!)

Today (Thursday) was a pretty fun day. We watched Guys and Dolls rehearsals in assembly (Tickets: £5. Fuel to get there: £4. Alfie dancing: Priceless), then Spanish was its usual dullums self, then we had no teacher for forty minutes of our Drama lesson (we talked about children’s books; The Tiger Who Came to Tea FTW), then I tried to find a proxy server that would show the pictures off my blog, but nooo, they’re all gay. And I couldn’t log in either. I know that some people have crazy sex blogs, but really all the whores are on Blogger. Why is WordPress blocked, you bastards? then I beat Megan J. in German. Awesome.

My brother tied some fireworks to lighter gas containers and blew them up this evening, but he could only do that ’cause my dad was at my parent’s evening, where all my teachers were positive, and claimed that I seemed to be ‘held back’ by the constraints of the GCSE syllabus. Which I think is a compliment, and also a way of saying ‘CALM THE FUCK DOWN, OKAY?’ Then I played SOTN for a bit and wrote a blog.

Listening to – Assorted Coldplay: Parachutes, X&Y, and Viva La Vida, but NOT A Rush of Blood To the Head, because we don’t have it. Even though it’s meant to be their best album. ‘Twould make a good Christmas present fer me dad. Talking of which, my mum wants Wii Fit for Christmas. This is the woman who buys herself iPod Classics because she has 1MB more music that space on her Nano, and will only buy me three or so video games per year, and now SHE wants to have a game to use on MY Wii, taking up time when I want to use it? When my Big Present is actually just a New Scientist subscription? Costing about the same as Wii Fit, or two better videogames that she won’t buy me as a matter of her twisted morality? No thanks.
Just checked – Wii Fit from Amazon is £104. Sorry, THREE good games or one and a half New Scientist (student) subscriptions. Why can’t I have a mother who likes Resident Evil and is looking forward to The Conduit?

Now, there might as well be a point to having a Flickr account and sneaking to the other end of the house in the dark to find a camera…

I present: Shenanigans.

Tanita, Peter, Others.

Tanita, Peter, Rosie, Others.

Best Face Ever.

Best Face Ever.



Lydia and Rosie

Lydia and Rosie

Lydia and Evil Ned (on his birthday)

Lydia and Evil Ned (on his birthday)

Lydia and Tom

Lydia and Tom

Other Tom looking helpless

Other Tom looking helpless

Sex God. Its got bad lighting because I didnt take it. Its me, by the way.

Sex God. It's got bad lighting because I didn't take it. It's me, by the way.

Note that Lydia only appears frequently because she is the only person willing to pose. And no, I don’t know whay she did the same face each time.



  1. Chris said,

    (looks at Ned) EL DIABLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get you stuff off of it is normally cheaper (no P & P) And ALSO, they gave us Gears of War 2 a day early…

  2. Chris said,

    Also, Endless Lulz

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