When is a Door Not a Door?

Friday, November 7 2008 at 23:37 (Daily Life, Pictures) (, , )

When it’s a blog(ζ). See, I haven’t forgotten about the zeta. I have a continuity in my fantasy world where I believe that not only is my writing awesome, but that many people I don’t even know want to read it. So read it, phükars.

Today was a bit shite. I got up late due to sleep deprivation, and had to get ready quickly, which I really hate doing. Especially when it means that I have to rush my Just Right (best cereal ever?). When I got to school I talked to some chaps and chapesses and had a brief moment of serenity finding iconic quotes from Of Mice and Men (I could have done that all day) before the wanker table moaned at me that their ugly-arse faces hadn’t had pictures taken for the yearbook yet. I gave a stock answer that they were dickheads and that I had better things to do than take pictures of them. You see, the problem is that in my form I am the ONLY person on the yearbook committee, so when the bitches complain I just say ‘You should have gone on the yearbook committee, bitches’. Then my head of year came in, he was complained to, he was complained to, I explained the situation where nobody actually seemed to want to have pictures taken when it came to the crunch, and a minute later Sophie fucking Adamson is on the Yearbook committee, apparently. Fucking great.

In the rest of the day, Maths was dull, English was sad (we were annotating the end of ‘Of Mice and Men’), Physics was a little uninteresting for once, but we spent half of it watching the Guys and Dolls rehearsal, which is shaping up quite well. Some of the singing is actually in tune now, and Eleanor C. did an awesome solo. It seems that everyone who went to my primary school is just awesomely talented. Oh, and also Alfie screwed up a few times, but I think I might be starting to think that Alfie isn’t as bad as all that. Yes, I said it. Don’t worry, he’ll piss me off again in a few days. German was boring with writing and a supply teacher, and English Again had fantastic essay planning and looking at frecking Seamus frecking frog-face Heaney.
I got home, which was not good; my brother has got some new BB pellets. So now his room is effectively a no-go zone, and all I wanted was a pump attachment which I would use to blow up my Michael Jordan basket ball (after seeing Space Jam eight million times he became my hero) that had been discovered at the back of the shed. I got a few purple coins stars on Mario Galaxy.

Also, here is a picture of my form room for reference.

The layout of classroom W9, my form.

The layout of classroom W9, my form.

Oh, apparently Flash CS4 has come out. I have CS3, and since there’s no student edition upgrade option, to upgrade would cost more than CS3 cost initially. (CS3=£90, CS4 Upgrade=£170.) The above was drawn hastily in CS3, because I thought that having PSE 2.0, Project Dogwaffle Professional, and ArtRage, MS paint might be a little cheap.

Now for a little weekend prospective.

On Saturday I have a day’s Spanish lesson with my old, good Spanish teacher. it might be good fun, the last one was, but it might not be. I have Oreos, however.

On Sunday I’m going to Ipswich to see Kwontum ov Soliss again with some chums, or not really chums. An actual chum, Rhys M. and Tom B. and maybe some others. That could be crap, but I’m feeling optimistic because I need to get out with some real peopleage.

Second verses:
I’ve been meaning to have this rant for a while. Here is the generic song structure:
Opening -30 seconds
First verse – 45 seconds to a minute
Chorus – 30 seconds
Second verse – 15-20 seconds
Chorus – 30 seconds
Instrumental – 1minute
Repeat chorus or first verse until brain-deadness is achieved.

Now just what the fug is up with the second verse? Bands have a first verse that goes on for a reasonable amount of time, then a chorus, then a two-line second verse, then the chrus again! This does NOT sound good. Now I understand that often creative juices run out after the hooking first verse and catchy chorus, and but, that does not mean that the second verse should always have a fraction of the effort of the rest of the song put into it. Somebody write a song that gives a second verse some serious love, and not just a somewhat disconnected border between chorus A and chorus B. I’m looking at YOU, you cheap emo bands. This formula was fine for The Beatles, but you aren’t cool or original enough. Write something weird and fantastic, you talentless fop-haired tits.

That is all.

Still hooked on Coldplay.



  1. Max said,

    “….he was complained to, he was complained to, I explained…” It would seem you have repeated yourself.

    I thought your form map was pretty awesome. And have at QoS, I’m sure it’ll be fine; you can also concentrate to see what a good movie it really is. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Also: I agree about Alfie to be honest. He can be OK, and isn’t that bad. I’m also going to say this because I feel it would be something you would say to people like Juliette or Nathan, regarding CS4, sucks to be you. 😛

    I’m still awaiting the first gunman episode in Flash… See you Monday.

  2. Max said,

    * have fun at QoS

  3. Chris said,

    I agree, you repeated yourself… also, where does Adam sit? i’m going with rejects containing Albert and Harry?

  4. joethearachnid said,

    I repeated myself for emphasis. Honest.
    Adam sits on the wanker table, Harry sits with Nico and the n00b nerds, and Albert sits with the rejects.
    As for the Gunman… and pictures, AND book editing, well I’m just bogged down, and when I’m not I’m too lazy. But I promise you now, they WILL BE DONE. Within my lifetime.

  5. Chris said,

    Yes, but within MY lifetime!?

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