Poems and Theorems

Tuesday, November 11 2008 at 23:30 (Current Affairs, Daily Life, Theorems) (, , , , )

But which first? That’s the question.

On a completely different topic, there was a poster in our Biology room earlier that was written by a Sixth Former (17-18 years of age) that read: “SIXTH FORM CAKE WEDNESDAY’S”. The very fact that they have cake at all is annoying, the fact that Wednesday is a crap day to have cake on, because you’re just celebrating the middle of another shitty week, but the real icing on the cake (Ha. Ha.) is the misplaced apostrophe. Seriously, people of that age really need to know where our apostrophe’s should be going (that one was ironic). I asked Mrs Hart, my English teacher, about it when she was berating us for our (coincidentally) boring essays and bad apostrophe usage, and she says that she pulled down most of the posters before the school open day because it was so awful.
Rant over.

As for poems, I had a rather touching experience in PE with Mr Harding, who is short but a helluva lot nicer than some of the PE teachers. Anyway, as it was Remembrance Day today, the day when the British recall the Armistice with Germany and Austria on the eleventh of November, 1918 at eleven o’clock that ended the First World War, or the Great War. Or it did until the Treaty of Versailles royally fucked up everything. Point being, it is a day of giving thanks to the soldiers and their families who were victims of all wars since that War to End All Wars, and lamenting the idiotic bureaucrats who make life harder for them.
Anyway, all of the teachers were given a note about the customary two minutes of respectful silence on the eleventh hour, including some poems that they might like to read. Apparently a good load of teachers didn’t read any of the poems out, but Mr Harding was very sentimental and read everything, and much else besides. At one point I thought he might cry, which is impressive in a man who can probably rip people’s ears off with succinct ease. It was good until one of the less nice PE teachers, who we thought was ill today and whose name is Mr Jordan, walked in and ruined the atmosphere. I’m saving him for a special occasion or lack of content… So that was nice, and actually made me think a lot more than the assembly we had had this morning. My great-grandfather on my father’s side definitely fought in WWI, and I think that my great-grandfather on my mother’s side might have too. But the interesting thing is that it would have been on different sides…

Theorems. This is a bit less complex. My theory is entitled ‘Reactive Catalytic Blog Theory’. I’ll explain.
When a blog(ζ) is written, it causes a feeling of guilt(Ψ) in any blog writer(ω) who reads it, thereby further causing them to be more likely to write a new blog themselves. To put into formula:
ζ + ω = Ψ + (posζ=0.65)
The posζ=0.65 assumes that the blogger is using WordPress and thus does not have to try and write in a shitty Bebo text box. Note the Greek character fetish.
So for example, if I write a new blog and tell Lord Max about it, or he reads it, or both, he will feel guilt for not having written a blog in some time and there is roughly a 65% chance of him writing a new blog due to that guilt.
I have yet to test my theory. We shall see…
(Also, I am fully aware that you cannot have a reactive catalyst, because it then ceases to be a catalyst. The ‘Catalytic’ refers to the blog, whilst the ‘Reactive’ refers to the blogger.)

Other aspects of today, or the last few days, in fact.

Well, I had a completely shit weekend. That much is certain. Spanish on the Saturday was alright, if a little tiring, and I just wanted to relax for the rest of the day. So when my parents went out and came back again several hours later, my mother was NOT PLEASED to see that no requested tidying of my bedroom had taken place. She got quite angry, I got upset. Long story short, I ended up staying up until one in the morning attempting to make a Buckminsterfullerene molecule out of GeoMag. It didn’t work; the structure isn’t rigid enough.
The next day I got up tired, but with the lifting knowledge that I would soon be out of the house and watching Quantum of Solace again. But guess what? My mother pissed on that as well. Apparently she was not told, despite extensive talks about it to my father, and she was ‘relying’ on me to look after the children of some guests who were coming for lunch. I was upset yet again, as I had to tell Peter and then find something distracting to do. I fell to blasting things with the hornet gun in Half-Life, which was fine until the guests arrived.
There was a girl of thirteen or thereabouts who was a posh bitch and did not like videogames, and two little ginger ones called Edmund ‘Eddie’ and Benedict ‘Bendy’. Now just that one of them stole my name is atrocious, but the fact that Bendy had a lime-green DS Lite and FIFA Street, probably number 3, really got me. Incidentally, it scored a perfect 5.8 on IGN compared to GoldenEye (which they loathed)’s near-perfect 9.7. Not to mention the unstoppable epicness of it. So when they went home I played Half-Life a bit more and got up to an insane platforming bit in Zen that I am saving for a rainy day. I also played Advance Wars a bit, because I keep on hearing about it and it gets better reviews than GoldenEye. It is actually awesome, and although the difficulty curve is not as bad as Symphony of the Night, it gets hard quick unless you’re a good learner. I’m actually considering buying it, and several other GBA games besides for much much-ignored Advance that I worked so hard to earn. In other words, almost every game I bought for it was bullcrap.

I need a few more words to push this over a thousand.




  1. Chris said,

    I am guessing that whole “Equation” you made is mostly aimed at Max… because I wrote about 2 blogs…. within 1 of yours…. and those have hardly been viewed…. >.>

  2. Max said,

    Ok.. Now I’m starting to feel the guilt. I think I’ll let it off will a blog about the ‘Left 4 Dead’ demo or some boring acticle like that.

    Also; nice showing off with the Greek symbols.

  3. Chris said,

    I don’t see a comment from a Welsh person…

  4. zobie1996 said,

    Haha! Mr Jordan! lol Oi, Hes My Form Tutor, Dont Diss! lol

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