FWaaF, SWF and Other Acronyms

Monday, November 17 2008 at 00:10 (Daily Life, Rants) (, , , , , )

Yeah, so I’ve had an… interesting …weekend.

But I’ll start first with Friday.
Friday is generally a good day for me because of the lack of Spanish or Drama and the inclusion of English (twice) and double Physics. And although English was all well and good (We were doing short stories from our GCSE anthologies… Damn. Why can’t every lesson just be Romantic Poetry of Creative Writing?) Physics promised to be better, due to an exciting debate on nuclear power that would deplete all of the actual lesson time and allow me to shout at people about just how unbelievably wrong they were. Which, y’know, I like to savour because it not only lets me feel superior but lets me be superior. Yeah.
So things, in the way that they inevitably do, started going wrong. Firstly, I was placed in the con-nuclear power-group (can I say that?), which I vehemently disagree with because I think that nuclear energy is pretty darn good, and then I realised that our argument consisted mostly of “Chernobyl was bad. Really Really bad. We do not want it to happen again. Honestly, that’s all we have, you can quash us now.” I did have the option of changing to the pro-group, but that would have required swapping with someone in that group, which no-one really wanted to do since we’re all intelligent *ahem* …open minded about things like this, and we were all pretty pro, I think. Then there was a vaguely embarrassing incident with a lunchbox that I had forgotten that morning. We do not speak of that incident.
I then finished my German coursework in record time for ol’ baldy Mr ‘Matt’ Heath, which upset him because it allowed him to not be so much of a prick.
When I got home I was super-tired and all ready to fall straight into bed, but NO, my parents had to go ahead and order a Chinese takeaway and therefore force me to stay up and eat through its oriental goodness. Then I had to watch Star Trek: Voyager, and THEN I my mother said ‘Let’s just watch the beginning of Four Weddings and a Funeral’, where they say ‘fuck’ for about five minutes.’ We ended up watching all of it. I’d like to mention that whilst I have seen the aforementioned five minutes about six times, I had never seen the film through before. It was awesome. That was the first acronym, by the by.

Saturday involved plenty of sleep, which is always nice, but it also allowed me to do some tinkering with Adobe Flash, what I got a few months ago for doing well in my Latin GCSE. Anyway, I am am currently attempting to recreate my old series that I made initially on PowerPoint, ‘The Gunman’ except I’m trying to make it not be shit. And I’m starting with part IV, because I was just awful, II was mediocre, and III, whilst good, just wasn’t exciting enough. I was trying to put in some sound effects, and I’ve started on the opening scene. Did I do anything else of note on Saturday…? No, I think not.
Sunday. That’s today. I should be able to remember it.
I got up and microwaved some breakfast cereal (I’ve learned that it makes it less stale if it has gone stale – this packet had been on a damp boat for a few weeks), ate some slightly burned breakfast cereal, surfed internet, did some Flashing, ate lunch, etcetera. The interesting bit was in the afternoon when we went to my aunt and uncle’s house house for tea, as my uncle, Piers (my ears), has recently had a major back operation to do something, although I’m not entirely sure what… Anyway, he could have been totally paralyzed, but fortunately he’s okay and is recovering. My cousins, Alex and Anna, who I wrote about in my first proper blog ever, were there as well, with Alex enjoying crap wrestling games on his PSP and Anna running around and laughing at whatever I did or said. As if to add insult to injury, they have a Wii now, and more games than me, AND Mariokart Wii. I think everyone in my family now has that game apart from me.
I had to play with them and their dogs for a bit, then I talked to my aunt Dominique, who was brought up in Spain and is fluent in Spanish, about my Spanish work. I explained that my previous good Spanish teacher had fallen off a horse and had then had her contract cancelled in the interim when it turned out that a cheaper (but less good) World of Warcraft-obsessed supply teacher could be used instead, and how most of our class was now on track for an F-B grade, if we were lucky. We did some speaking test practise, then she went through my latest coursework and corrected all of the teacher’s corrections, then we did some number practise. The whole experience was thoroughly worrying, and whilst it is cruel I can’t help hoping that Miss Bentley might fall off a horse as well and we might get a good teacher.

When I got home we had dinner and I watched the ‘Imaginationland’ or ‘Kyle Sucks Cartman’s Balls’ South Park episode trilogy, which I shall provide links to here, out of a desire for helpfulness and internet traffic.
P1 P2 P3
These are good. Very good. Emmy-winning.

Then I did some work on a problem that I have. You see, in RS at school we were given mini-DVD video cameras in order to create recreations of various iterations of Eucharist, or Mass, or Breaking of Bread, or whatever. Great, I thought, we get to waste a lesson having fun filming things. This will be fun, I said. And it was. Until I got the DVD home and realised the EVIL of mini-DVD cameras. You’d think that you could just pop in the DVD, and the video files would be there, and you could edit away, but no. That would be easy. It gives you a .VRO file that would be easy enough to convert if you knew what you were doing, but I’m willing to guess that most would be completely stumped by this, but I have the tools. No, the problem is that the disc is somehow completely error-ridden.And not just the sort of disc-check software errors, either. I ran it though one of those, and it froze up about 52% of the way through, when it suddenly realises that the disc is fucked on a basic registry level and is covered with error:90s and error:93s. How the bloody hell did this happen? I didn’t even know that DVDs had registry stuff! And as far as I can tell, NO reg-checker software will check CDs and DVDs, or at least, I haven’t found it yet. I am pissed off, and I am never going near a DVD-based camera again. Serves the school right for being cheap that they will be deprived of my genius.

I hope that’s it. Spanish speaking test tomorra’…


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