A Very Quick Update

Tuesday, November 18 2008 at 23:33 (Daily Life, Videos) ()

So I can post my first ever YouTube video:

(It’s balls, mostly due to poor video quality, which is in turn down to frucking mini-DVDs – we were forced to record on a normal digital camera in a corridor…)

And also say that I got a B in my Spanish oral and an A in my German. Whoop!
Obwohl es ziemlich schwierig war, habe ich viel gelernt. Actually, that’s a lie. I learned bugger-all.

Last few days have been… long.

Goodbye now



  1. Max said,

    Next stop, Hollywood.

  2. Chris said,

    did you do the voice overs as well? Sounds it…. Also, what did Callum say when he ate and drank the invisible stuff… it sounded like “DAYUM”….
    That was quite funny in how you were yelling against classes and punk arse kids…. But Callum even sat down and it looked like he lay down as well…. Nick leant against the wall… but still….

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