Happy Birthday… Half Life

Thursday, November 20 2008 at 23:53 (Daily Life) (, , )

Yep, that game is now ten years old. I still haven’t completed it, and even though it is on offer now for just $0.98, that is still a price my family is unwilling to pay for various complicated and mostly unknown reasons. I really do want to know that I have that game legally, and play it online. I would just copy the save files over…

Dedede, dadada. Today was pretty good. But first I’ll talk about some things that I didn’t have time for in my previous blog. I’m just controversial like that.

  • The video was well received by the RS class in general, and the editing especially was praised. It looked like a frigging gold storm compared to the editing (or COMPLETE lack thereof) in the other videos. And no, I don’t believe that there really is such thing as a gold storm. But awesome things require awesome similes.
  • Something about Monday or Tuesday that I can’t think of. We re-filmed the bulk of the RS video on a crap camera due to a lack of further mini-DVDs.
  • Wednesday was fairly characteristic except for the video showing. Chemistry was hard but had a fun and amusing quiz (all the stupid people were picked on) but DT involved doing my Exploded Isometric Drawing for my kayak. Difficulties arise for several reasons:
    – Mrs Thomson has gone through almost everyone’s work and drawn their EID for them, except me.
    – The drawing is hardest for me because I have absolutely no straight edges to work with.
    – I suck at drawing.
    I now have to finish it for tomorrow. I won’t. I just can’t.

Back on track: =|=|=|=|=(TODAY)]]]]>|=|=|=|=|=| (it’s meant to look like a railway.) (Shhh. I know it sucks.)

Usually my least favourite day, this time it contrived to become somehow bearable even through the hideous tosh of our Spanish teaching. You see, we have these environment coursework pieces that we have to learn and then write out in an exam, and today it was decided to be a great idea to check if we’d learned them yet by getting us to write it out. I got stuck after the first paragraph, and could have made something up, but our teacher suddenly decided to drastically reduce the amount of given time. In the actual exam thingy we get a dictionary, so I can always just make up some new material in the hour and a half given to us. We looked also at some frankly utterly stupid hotel complaints and some agony aunt stuff that actually caused me agony after that.
Drama was a big surprise, as Miss Archer initially gave the impression that we would just be doing theory work, but actually we were let loose in our groups for most of the double period to work on our piece for the mock exam. I really enjoyed the exploration we got to do outside of Archer’s cloying grasp and since I did little in the first scene I tried to point out ways to show status and realism. I also got to be a doddering old guy.
Lunchtime was alright because I had a nice chat with Tilly Gugenheim about life and books and music and places we have been and places we should go. It was all very deep until Naomi came along and started ranting about hair, and I felt a conversational bond snap. The question is, are conversational bonds covalent or ionic? I don’t think that I’ve swapped any electrons with Tilly lately…
Maths was fairly alright, but slow going with the idea of application of simultaneous equations in real life problems, but some questions were downright creepy. ‘As I go into a tea shop, I can’t help noticing that one group of people have bought eight buns and three cups of tea at £4.60, and another have bought seven cups of tea and six buns at £5.70. I also notice that the girl serving at the counter could probably be easily sedated and dragged into a cupboard, even though she’s only twelve… What? Yes. Assume that tea is X and Buns are Y.’ Some examiners need to get out more. Or less, in the case of this one.
German had practice exam papers. Gay. ‘Nuff said.

The real nutty centre of the Thursday cheese wheel was the Sixth Form open evening at 7:00, where we got some information on what A-levels might suit us at Thomas Mills, and how great the Sixth Form there is. I’m currently thinking of going with:
Maths, Further Maths, Physics, RS and Classical Civilization. I’m gonna be a philosophising engineer, ya see. I would also like to take English Literature, Psychology, maybe DT, MAYBE German and possibly Drama if Miss Archer suddenly dies and we get Miss Wright back. But I just don’t have the space. Hell, five is normally considered a squeeze. I’m rather hoping that both Maths will overlap a bit and give me some breathing space. I also took part in a name the teddy competition. I went for Wolfgang or Crinkle.

My left arm hurts. Damn typing.


Listening to: Lots of Coldplay, a tad of Muse and Eye of the Tiger. That song puts deities to shame in its awesomeness.


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  1. Chris said,

    There was a “Name the Teddy” thingy ma doodle!? How didn’t I notice that… I would’ve called it Seth….. or some other name relating to that….. or even Sephiroth… ^^
    Duh……. OH! Classic Civilization, What do you do for that? Apart for study Classic Civilizations.
    I can imagine Max having a Nerd-gasm about the whole half life thing…..

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