Es Schneit! Es Schneit Viel!

Sunday, November 23 2008 at 01:15 (Daily Life, Pictures) (, , )

It’s snowing! Woo! Yay! White! Fun! Exclamation!
An humble snowman…

A Snowman made after the recent snowfall. Note the traditional carrot nose and the old dried fruit peel used for other features.

A Snowman made after the recent snowfall. Note the traditional carrot nose and the old dried fruit peel used for other features.

Yeah, so it kinda sucks. It also fell down quite a lot later on, and had to be propped up with yet more snow. I would give a rant about snow, the ideas that go with it and Christmassy feelings, but it’s already been done.

Fortunately, I have other things to chat ’bout besides the weather. Interesting that when it’s normal talking about the weather is considered a boring last resort in a dying conversation, but when it snows everyone talks about it, even if it’s not severe. I wonder in places where it snows all the time whether it’s interesting to talk about the weather when it’s sunny, or raining. I don’t know.

Yes, so instead of snow I’m going to talk about this:

Gameplay of Half-Life online.

Gameplay of Half-Life online. My favourite map on my current favourite server, but not my favourite gun.

See, when I said that my parents wouldn’t even consider buying Half-Life even if it was 50p, I never thought that I could get someone else to gift it to me, and then I could pay them back for it. Max and I did just that.

Since this is my first exposure to an online FPS I’m having a rather hectic experience, but apparently my tactics of blasting everything with a shotgun are not that ineffective because I seem to be landing 5th-3rd place out of 20 people most of the time. Which ain’t bad, considering that I’ve been playing for two days and am a bit crappy with a keyboard.
I also completed the main game of Half-Life (finally) by copying my saves over from the cracked version and working from there. Killed a giant baby, talked to the G-man, got a new employer, job’s a good ‘un. Frapping awesome game, though.

Friday was a pretty good day, consisting mostly of revision which nobody did, or Maths work which nobody did. Some people had an art exam, so our lessons had about 4/5-3/4 of the normal amount of people, which was also nice as it meant none of the teachers really tried or cared, and we did just get to balls about and hit each other with balls of paper. I also went to see my DT teacher to finally sort out my exploded isometric drawing, which she managed to draw out a sketch of in about ten minutes. I hate it when people do that. Makes me feel inferior…

So next week I have plenty of exams to look forward to, although only two of them actually count towards any kind of final grade, but the problem lies in that I lost my exam timetable and I don’t know when the two important exams are. Hmm.

Oh well.

This was meant to be longer, but it seems that it’s 1:11am and I have nothing else to say.

Merlin was awesome, but why does Joe Dempsie always die in everything he’s in?



  1. Chris said,

    Seems like you got more snow than me…. It snowed twice in the day… the first was early and rather crappy…. the second, was QUITE thick and some of it settled… but the ground was too wet…. However, I wake up this morning to see none other a garden full of snow….. But not much… I mean the field is barely covered….
    I thought Merlin could’ve been better…. mostley because ALL the cuts were either JUST below camera…. or the sword didn’t even connect and they just made a stupid slicing noise….. Not to mention there was a bit were someone (bad dude) got punched in the face by some woman…. I think it was slightly in the Background….. NOTHING CONNECTED…… or even looked like it connected….

  2. joethearachnid said,

    Be quiet, you bloodthirsty fiend! There doesn’t have to be violence to make it good. Although that is exactly why Stormbreaker sucked so much.

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