Proudness and Worry

Saturday, November 29 2008 at 00:04 (Daily Life, Pictures) (, , , )

Main pride goes to an event this lunchtime during a practice for our Drama piece for the preparatory (mock) exams we have been having lately. We were experimenting with ‘breaking the fourth wall’ (shouting abuse at the audience) and choreographing what we have decided to call ‘choral movement’, where we all do an action together. Anyway, we were doing a fight thing and Rose was saying “Yeah, and we can do it like that and it’ll be like ‘Falcon PUNCH!'” (A la Captain Falcon from in the Super Smash Bros. series.) At this point my heart almost burst with pride at the nerdiness that I seem to be able to awaken in people.
Main worry was that just now I attempted to start up my laptop and got a flashing caps lock then shutdown. I got this several times, even after pulling out the power cable in the middle of the process until I whacked the keyboard with ma fist. Now it works, but I have discovered that this error most likely represents damaged or badly seated RAM, which is a bit of a shitter. However, it does give me another way to persuade my parents that I need a new laptop capable of running Crysis that doesn’t crash every ten minutes. Like this one. But first I think that I might need a job to get the money, and jobs are scarce in the current financial situation…

Well. My week so far has been a bit on the rough side sue to the billionz of exmaz that I’ve had. I’ll give a brief rundown and known results.

  • English Language – Wrote about a guy who cooked a tagine for some family, wrote about judging by appearance alone and then wrote awesome Quantum of Solace review. 86%, A. It was 91% to get an A*, and only ELiza managed that because she’s creepy.
  • German listening and reading – Questions were read at 0.02 miles per hour, then I did the reading paper in ten minutes. It was meant to take half an hour. It was foundation. Got an A* after doing higher paper in class.
  • DT – Wrote for ages about how I was going to build my Kayak, failed to finish, didn’t care much.
  • Science – Fairly easy, some questions threw me. What the fuck is anti-static spray? We never learned about that. Nobody did.
  • German writing – Involved memorising a piece we had written beforehand and writing it out in exam conditions. Fortunately I had a nerd code to try and remember it: Lead, Nitrogen/Sulphur, Beryllium, Potassium (Pb N/S Be K). Pretty much, the letters just stood for stuff and I wanted to make it more nerdy and therefore more fun to learn. I wrote it in half an hour and then drew some pictures.
  • RS – Mediocre. Didn’t know what a rosary was for, hadn’t revised Apostle’s Creed, which came up twice. All rather meh.
  • Spanish Writing – Same as German writing, but with Spanish instead (duh). I didn’t have time to do periodic symbols this time, so I had to write letters on my hand. I guess it was cheating, but what the fuss, I think I did alright.
  • English Literature – Really not good. At all. I tried a bit in the poetry question and did some stuff about time and it’s use, but in the Of Mice and Men question I just gave up. Life is too short, so I just gazed at the clock and warbled about Curley’s Wife being victimizing as well as a victim herself.

Here is what happened to my snowman:





Gone. I think my brother kicked it.

Gone. I think my brother kicked it.

Considering that I’m super tired after the week’s trials and tribulations I’m going to wrap this up now. Deeper and more provocative content to come, just not anytime soon.

I would apologise for not writing a blog in a WHOLE WEEK, but that would make Chris happy, and he can shove it up his arse for the amount of blogs he never wrote on Gamespot before WordPress. So this is me, emphatically NOT apologising for my absence.


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  1. Chris said,

    Why would you apologising make me happy… To be honest Ben, I couldn’t care less… It just fills the time… well at least NOW it will if you are going to be all bitchy and hissy fit…. besides… I think the whole “Falcon Punch” would come from the F-Zero Anime… so in YO face….. found here….
    Which is pretty insane… cause the guy explodes…
    But I don’t think it was your nerdiness rubbing off on people… just Rose is also a secret nerd…. we had long chats about Ocarina of Time in year 9…..
    Exams sucked…. and all that jazz….

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