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After my shrivelled and pathetic (much like the penis of [insert disliked male here], ho ho ho) attempt at a blog last time, I feel the need to actually write something of at least 800 words. I may fail, collapse, die, burn, be reborn from the ashes and continue writing, but I shall do my very best to find enough content that I can be bothered to write about.

Initially, just as a bit of opening seriousness, I’m told that it is World AIDS Day today, and therefore anyone who does not have AIDS cannot take part. Was that in bad taste? I think so. Well, anyway, stay safe an’ use a condom an’ all that. You never know who might have AIDS, or have HIV without knowing *cough*April*cough*.

So, my weekend was… pretty good. Arguably, most of Saturday was spent playing video games, hence the *victory blog*, but that’s just what makes me happy, so you can’t argue it against me. On Sunday my mother suddenly decided at three o’clock in the afternoon that we should drive out to somewhere four miles from our house and then walk back. Wouldn’t it be fun? It would be cold, damp, muddy and tiring, and it would achieve very little. I hate the fact that it’s always me, the younger brother, who gets roped into these things rather than me brother Guy, who is eighteen going on nineteen. (Resisted the urge to burst into song there.) Anyway, this is partly due to the fact that my mother and brother have a less than decent track record in terms of not verbally murdering each other, and also because I actually have a conscience, and that makes me feel bad if I tell my mother to fuck off because I don’t want to be cold and wet and I’d much rather sit next to a radiator and drink tea all day.
So having been dragged along we ended up having discussions about metaphysics and the Chinese Room Theory, and its flaws and points, as well as the possibility of the non-existence of time and how it can be deduced from the perceived movement through time of kaon particles why we seem to move forwards, and not back or in both directions of ‘time’. That’s what a New Scientist subscription does to a family.
When I got home there was game stew (eurgh) with pigeon breast and pheasant thigh, but fortunately this was followed up with mint chocolate chip ice-cream from Waitrose. Yes, my mother shops at Waitrose. It’s cause we’re cool. And they do dead nice ice-cream. Since I always seem to accidentally eat all the ice-cream whenever we get some, my brother said this time that if I ate any of it outside of mealtimes he would castrate me. I think it’s fair, really; he steals all my stuff and breaks it, and in return I eat all the frozen goodies.

Monday was a decent day.
RS was a bit boring because we didn’t get our exam results back, AND we have to do an additional paper on Wednesday on the work we did last year. To this purpose I had to revise with two completely imbecilic people who were two busy gaying each other up to concentrate.
English was good because my Quantum of Solace review got mentioned ’cause it had a great opening. I might put in here at some point, just because I’m an arse who likes to flaunt every victory at every opportunity.
We practised our performance pieces in Drama, and ours is coming along nicely, although I do sometimes feel slightly ignored as the only boy in the group. I don’t hate anybody, though. Yet.
German had a higher listening test. It was awful. I got an A. I got an A in my mock overall, something like two marks off an A*.
In core RS (that’s compulsory RS, not GCSE) we watched the beginning of ‘Let Him Have It’ with Christopher Eccleston, which is about the last person in Britain to receive the death penalty. We haven’t quite got to that bit yet though, and it seems to be moving a tad slowly story-wise. despite this, it’s well acted and I love the 1950s chic.
DT was awesome because my teacher liked my big ol’ design thing what I wrote in the exam. Maybe she’ll leave me alone now and accept that I know how I’m going to build the bloody boat that I’m building.

When I got home I found a distinct lack of parents, who I later found out had jetted off to IKEA to buy some evil furniture. When they got back I wanted to build one thing just because I like doing it, so I took a fairly easy-looking chair called a HERMAN and began to assemble it. Then I realised that I had done something awful which required lots of wiggling of parts, mallets and swearing to rectify, but I was distracted by the promise of food before I could return and finish the task at hand. It was really just a terrible bit of design, although my dad insisted that they were quite comfortable.

Then we watched Spooks, which was awesome and cool and brilliant, and had an interview scene where Harry is being tortured by this guy. Half way through I realised that I recognised chairs the characters were sitting on. They were bloody HERMANs! Not only did I take this as grounds that the chairs were, in fact, hugely uncomfortable, but I also thought that a better form of torture would be to make someone put the chairs together without instructions whilst they were asked questions. I’d soon crack under that kind of pressure.

Anything else…? Hm. on the nerdier side of things I installed the High Definition pack for Half-Life, which gives me nicer character models supposedly for everyone, but it only seems to work on the monsters at the moment:

High detail monsters and guns. Must be to make up for my weak computer.

High detail monsters and guns. Must be to make up for my weak computer.

So ends another bout of relentless tedium. It’s not really, tedious, I just wanted to say that. And look! Well over 1000 words. Well done me.



  1. Chris said,

    Yay! Let us throw a Party!
    I think IKEA is like one of those things you HAVE to do before you die…. I mean, you HAVE to go through the entire Ikea experience…. just going through the store sitting/touching everything. Getting a lot of free pencils, Then having to run about the warehouse part to try and find your product, whilst balancing other things on the trolley…. THEN shoving it into the back of a car….
    Well… as well as getting the food at the beginning….

  2. Max said,

    No Hi-Def GMan? Bugger.

    -Lord Max

  3. joethearachnid said,

    I never said that… Just no HD scientists or security guards.

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