Christmas Spirit? No.

Sunday, December 7 2008 at 23:36 (Daily Life, Rants) (, , , )

But there is snow. Fuck yeah. Snow on the blog, anyway. In ‘real’ life there is simply a plentiful supply of frost that causes my right big toe to remain numb even after being encapsulated in a sock and being put under a duvet for about an hour. Serious-like.

Hmm. Last blog came about on the day of Tew-ez, that being Tew-ezday. See, I get a kick out of spelling things in the wackiest way possible without messing up the pronunciation. It’s just a thing that I do. So I shall take it from there, but I’ll cover events quickly because, dear blog reader, in case you haven’t already noticed my day-to-day life is not particularly engaging in a writing sense. Plus, when I write it’s normally because I want to write one thing in particular, and the rest gets tacked on because I just feel bad if I’m greedy in my writing style.

So Wednesday. Can’t remember what happened. Thursday had Drama and therefore practice for our piece. And a Spanish reading and writing mock. Friday had Physics and fair amounts of dullness.

Now, here come the bits that I want to write about.
Saturday was interesting because it was another extra-curricular Spanish session with our old teacher, which was nice but a bit annoying, simply because it existed when it did. Not sure if that sentence made sense, but hey, it would probably be worse if I tried to say it in Spanish. One of the particulars about this session was that everyone was going to be given another oral exam on top of the school mock one we had already done, and on different topics from the previous one. I’m proud to say that despite writing mine just before I left to go to the session, I still got 18/20 marks – an A* grade, methinks. Although I did get to read loosely off my sheet, as few of the others had learned their presentations either.
Spanish aside, I spent a large portion of the lunchtime being told how awful my dress sense is and how I should wear jeans instead of tracksuit bottoms that are the most hideously comfortable things in the world. I agreed that I would try wearing some jeans, since I have a drawer full of inherited, barely worn specimens. More on that later.
Later that evening, whilst I was playing Scrabble with my mother (…) I was called by my friend Elliot. I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned him on this blog before… Yes, of course I have. I called his brother a wanker. Yes, so since we had been communicating through Wii messages (the only form of free communication we have; he refuses to utilize e-mail) and I had said that he could come over on Sunday, he was calling to arrange the details.
I then undertook to uninstall Norton Internet security because it was such a bitch and I only had two days remaining in my subscription. I expected the uninstall to take around three minutes, but it ended up taking nearly 30-45. The damn bar was moving incredibly slowly, and I breathed a sigh of relief when it reached the its end. Then it took another fifteen to twenty minutes after that, which is just bad loading bar design. On top of everything else Norton has done, they can’t even get loading bars right. After the uninstallation I installed AVG Free, which seems to work beautifully, and Sygate firewall, which I got mainly for the bloody minded reason that it was a very good piece of software that was bought and destroyed by a large corporation, but the last ‘indie’ version is still floating around, and is still popular. And I dig that kind of stuff. Ironically, Sygate was made part of Symantec, who make Norton. If only they made stuff that good now.

On Sunday (today) I got up and put on a pair of jeans. Yeah, I actually went through with the plan. And I wore them all day, despite the itchiness and the lack of warmth or softness and the fact that one can only bend one’s legs at a maximum of right angles. I think that my opinion of the denim trouser has changed little since this morning, and it really was a relief to put on my pyjama trousers, which are super-awesome comfort machines.
So, Elliot arrived at about twelve, and we did all the usual things, such as watching amusing videos, messing around on Flash, playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl and him watching some apparently hilarious ‘Youtube Poop’ that revolves around using messed up soundbites from the Sonic the Hedgehog anime to make it sound like rude words. Guess my reaction. Go on.

Then the car ride back to his house, which I went on as well for my mother’s sake, was actually pretty good, since Elliot mentioned videogames very little and we managed to talk about various technological advances. And how awesome it would be if Jeremy Clarkson was the next Doctor Who. Imagine: “This innocent looking blue Police Box can go from nought to time travel in under three seconds. It’s powered by an eight-litre time vortex that gives nine trillion horsepower. It’s the fastest TARDIS – in the world.”
Awesome. My dad used to work with Jeremy Clarkson, you know. Said the problem was that he would always try to smoke on planes.

I think that was it.
Oh and by the way, if you have a complaint that the snow causes you browser to freeze up or that it’s alienating those on very old computers or words to that effect, you can stuff it up your stocking. ‘Cause I like me my snow, even if it does have trouble sticking to the bottom of the screen whenever I scroll.



  1. Chrismas Sale Online » Blog Archive » Christmas Spirit? No. « I,Blog said,

    […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onChristmas Spirit? No. « I,BlogHere’s a quick excerptFuck yeah. Snow on the blog, anyway. In ‘real’ life there is simply a plentiful supply of frost that causes my right big toe to remain numb even after being encapsulated in a sock and being put under a duvet for about an hour. … […]

  2. Chris said,

    HOLY CRAP!!!! I only just saw the snow… (second view),
    Unfortunately, It doesn’t pile up… I wanted to leave it for ages and watch as it just Fills the screen

  3. Chris said,

    Lol, Nice spam….

  4. Peter said,

    The snow makes me want to destroy things.

    Also, I never realised that was your camera back here.

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