Second Best Sandwich Ever

Wednesday, December 10 2008 at 23:10 (Daily Life, Music, Rants, Videos) (, , , , )

Start with a good base, so use a white roll with built-in cheese and oniony stuff, then put on some spreadable butter. Then add tomato and meatball sandwich filler, top with lettuce and place the top of the roll on.
I didn’t have quite that sandwich for lunch, mine actually had cucumber, but I know from past experience that the lettuce works well. Obviously when my mother was doing my sandwich this morning she realised that using lettuce would have inadvertently caused the world to end, as the space-time continuum would not be able to bear that kind of awesome sanwichity.

In other news for today, I found out that a certain Alfie Ayre uploaded a certain Coldplay cover video of himself onto YouTube, but when I rushed home to see it the bastard had made it a private video. I scoured the internets for ways around the lockout, but answers were not forthcoming. Apparently it was super-hilarity, but I shall never know… unless I become his YouTube friend.

On Monday we performed our Drama piece to a crowd of gajillions, Miss Archer and the rest of our Drama class. Of course, the crowd of gajillions isn’t really there, but believing that it’s there improves performance. Or just makes me shit-scared of acting. But anyway, it was going well until I left my briefcase in a bad place and Bethany tripped over it, neatly smashing her chest into an all-purpose wooden Drama block. We were all staying in character and trying to recover the situation, but no, Miss Archer has to storm on and ruin all the tension and repeatedly ask the same questions until the audience was completely removed from their trance. Fortunately, the last few minutes of our piece was awesome, so we got back on track and followed through to the end.
Also on Monday… I got an A (just) in my DT and I got an A* in my first RS paper.

On Tuesday there was a choice of what to do in PE, between Badminton, Hockey, Sports Leaders, Fitness Training and I think one other, but I ain’t sure. So to start with I opted to take , ’cause it was inside and it is a sport I like and am relatively good at, but then steadily more people filtered in, and then about a bizillion girls came in and I realised that I would be lucky to touch a racket, let alone play. On this I went back to the changing rooms and put on my outdoor kit, and stumbled out to the hockey pitch. It was cold, yes, but there were just thirteen people and almost all of them were nice.
Then I talked to Mr Wheeler (Biology teacher and head of year) about how awesome Spooks was and how Survivors might be awesome, even though nobody seems to watch it. We have fun Biology lessons.

Today I killed a man. With a humourous joke. Get this:
Two chemicals are sitting in a bar. One of them seems to be be alright, but the other is drinking heavily and is upset. He turns to the other chemical and says, “I can’t do this anymore. I don’t think I can be an acid. I’m living an alkaLIE!”
HoHoHo. Maybe I shall make a category called ‘Humour that induces suicide’.
Obviously, that was a chemistry joke, so I had Chemistry today in which we did titration, which is exceptionally accurate but incredibly boring and tedious.

On the home front, my dad was given a DVD of a load of ‘modern’ music to listen to, including such delights as ‘The Ting Tings’. Kill. Kill. Kill.
Fortunately, there was also two Muse albums that I didn’t have (Origin of Symmetry and Showbiz) and also two albums of Dido. There was much else besides, but that was the good stuff. The problem is that one album of the Dido really likes skipping on my iPod, despite deleting, reuploading and even restoring the ‘Pod to factory settings. Because of this, I have had to find other versions of the corrupted songs through more awkward means. But when the music works, which it does in iTunes, it’s awesome. There was a bit in Scrubs once where JD hears a Dido album and says that it is like his heart singing to him. That’s how I feel.
Oh, and those judging me for my musical taste, why not toss me some ideas? I’m always open to new music.

The other thing that happened this evening was my brother trying to steal my Nintendo 64 to use with his television set in his bedroom, but he experienced problems and had to call me up to resolve things. I fiddled with some cables but still failed to get a clear picture even after rerouting wires all over the place. He and his stoned amigo, possibly called Steve, began insisting that the N64 was broken, he told me that when I took it downstairs I should throw it out. I scoffed at him, citing that the N64 was made to withstand nuclear attack and that his TV was crappy anyway. I took it downstairs and set it up on the proper television and it worked fine. I.e. my brother’s television is crappy. I love being right. Plus, I wouldn’t throw out the ol’ ’64 even if it was broken. Too awesome.
Also, have I mentioned how much I love our TV? It’s a 10+ year old Sony CRT that one can connect anything to and play without hassle. The picture is just as good as it was when we bought it, and the sound is great. I would say that I have dibs if we get a new TV, but the fact is that I don’t think we will for some time.

Also, Heroes was kinda crap. Not crap as in badly made, but everything that was going well for my favourite characters fell apart somewhat.

I leave you with the musical stylings of Chumbawamba:

[EDIT – put on a video that CAN embed, sorry ’bout that]

Gotta love it.



  1. Chris said,

    mmkay… You missed out a part…. I think you said something like, “I opted for, ’cause it was…” I’m guessing Badminton…. but…. other may not know…

    Also, I would say Heroes was more…. violent than poorly made…..

    Also Also, JD hears it when he goes to see Elliot in which she has or will be doing sexual deeds with JD’s brother…..

  2. Chris said,

    Also, I can’t find Alfie on Youtube… If i knew his thing, I could add him (he seems to like me) download the video with some thing I have, THEN make a new youtube account…. put the video on…. and then the world can laugh

  3. joethearachnid said,

    Alfie is at:
    Actually, wait, he seems to have deleted his video. Crap.
    Oh well, you pretend to be someone who really liked his cover and wants it re-uploaded.

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