Consider This

Thursday, December 11 2008 at 20:35 (Writing) ()

A man travels on a bus every day to and from his workplace, but never really considers the journey the height of his day or even the low point.
One day the man has had a very bad day; he has found out that he has been made redundant from his job. On the journey home he gazes out of the window, glaring at the world and willing it to change. The bus pauses momentarily at a stop, and as the passengers stumble towards the viper’s hiss of the old pneumatic doors, the man suddenly sees an arrangement in the twigs and the leaves and the branches, a image of beauty before unknown to mankind, an image that demonstrates the workings and meanings of all life and all things, a summary of the universe in one vision of nature. Before the man can even react, the bus moves on, and the image is lost forever.

That night a storm shreds through the countryside, stripping braches and tearing down trees, a ravenous path of destruction. When the man returns to the scene of the picture with a camera, he finds only a sore wound  of rent boughs and scattered leaves.

Inspired by today.


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