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Friday, January 9 2009 at 20:42 (Books, Daily Life, Music, Pictures, Rants) (, , , , , )

First, I have a few more resolutions to add.

  • Be nicer to people
  • Go above and beyond the call of duty in terms of schoolwork (As in, don’t just sit back and be an Eliza – go right through an A* and out the other side.)

Yeah… I forgot the school-related ones. When I’m at home I forget how much of an arse I can be when others are around. And talking of the school thing, I got my first progress report of ’09 today. For those who don’t know, this is a brief table showing your achievement in all subjects, including attainment grade, exam grade  and effort grade. I did pretty well, mostly A*s, a few As, one B. Most of that is ignored though, and people pay most attention to the effort grades, which can be (in ranking order):
Unsatisfactory – 0
Inconsistent (née satisfactory) – 0
Good – 6
Excellent – 16
The numbers are how many of each I received, which, since you are reading this blog and therefore likely to be intelligent, I assume you might already have worked out. In fact, this notice is only really for the unlikely event that Sam Feagan comes a-knockin’.

Incidentally, I have something that links to Sam Feagan as well that I’ve been meaning to upload for ages. This a doodle that has lived in the middle of my pencil case for around a year:
(I’ve put what it says into the captions in case my handwriting appears illegible. It’s a family trait.)

A fat man walks into a bar. he buys a pint. PTO

A fat man walks into a bar. he buys a pint. PTO

Lolz! (The fat man is Sam F)

God smites the fat man: "Lolz!" (The fat man is Sam F)

Yes, I know that the quality on the first picture is shite. Our scanner stopped working several years ago, and I could be bothered to do much more than auto-retouch it in Photoshop. I would also accept comments that this isn’t really that funny out of context. It’s not even funny at all. It’s hilarious.

What can I segue this on to? Hurm. Not a lot. God, Sam, lightning… AHA! The weather. When I woke up this morning there was a fine mist that served only to make me go from cold to damp and cold when I went out to the bus stop, but NOW. Now it’s proper fog. Clear visibility stretches for a maximum of ten metres, unclear for about twenty. It started to get bad around lunchtime, but at that point I was inside reading the first few chapters of The Amulet of Samarkand, by Jonathan Stroud. All I can say so far is that the large use of footnotes in the first-person seem a bit up-its-own-arse, and despite it SAYING that it’s a modern London setting, even mentioning cars and the like, it still comes out Victorian in my head (It’s about wizards and demons; I don’t know whether it’s because all the books I have read recently involve modern London and I’m bored, or whether Victorian London just seems more fantastical).

I can’t be bothered to orchestrate another segue. Between writing this paragraph and the one before I had dinner, and in that dinner there was yet another bust-up between my mother and my brother about his stupid fucking trip to India that I hope he actually gets around to doing so he can never come back. At least the arguments would stop. I’m just a bit upset by all these stupid petty arguments, and I really wish that my brother would get his act together, as well as washing once in a while. He came into my bedroom earlier, and he actually smelt like shit. Really. His scent was very much akin to that which escapes a dog’s anus.

The first week back has been pretty fun in general, as having been away in Aachen and been ill I had effectively –  minus one ay on the last day of term –  been away for over three weeks, and I’m not as self reliant as I used to be. Like that Beatles song, ‘Help!.’ I used to be independent and preferred to be alone most of the time, but now I’ve explored a bit more socially it’s easier to miss friends.

I’m sure I had a bunch more to write about, but after the argument I’ve lost my will to write for now. I should mention my Drama piece and how it’s impossible and I’m stuck with not just one, but two short, ginger girls in a large group full of people I don’t like, with only one other person who is actually good at Drama. And how, despite the fact that we’re doing a ‘devised’ piece, we still get given a script of ‘An Inspector Calls’. It’s all a bit shit. Did I mention that this is for our final GCSE piece? I just did.

I haven’t proof read this, so there might be a few minor spelling/grammar errors.

Oh, and I’ve been listening to Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi, which actually has very good listenability, and A Rush of Blood to the Head by Coldplay, which I borrowed off my father after giving it to him as a Christmas present. I’m yet to pass total judgement, and I might plonk in a review sometime.

I found a really good quote earlier that I was gonna put here…

I still find it stupid that WORDPRESS thinks that ‘blog’ isn’t a word.



  1. Chris said,

    That is a little Ironic…. The last line….
    The thing with your blog Ben, there will be parts where you sound like a normal person (like the bits about your brother and Drama) then there are others where you sound like a pompous…. yeah…
    Drama is sooo shit right now…. I’m sure (hope) it will get better when we have Miss Archer (soon to be Mrs Peters) to explain everything to us…. maybe…. I hope….

  2. Chris said,

    Also, is the reason you started to listen to Coldplay to compare them to Alfie’s thang? Because I can tell you know, they do sound a lot a like….

  3. joethearachnid said,

    I’ve listened to Coldplay on and off since 2000, when their first album came out. I started listening to them more after my father bought Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends, which was several months before Alfie’s first song came. And don’t be a tit.

  4. joethearachnid said,

    And pompous? It’s not my fault that I am awesome and therefore must write about myself in a similar way. The brother/Drama bit was only written when I was severely pissed at the world.

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