Woood! And… Other Things

Wednesday, January 14 2009 at 21:01 (Daily Life, Pictures, Rants) (, , , )

I finally get to build my actual kayak! Sweet! Check it:

The plywood Im going to use for my kayak.

The plywood I'm going to use for my kayak.

Present is two sheets of 4mm marine ply and one sheet of 9mm marine ply, as well as some strips of sapele on the left. I wish I had a picture of how crappy everybody else’s wood looks next to this. By the way, it’s only this colour because it’s damp from being on my father’s car’s roof. The pale parts (where the straps were) are the actual colour of the wood. It still looks awesome, though. I have no idea why we got sapele, ’cause it’s mainly used in guitars and cars, but my dad only got offcuts, so they were cheap.

Did I mention that this boat is probably going to capsize as soom as I touch it? It doesn’t really matter, not in terms of marking, anyway. They’re just concerned with how it looks and the paperwork most of the time.

Well. Since I wrote a blog yesterday I have realised that I missed a few things, so I was going to put those here now.

My brother bought a crossbow, looking almost exactly like this:

The same model, but with less shit on it.

My brother has the same model, but with more shit on it.

He’s spent the last two days at home shooting bolts through his bedroom wall. Yes, through, not into. This thing is bloody lethal. In fact, give it a sniper scope and it could pass for the one in Half-Life. I get the feeling (or maybe just hope) that with the way he usually treats cool expensive stuff that I can’t get because I’m poor and he can get because he does illegal things, he will probably break it or get bored of it soon because he can’t actually shoot anything real.
I did ask him how he could afford it, what with how he has no job, and he replied that he is ‘careful’ with money. Yeah. Careful in that he spends it on cigarettes, drugs, subwoofers, minifridges, bongs, and all manner of useless but very cool crap that I would normally have to kill to get. Case in point: I’m not going into his bedroom in a rush, ever.

Alfie has deleted his YouTube account, but has fortunately decided to set up a MySpace account, headed by seven of the finest words ever:

“Some of my own stuff coming soon”

I don’t usually use heading text, but I feel that this is an exception I can make.
Batten down the hatches, prepare for a lollage fallout bigger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

Today was interesting. Mr Peters went mad with the interactive whiteboard (on request) to impress some trainee teachers, making for a fairly fun but also fairly hard revision lesson for the upcoming exams. DT was pretty boring because Max wasn’t there for me to help, having buggered off home to play Left 4 Dead, leaving me to make templates for my bulkheads (I didn’t have the wood at that time, blates) and hug Ned repeatedly until he cried. RS consisted of watching some AWESOME videos about baptism. Well, that is to say, some of them were awesome, i.e. these. He actually makes religion vaguely fun.

That’s good for now.



  1. Chris said,

    WHAT?! Why did Max bugger off? Was he ill? What the hell? Also, Chemistry was easy…
    Why would you want to kill for your brother’s Bong? I mean, not only has he used it, you don’t have anything to use in it… Unless you kill for that using a Crossbow you killed for…. But then the road to drugs is a long and dark one… full of trippy pictures…..

    Also, what facing does your ply have? It doesn’t look like Birch faced… it looks a bit pink….

  2. joethearachnid said,

    It’s awesome faced.
    No, I honestly have no idea. My dad doesn’t know, the internet doesn’t know, even the wood catalogue doesn’t know. It might be something like teak. It is BS1088 quality, though.
    And yes, I was generally referring to the crossbows and minifridge sort of things.

  3. Chris said,

    Oh… so there are a lot of holes in the walls now? That just suggests…. is your house american? Cause those ones you could punch through….
    But yeah…. if you are ever late to school…. or never turn up… it means you are dead…. or nailed to the floor…. via crossbow…..

  4. joethearachnid said,

    Our main house is made predominantly from clay lump, which is pretty much mud with some kind of structure. However, my brother’s bedroom is partially separate from the rest of the house, and it is made out of mostly plasterboard. I might get a picture one day just to explain.

  5. Chris said,

    I think I understand……

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