Worst (Birth)day(s) Ever

Monday, January 26 2009 at 23:27 (Daily Life, Pictures, Rants) (, , , )

Yeah, so last week was shitty. Very much so. I did mean to write a massive whiny blog to go into detail about how crap everything was to make Chris feel… better… or something, but instead I might just sum it up in bullet points:

  • Exam on Monday – Quite easy, but like all exams, tiring and annoying. I hadn’t got much sleep the night before.
    Rest of the day was alright. We’re watching the Matrix in RS and picking out the Jesus-y bits. We’ve started exam practice in German.
  • PE on Tuesday – Tiring, shitty, ra ra ra. Then I spent Biology listening to music whilst revising, at first the Breath of Fire III soundtrack, then Mozart piano concertos, but because those are a bit dull I moved onto Vivaldi.
    When I got home I went to sleep for two hours (at about 6pm) before waking up again to eat and then go and do a meeting thingy at the other end of the village. After this I was really tired, but the early sleep had upset my pattern and I didn’t nod off until about 1am.
  • Exam on Wednesday – Also my birthday. Mr Peters bored me into misery in Chemistry revision and didn’t give me a Refresher bar, but then Chris gave his to Ned, who then gave it to me. Possibly the nicest thing to happen all week. Then I had to fill out an application for the Arkwright Scholarship in DT, which would have taken ages but actually took longer because both me and one other person doing it had forgotten to bring in a passport-sized photo. To get one I had to:
    -Go to the technicians for a camera; all the batteries are charging.
    -Get Mr Chapman’s super-old digital camera, takes one picture of the OTHER person before the batteries fail, replace batteries.
    -Take hasty picture of self.
    -Try to log on to computer in art room with CompactFlash reader, fail.
    -Try several other people’s logins before the person sitting next to the computer tells you that it doesn’t work.
    -Shout at him.
    -Have Mr Chapman push the bastard of his computer.
    -Wait ten minutes for Paint Shop Pro 7 to install itself.
    -Resize images, crop, paste into document in passport size.
    -Find that art printer does not work.
    -Put pictures on pendrive, take to DT rooms and finally print off.
    -Cut out.
    -Cry a little.
    Then I had to write a page of text about my DT project, severely reducing my revision time, then I had to eat lunch very fast, then I had the exam. It wasn’t so bad, but I screwed up the Physics section. When I got home we had sticky toffee pudding and watched Prince Caspian. It sucked. This was my birthday, remember.
  • Thursday just achieved nothing. There was no Max to be amusing in DT, there was no Rose to be sarcastic, no Eliza, I don’t think there was even a Ned. Spanish had practise exam papers. I got full marks in the higher; we’d done the paper before. Drama is just awful. I do hate my group so. Maths was run-of-the-mill, and in German we did practise exam papers.
  • Friday? Again with the lack of people. All fairly dull. I actually managed to hear some of Physics, not having to sit right at the back.

Yeah. Great week.

So, I’m Sixteen now. What did I get? £100, massive Lego bikey thing (below) and aload of other, mostly edible things. Not a terrible haul, but not my best.

It actually looks similar to the Jet Bike you race Johnny with in Chrono Trigger...

It actually looks similar to the Jet Bike you race Johnny with in Chrono Trigger...

Also, this bike fires balls. Hell yes. I made (on Max’s behest) a stop-motion animation of myself putting it together in an attempt to make the assembly process last longer, and it ended up taking 487 photos and three battery packs. Now I just need to find a program for stop-motion that actually works, unlike freaking Animation Shop 3… Expect something with zany music at some point.

Erm. I went to see Elliot on the weekend before the exams, played LittleBigPlanet, made sure that Sonic Unleashed is as shit as everyone says (it is), completed Portal (fuck you, Max) and kicked his arse all over Maple Treeway on MarioKart Wii. Incidentally, I’m sending off my Wii for repairs, so I’ll be without it for about three weeks. In the meantime I have pirated Halo, which I’m struggling through the campaign of on medium at the moment. I don’t know, in some ways it takes the near-perfect Half-Life formula and builds on it, but in other ways it just sinks back into Quake-esque strafe/shoot mechanics. Plus, the brunt of the story is a blatant ripoff of Half-Life. The ‘Flood’ (headcrabs) have infested a place, turning loads of people into some sort of zombies with Flood on their heads. Remind, much? I also drew some parallels with Metroid and the metroids themselves.
My specs being too crap to run number 3, and my interest at a peak, I got hold of Fallout 1, so I’ll look into that at some point and report back. It’s very highly respected.

Oh, I did a sailing survival course on Sunday, learned how to turn over a liferaft, set off flares, etcetera. We did a bit in a pool that is a part of Ipswich High School for Girls. That felt weird, going down that drive, but at the same time the place did look welcoming. Hmm…

My txt spk bk that I found at the back of a shelf (it WAS my brother’s) tells me that
is ‘a corporate type, with aviator glasses, wavy hair and a tie.’



  1. Chris said,

    Firstly, the flood… although a lot like Headcrabs, aren’t… They are controlled by one Brain… and are the most PISS ANNOYING THINGS IN THE WORLD!!!!! Specially the small ones… or the ones on the walls or the ones that explode into about 20 small ones which then bring everything back to life to be killed again!!!! There is also the Covenant…. But the Plot… doesn’t exist… at all….
    Drama… I feel you…. I mean for you… and some other reassuring stuff…. You failed to mention your Rat… and how it made Emily swear….

  2. Max said,

    I do see what you mean about the Flood and headcrabs. As I’ve said before, Half-Life is THE first increibly successful FPS that set a trend for other games to follow. Alot of games steal tiny bits from it, because Valve is just that awesome.

    And congrats on completeing Portal… Of course, the beatings will continue as you cannot yet play it on the PC whenever you want.

  3. joethearachnid said,

    Holy crap, I completely forgot about the Rat and Emily. Is was so completely shocking that I think my mind blanked it out. (Reminds self to mention in next post)

  4. Chris said,

    I’ll remind you know as well… For I can only assume you will make one on this lonely Friday night in….. Cause we are popular people that go out…

  5. Yeah! I Did It! « I,Blog said,

    […] as you can see I got 2 A*s. This isn’t bad, considering what a crap week I was having when I did the exams. Obviously I got extra marks ’cause one exam was on my […]

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