I Feel Fine

Friday, January 30 2009 at 22:57 (Daily Life, Music, Theorems, Writing) (, , , )

I don’t know what it is; I had no excuse, but this afternoon, having suffered through German (actually not so bad) and annotating Act 2 of An Inspector Calls in English, when the bell went I was suddenly struck with a feeling that life was good, things would work themselves out, and the road ahead was pretty easy to follow.
That’s not to say that it has been a good week, hell no, probably worse than last week in terms of content, but because my approach to most of it changed I felt a lot better about everything.

Having thought about this for a bit, I’ve decided that this is the first time in a fairly long time where I’ve not been under pressure (cue Queen), or maybe it’s just deference to things that should be making me nervous, like the fact that I have a scholarship exam next Wednesday, or that I have eighteen billion bits of final (course)work to finish by mid-March. The thing is that these don’t matter, because they’re under control. The scholarship is no biggie, not to go to another school or anything, but if I win it then I get £500 and a correspondence that follows my career and gives me additional engineering support. The DT project I can deal with; it’s easy; it’s what I’m best at. Even the Drama piece is coming along decently, even if I’m the only one in my group who actually wants to highlight JB Priestley’s plight against capitalist bigots, and even if there are several useless actresses in my group, those are the cards I’ve been dealt and I plan to make the best of them.
I guess I’m subjecting myself to a kind of inevitability here, but it’s not the sort that I’m afraid of.

I wanted to take this opportunity to lay on some truths which I think you should think about:
-There is no such thing as freedom.
-What everybody thinks is not always right.
-You know those number plates, the ones which are all wrong and are shaped to fit in an upside-down trapezium with rounded corners? They look awful. Just bad.
-Berets are awesome. I love’em.

Erm. Hm. Well, this week ha’n’t been so bad. Nothing magnificent, nothing God-awful. Describing it would bore both you and me, so I won’t write about it, except for perhaps one scene in Maths where Mrs bray humiliated Alfie. I would describe, but frankly it was only funny if you were there, and if I describe it, it’ll just sound lame.

I have also realised that I haven’t used any ‘izzle’ words in quite some time. With a blog URL called SuperNizzle, I expect that people expect some shizzle from this dizzle. Well, I’m trying to bring it back.

Earlier this evening I went to see a short film made about coastal erosion in East Anglia (not nearly as boring as it sounds) made by various young people in the Suffolk community, including my brother. Also taking part were Molly B and Rebbecca B, and Calum J was there as well. The production values were pretty darn good, for an indie film, and there was plenty of humour inside the documentary style.
On the way back, as well as thinking about what else to write in this entry (I did the first paragraph before I left, innit) I also came up with this basic plot hinge about a boy (or girl) who sees two (or more) different worlds, but they go between them when they blink. Maybe, since Chris has stolen so many ideas from me (moving to WordPress less than three days after I did?) maybe I’ll take a leaf out of his book (hahahahahaha) and write a story. I don’t know. Any ideas about what I could do with the blink idea?

Mew-zac. I’ve been listening to mostly the Chrono Trigger OSV and the fan-made orchestral re-arrangement album, Chrono Symphonic. I even picked up on a few good tunes that I had skipped through before (Door to the End of Time, Beneath the Surface), but my favourite is probably still Blue Skies Over Guardia or Schala and the Queen. (Watch out for the for crazy Japanesity.)

Well. I can’t be bothered to talk about anything else, so there you go. Go eat shizzle.



  1. Chris said,

    Uh… That whole Blinking thang… It (in my opinion) wont work that well… I mean, you blink soooo often without really noticing it that the protagonist would spend about 5 seconds MAX in each world before switching. If you work on that, it could work…..
    That whole Card Analogy, doesn’t work…. (god this is negative) I mean, in Poker (or Texas Hold ’em) if you were given…. the Ace of Spades (you) then I dunno a 5 of Diamonds, a Queen of Hearts, a 2 of clubs and 4 of spades…. you wouldn’t really do very well… however, if you look at other groups which seem to have a royal flush (even though there are only 3 of them) or even just a pretty good pair (and then a queen of retard and a 4 of smoking) they are (probably) do better overall than you in your shitty group that will inevitably bring you down into the flaming hole that is that Ginger one you I can’t actually remember her name…..
    Other than that…. When I read your blog title…. “The end of the World” by R.E.M was playing… spooky…

  2. joethearachnid said,

    When the hell did I mention cards? And I realised that people blink a lot, that was the point. Oh yeah. I found the analogy. Don’t be a dick about figures of speech.

  3. Chris said,

    “several useless actresses in my group, those are the cards I’ve been dealt and I plan to make the best of them.” There…. that is where you mentioned cards….

  4. joethearachnid said,

    Yes. I noted that I had found it. And I said not to be a dick about figures of speech.

  5. Chris said,

    Wow, I completely missed that mention bit…. pardon me. My mistake.

  6. joethearachnid said,

    You are pardoned. But only ’cause I like ya.

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