The Verb ‘To Have One’s Life Implode’

Thursday, February 5 2009 at 23:05 (Daily Life, Pictures, Rants, Videos) (, , )

Actually, life isn’t imploding, so much. It’s actually not bad.

No, it’s just that I’ve had two ‘exams’ (one aptitude test for a scholarship, one Maths Challenge), neither of which I was really expecting, and both of which were very exhausting. Plus, my brother and father were arguing, again, and I took it upon myself to go in and tell them to stop arguing. My brother hit me. Hard.
And my parents don’t know why I have massive purpley scars all over my back…

Larst blawg wuz on a Phurzdie, so I’ll cover the weekend first.
Saturday was the 31st, better known as the birthday of Elliot de Bondt, so I went to his house (again), but this time in the company of a certain Peter Hicks. It was pretty fun, we all played Smash Bros. (how could we not?), we marvelled at how much cool stuff Elliot had got (three games, AND £125), Peter finally played MGS4 and I gave Elliot some Sonic the Hedgehog remix albums I had hastily torrented. We went bowling (Elliot’s mum insisted) and got shown up by this old granny with super-MAD skills, i.e. a strike at least every other turn. She has clocked a LOT of hours on Wii Sports, IMHO.
Yeah, so it was good.

Screw Sunday. That lacked not only shizzle, but also dizzle and nizzle.
On Monday, I got up and was just about to climb into the shower to wake up when my mum decided to tell me that school had been cancelled due to snow. This was at about 7am, but with the shower there I thought I might as well have one anyway. I went back to sleep for a few hours, then got up, made a snowman and snowballs and a snow angel, and then having accomplished all of that I went inside and did little for the rest of the day.

Tuesday were actually darn good, cuz we were doing badminton in PE (which I actually enjoy) and I got to play against nice people, for the most part. I also talked to Max about… games… and stuff. Biology was about BACTERIA. We’re making yoghurt, which we are most definitely never allowed to eat, ever. Waste of bloody time, milk and bacteria. Rest of day = gay.

Wednesday began with my aptitude test thingy for the Arkwright engineering scholarship, for which I had to design something to solve one of three problems. I ended up with a contraption that crushes excess rubbish in a wheelie bin. I am currently hastily drawing a diagram on Flash (just ’cause I can) which I shall place below. Of course, by the time you read this I’ll have finished and it’ll already be there, so why you care is, um, well…

A diagram showing various things. Having made this in Flash, it occured to me at the last moment that I could animate it, but by then Id already not put it on different layers...
A diagram showing various things. Having made this in Flash, it occurred to me at the last moment that I could animate it, but by then I’d already not put it on different layers…

Yeah, so it’s not that brilliant, but i thought it was a pretty decent idea. I didn’t present it very well, so I get the feeling that I probably won’t get the scholarship, but hey, it was fun and I got to miss Chemistry.
I then, somewhat ironically, had a double lesson of DT, which I spent the first lesson of trying to recover and the second half helping Max with his desk.
In RS we talked about the afterlife and funerals, eulogies, etcetera. Here is where I want to go when I die (by the way Chris, this is the video I wanted to MSN you because of):

Today I had the Maths Challenge in the morning. This might not have been so bad had it not been for the fact that nobody had been informed that the Challenge was taking place today, so we were all thoroughly unprepared. For the uninitiated, the MC is run every year by the UK Maths Trust, and is basically a paper asking maths questions that require you to think outside the box, working without a calculator. Kinda like an IQ test, and then people are awarded certificates based on how well they do. I think I did alright, but not as well as last year, in which I got a few marks off a gold certificate. There was a brilliant question about Fussy Fiona, who doesn’t like house numbers divisible by 3 or 5.
Drama was fairly awful, I now have to do two rape scenes, one attempted on Lindsay (short, ginger, very annoying) and one successful on Molly, who isn’t nearly as bad.
Maths were boring, so were German.

Also over the past few days Max has persuaded me to try and make good on my resolution to be nice to people, so I’ve been doing my best to pay compliments instead of insults, even though it sometimes involves ignoring perfect opportunities. Needless to say, not being a wanker is hard. I have also tried to be less nice  to Ned. You’d understand that if you understood other things.

Qurk, is the word that is defined in the title.

Yes, I did just make it up.



  1. Chris said,

    Congratulations on being beaten by an old lady…. must’ve made you feel like a man…

  2. Chris said,

    I see, what an ODD song….

  3. Chris said,

    Also, now that I remember it, that fussy Fiona Question…. seeing as I had time, i listed out ALL the numbers then went in 3s up and down from 120….. it worked….

  4. joethearachnid said,

    I just listed all the multiples of three and five and then subtracted it from fifty.

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