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See, I never like to use a blog title that I might want to use again at a later date, so my titles end up getting steadily sillier.
But, without further ado, welcome to the blog that has been called:

“David Copperfield, but with more emo.” – Nico Webster

This’ll be short, since I only have a few things to say.

Today (simply because I remember it) was pretty good, but long. Badminton was – yet again – pretty fun, although more people were playing this week and so the two courts we get were a tad more crowded. In Biology we looked at our yoghurt, which somehow turned out to have worked universally throughout the class, with not one single amusing cock-up to snigger at. In English we discussed the nature of the ‘inspector’ in An Inspector Calls, which was quite good and in Maths we did some weird-arse algebraic fractions, which took me the whole lesson to finally ‘get’. They were a bit annoying.
After school I had Drama rehearsals with my group in which we went through our ENTIRE piece, which – somewhat surprisingly – seems to be going fairly well. I hope to some sort of deity that Lindsay is feeling in a ‘drama mood’ on the day of the exam.

Here is the case of the big whoop:

My details for my Wiis repair.

My details for my Wii's repair.

I can’t remember whether I’ve mentioned on here that I had to get my Wii sent off for repairs, I’m sure I have, but I can’t be bothered to check at this late hour. Anyway, I sent off the console, then the website that deals with repairs went down for a week, then it came back up again, but my logon to check the repair status no longer worked, so I sent the people an e-mail. Today I have as of yet received no reply, but my details are working again, and with any luck I’ll have my console back soon.

My mother has promised to buy me Deadly Creatures if I tidy my bedroom, so I intend to do that. In case you don’t know, in Deadly creatures you take alternating control of a ninja-esque tarantula and a tank-esque scorpion as you go through the desert killing other insects, creatures and animals as you uncover a story about two men (voiced by Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper) searching for buried Civil War gold in the arid desert, but they end up finding much more than they bargained for. I’m totally looking forward to playing it.

That’s all.



  1. Chris said,

    Nothing like a blurry picture to understand…. everything? It was a shame with the Biology, I was at least expecting Josh and Jim to cock it up… SOMEHOW….

  2. Max said,

    Nice blog. I hope your Wii is back soon and your boat is going as planned.

    Have a good half-term.

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