Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me

Saturday, February 21 2009 at 02:52 (Books, Current Affairs, Daily Life, Rants) (, , )

Perhaps you’d recognise that title. You probably don’t.
Not unless you’ve only just read Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, as I just have.

And the ending annoyed me so much that I had to start up my laptop after a day of it not being on to write a blog about it.

Because it’s half one and because my typing seems to be extra-retarded at this hour, I might not write much beyond the book, but we’ll see how things develop.
So the book itself is broadly about racism. You’ll get that a lot. Racism, racism, racism. Except that it’s been turned on its head from how we might normally think about it; White ‘noughts’ are discriminated against and oppressed by the black ‘crosses’, who believe that they were chosen by God, although that really doesn’t come into it much. The next thing to throw people is that this discrimination is not set in the 1950s or any era before then, but in the modern day, something which I often find hard to acclimatise to when the subject matter is clearly of another era, a la ‘The Amulet of Samarkand’ (which I have yet to finish) where a story of warlocks is set in modern London, though it always warps to Victorian Dickensian surroundings as soon as I stop concentrating on making it not so. However, once I lost myself in the pages (it only took one chapter) everything started to stretch out and make more sense. I can’t help getting the feeling, though, that it’s like a short story dragged out to fill nearly four hundred and fifty pages, whilst only following a series of fairly skimpy plot points. Much is this is held together by the double first-person perspective, following the experiences of the two alternating main characters every chapter. This actually works really well, and I only lost track of which character I was following a few times. You also never get the feeling one might expect where you would rather follow one character than another, which is a testament to the good writing.
In fact the only really bad bit of writing I found is: ‘This reporter’s middle name was obviously ‘Euphy’, short for euphemism!’
I mean, really. That’s just bad.
Anyway, although the ending is one of those annoying ones that doesn’t clear anything up, there are several sequels which I’ll probably now have to buy (I’ve had this book lying on shelf for about eight years – since it came out) just so I can get to the end. Then the last book will have a completely mega-vague ending and I’ll be even more pissed that I’ve just spent a bunch of money on the books between now and then. So to conclude: an interesting and thought provoking book, and I can’t deny that it’s well paced and flows ’cause I read all of it except one chapter in a day, and that’s 450 pages of 10-point.

I watched ‘Juno’ again with my parents. It still rocks. It did occur to me that as long as everyone I know has an Oscar-winning writer at hand all the time, most of the teenagers I know are far more like the silly ones in Juno than the ‘grim and gritty’ ones in Skins. Which is beginning to annoy me, or rather, Cook is beginning to annoy me. However, this week’s episode was about Freddy, so I could just spend the time thinking about how smexy he is.

I’ve spent the week so far internetting, reading, failing to do any schoolwork and ignoring my dad’s suggestions about building my boat, which is going fairly shittily. He just keeps on wanting to change things and add things in that I never needed or wanted, and then he later acts like I was absolutely supportive of every suggestion he made. It’s doing my bloody head in, and I’m making almost no building progress because of it.
My boat doesn’t need fucking stringers with scarf joints in them. Give me back my bulkheads, you bastard.

I’m quite looking forward to stopping being at home and eating toasted cheese sandwiches. School will be nice. Oh, I got my Wii back. And Jade Goody is dying. Let’s just say that at her funeral, I won’t be singing in a mournful tone.



  1. Chris said,

    And it wont be me pissing on her grave then setting it on fire….. either…
    I think that no one has done any work…. and most people aren’t planning on doing any… I do need to do some art… well a lot….
    you’ll be happy to know… I didn’t get Chrono Trigger on DS, it was £30 pounds and I had already spent a fair bit of money.

  2. Max said,

    No one EVER does any work. Like me, people say they will, but just procrastrinate it off to play Left 4 Dead or Team Fortress 2.

  3. joethearachnid said,

    I thought that since I’m in a reading mood I might read OMaM again, but frankly it just gives me an incentive to read other, better books instead. For instance: Why can’t we study Noughts and Crosses instead of Country Lovers? It’s almost the same.

  4. Chris said,

    If we did that…. then I think it would probably be easier… and not want to make the students grind their eyes in dust….

  5. Yeah! I Did It! « I,Blog said,

    […] Muchamore (part of the CHERUB series) -’Knife Edge’ by Malorie Blackman (part of the Noughts and Crosses trilogy) – and ‘Bloodline’ by Katy Moran, a Gaelic-lookin’ new IP that I got on a […]

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