I’m Giving Up Blogging For Lent…

Thursday, February 26 2009 at 00:05 (Current Affairs, Daily Life, Rants, Reviews) (, , , , , )

Haha! Gotcha! You looked at the title in your live bookmark or whatever, and for a moment you were terrified.

Don’t deny it.

No, but I have REALLY given up:

  • Sarcasm – may be very difficult as I’ll have to ignore some perfect setups for sarcastic comebacks.
  • Intimately hugging/groping/saying sexual things to men (particularly Ned – so he’s off his guard when I jump him at Prom).

So yes – some fairly interesting (I like to think) things there. Most people give up chocolate or alcohol (my parents do – except in the evenings and at weekends and whenever you’d normally drink alcohol), but I always try to do something with a bit more ‘zing’. Last year I gave up the internet. No-one particularly cared, but people are impressed when I tell them now. One person I know is giving up eBay for Lent (except items they’re already watching) and Eliza, Rose and Emily are jointly giving up being mean to Alfie, but Eliza promptly ruined this by telling Alfie that he’d probably break her down ’cause he’s so annoying, and then she said behind his back that he, and I quote “Just oozes twat.” Phew. I almost made a sarcastic remark there.
Also, I just added that quote to the new ‘quotes’ section on the still-existing draft for the AAH homepage. Maybe I’ll put it back up when I get the hidden links plugin working.

Talking of that, I’ve been trying very hard to find a sensible way to import all of my Bebo blog archive on to Supernizzle, but I can’t find a sensible way to do it without having eleventybillion links in the sidebar whilst still being able to link to each entry individually. I might just post it in months in the sidebar, ’cause then there’d only be around twelve links and I could stick it at the bottom of all the stuff so it doesn’t look unsightly.

I’ve been playing several interesting games recently as well. The first chronologically is Breath of Fire III (about my zillionth playthrough), which still rocks, but it IS nice that I can just use the ‘remove framerate limiting thingy’ button to whizz through boring cutscenes that I’ve seen before. Another game is the (in)famous Zero Wing, the origin of the well-known meme ‘CATS: All your base are belong to us’. Apart from the completely mangled opening scene (What happen? You no say who!!!), the game itself is remarkably solid, just a fairly simple side-scrolling space shooter. When I completed it, I was actually very shocked that it said ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ rather than the usual ‘CONGLATURATION’. Good fun.
Now, today Deadly Creatures finally arrived from HMV Guernsey (no idea why…) in shiny THQ packaging. I then had to wait for half an hour for my dad to finish checking his emails before he finally left the room – I feel that with a game like this that has such a moody atmosphere I should try and immerse myself on at least the first play. The game itself is fairly solid, although yes, it’s not brilliant. It’s one of those games that you buy because if enough people buy it, then there’ll be a sequel which is infinitely better. But if no-one buys the original, then no sequel.
This game is certainly unique.Whilst most reviewers say that they prefer the tarantula to the scorpion, I actually find that whilst the tarantula is faster and has this awesome pouncing stealth move, and can jump, the combat is so much more interesting with the scorpion that I prefer it. There’s nothing quite like tearing the wings of a wasp and then impaling the torso with your tail in an extreme finishing move. Granted, it has nothing on MadWorld, in which you can shove a man arse-first onto a spike so it comes out of his mouth, but for what it is, the game is fun. There are some bugs (heheh) that can hinder gameplay, and some areas are very confusing to navigate, but the presentation, animations and voice acting are all brilliant. I’ll report back when I complete it.
The final game I’ve been playing is the original SNES Star Ocean, since I got an urge to play the original game after seeing the review for the aptly named Star Ocean: The Last Hope (because the last one sucked). Since the SNES game was in Japanese you need an unofficial translation patch and a special graphics thingamajig because of some special hardware on the original cartridge. The result of this is that the game looks really nice, with lots of character detail and beautiful backgrounds. The gameplay seems a bit retarded, but I’ve only played it for about an hour, so we’ll see. The music is nice, and the script is actually pretty good; it sounds like a normal RPG script rather than some fan translation stuff which almost sounds too clever for its own good, like Radical Dreamers: Le Tresor Interdit (Chrono Trigger text-based Satellaview spinoff). I’ve also realised something which both of my favourite RPGs have in common: Silent protagonists. I never really thought that I might actually hate Squall from Final Fantasy VIII a lot less if he never spoke. Did Gordon Freeman need to speak? No. He just kicks all kinds of arse. I want people to bring back the good ol’ RPG, without any of this nonsense. Maybe it’ll be Dragon Quest X(10).

Sorry Max – I did try and include Half-Life in the rant about JRPGs…

Life has been pretty standard, comprising all the usual lessons, rehearsals, and a distinct lack of boat building. I must do some more. Actually, I have a bunch of photos which I need to upload, but it’s late, and I need sleep. We’ve been learning about alcohol in both Biology and Chemistry, and apparently I seem to know far too much already about both beer and wine making. That’s what I get for being a brewer’s boy at Kentwell for several years and having a father who has wine-making equipment lying around and practically invites you into making it.

There, that’s a thousand words. And a bit.

Nighty night.

I must now read through and check for any rogue sarcasm.


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  1. Chris said,

    Chrono Trigger is a JRPG…..
    But that Creatures game…. it looked…. like it could easily get repetitive… and there are voice overs?!?! But yeah, MadWorld is what a lot of people have been saying is the game that got them playing their Wii again.

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