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Some more pictures illustrating work on my boat:

(Waits patiently for Flickr to upload photos – slowness due gayness from both the camera and Flickr.)

The boat finally has a rigid structure after much hassle, and the bottom plate is partly glued on.

The clamps in place doowan the gloowan.

The complex 'string theory' used to work out the measurements for the ends of side panels.

The stitch and glue joints will use plastic cable ties instead of copper wire to stitch the wood together, 'cause they're prettier colours and far cheaper.

One side panel, cut out and put on. It actually fits! OMGZ!

Both side panels on. They both fit! The boat begins to look boaty! OMGZ²!

I took a picture of the heavy-duty security light that we use to light the shed. The camera compensates for the brightness to form a cool anti-silhouette.

Interesting fact: when I first tried to fit on the side panels, having spent several hours marking them out and cutting them, they didn’t fit. I was pissed off for obvious reasons. I then had a radical thought and tried putting on the panel upside-down. It fitted perfectly.
Funny how these things work out sometimes.

But yes, it was EXTREMELY satisfying when all the pieces finally went together and everything was flush and happy looking. That’s why I take so much care when marking things out, just for that experience of everything just working. Then one of the bulkhead gluings broke, and so I had to re-glue that instead of gluing the side panels. Stupid world, can’t give me a break.

Apart from that, well. Life has been alright.

On Friday Chris wasn’t there, ’cause he was having his toenail pulled out. My thoughts go out to him.
For the rest of us, the day began with Maths, in which Mrs Bray was absent again and had given us some more boring sequence work to do. I learned how to find nth terms in year 8, leave me alone about it. Obviously Mrs Bray only believes us capable of doing D-C grade work when she’s not there. In the first lesson of English we were doing a timed essay that was being covered by Mr Hirst, the head teacher. Yeah, it was a bit crap, but once I got into the essay frame of mind it went alright. And Mr Hirst said that we had been extremely well behaved and worked extremely well, which he commended Mrs Hart for later on. She said that very few classes ever get that kind of appraisal from the big C. (His name is Colin.)
In double Physics I got to sit next to Max, which was nice, since Chris, while a great person to talk to, can be distracting with all of his weird pictures that he draws of Alison. We were looking at variable difference, or somesuch. We also did an experiment using light-sensitive and heat-sensitive diodes and looked at how their resistance changes at different light and heat levels, respectively.

At lunchtime Chloé had brought in a Kit-Kat cheesecake for Cake Friday, so Rose, Eliza, Emily, Clio and Chloé gathered around with their forks and started attacking it. Most of them slowed and stopped until only Rose and Eliza were left, but Rose was kicked for trying to steal bits of the base without having any of the ‘cheese’ on it. After the fight continued for a bit, I carefully arched an eyebrow and intoned ‘All your base are belong to us’. They weren’t as impressed as proper nerds might have been, but Rose semi-got it. Anyway, there was some cheesecake left over at the end, so I was forced to finish it with Jim, who had been pining for it since the beginning. It was such an ordeal.
A delicious ordeal.
Then Alfie came in and started being himself (a twat) and talking about the sexism he faced in Textiles. When he left the room, Rose boldly declared “I don’t fucking care about Lent, Alfie is a cunt.” – Or words to that effect.
Bang goes that idea.
I then had Drama rehearsals but Lindsay wasn’t in a Drama mood, so we soon gave up. However, I did get to ask Molly exactly why I wasn’t invited to her birthday party, but Alfie was. The excuse was not nearly good enough: She could only invite 25 people, and even though two of them couldn’t go, she didn’t feel that she could replace them. I later said that I didn’t actually want to go, I just wanted to know that I was invited. She invited me. So ha.
In German Mr Heath went off to deal with people who were behind, leaving the cleverer peoples with the German assistant and little to do. Since Yasemin wasn’t there, Rosie sat next to me, and we talked about things like whether I’d rather spend my life with Nathan Jest or Alfie. I said at least Alfie might show some passion in the bedroom, if it came to that. She also asked me which man I could probably have a loving relationship with apart from Ned, and although I couldn’t think of anyone at the time, I think Alex Hitter might be a good candidate.
In English we were congratulated for performing well for Mr Hirst and got to do colouring in.

A good day. I got home and did lots of marking out for the side panels which I cut out today (Saturday, this will post after midnight).

Today I also completed Deadly Creatures, which was really awesome. It actually gets pretty darn hard in the later levels, and the last bosses for both the tarantula and scorpion are epic and awesome. Some people really hate the ending, but I thought it was actually really nice, breaking into a stylised FMV as the run-down gas station explodes in a fireball, then a pause. After what seems like some time, two shapes emerge from the flames, and the tarantuala and scorpion face each other down and hiss, before heading off in their different directions as George Struggs’s belt buckle falls from the sky. The credits roll in white over black with no sound except the burning gas station and later on the arrival of the emergency services. They’d better make a damned sequel.
Just a few more things to add: Why can’t I navigate the menus with the analog stick? Why must I use the D-pad? And why are rats so overpowered when fighting the scorpion, but not when fighting the tarantula? And why is there no bloody advertising for this game? This is exactly the sort of thing that people need to know about.

Whereas MadWorld? MadWorld sells itself:

The rap soundtrack really keeps surprising me; on paper it sounds loathsome, but coupled with gameplay it just works really well, plus it’s not really like most popular rap out there today: it’s far better. With the over-the-top gore, hilarious commentary and great music, this looks like one of those games that’s almost as fun to watch as to play. Roll on March 20th.

Dude, this has to be one of my physically longest blogs ever. I can’t be bothered to measure the length, personally.

Oh, wait! On Friday morning I listened to the whole of OK Go, which I keep on trying to listen to but failing. It’s not that bad, really.
I can’t remember whether I’ve yet mentioned that I’ve been listening to Relics of the Chozo (apparently I haven’t) but it’s really awesome. It’s a ReMix album of the Super Metroid soundtrack, which I never really appreciated until I listened to this. Good ol’ Kenji Yamamoto. One of the best things about this album is that around 70% of the tracks are by Protricity, who has a brilliant skill in really enhancing tunes without making them sound utterly different from the original or falling back into dance beats. In fact, this album is really just a very good arrangement album for the tunes, which I don’t mind at all. Here is a sample.




  1. Max said,

    It’s nice to see your boat taking a proper ‘boat shape. Well done. 😉

  2. Max said,

    *’boat’ — I know you’d rant at me about not closing the quotation marks.

  3. joethearachnid said,

    Thanks for that. I’m not very grammar tolerant, am I?

  4. Chris said,

    No, no you are not. I wasn’t having my toe nail yanked out… that was the day before… I just didn’t feel like hobbling around school in shoes that make me want to weep…. via the pain….
    Also, I did somewhat smirk at your, “All your base are belong to us” comment…. that only comes around once in a lifetime…..
    But Ben, surely eventually you would want that game which I forgot that name of somehow…. Deadly Creatures… Surely you would want a definitive ending instead of it just going, “The end…. or is it?” all the time… I mean, a sequel would probably be quite cool…. but, I dunno, different characters?

  5. joethearachnid said,

    Ah but ye see Chris, if there was a definitive ending then a sequel probably wouldn’t have so much source material already there. I’m far less picky about game endings than book endings. The discussed a sequel on a podcast once… they said sharks might be fun, but I’d also like to keep the scorpion and tarantula, since I’ve rather grown attatched to them.

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