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Monday, March 9 2009 at 00:32 (Daily Life, Rants, Reviews, Writing)

I’m sorry – It happened again. I spent three days straight watching anime.

Not good.

Anyway, because of that it’s now nearly midnight on Sunday evening, so I’ll try to make this quick-ish.
My week was pretty average. I can’t actually remember much of it except certain things like my Drama technical run-through, in which Lindsay screwed up about six different lines and cues. I’d like to run her through with something rusty.
Ho yeah! I also had a Maths retake that day. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t really that good either – I’d forgotten how much I hate surds. I hope I did better than last time, but considering that I got a narrow A* last time… Actually, come to think of it, I probably had the highest previous exam mark in that whole exam room. Freaky.
I seem to remember Friday fairly well, but even then I can’t think of much beyond me sitting next to Chris in Physics and us singing the Transformers rap, while completely missing what Miss Fletcher was talking about. Good times.

So, getting to the main point, as I do try to do, on Thursday evening I finally gave into Chris’s incessant proclamations of brilliance and watched the first three episodes of ‘Bleach’.
They were pretty good. The next day I talked to Chris about it, and he said that he’d bring in the season 1 DVD set on Friday so I could watch it over the weekend. The problem with that is… well… I’ve kinda already watched up to episode 63. There’s a good reason for that – episode 63 is the first episode to actually give any kind of closure at all, since all of the others just seem to roll into one another. That is, except for the occasional random filler episode that stops the action like a brick wall made out of shuriken and lightning.
For those who don’t know, Bleach is about this ’15’ year old boy (who is eight feet tall and knows every single martial art known to man, not to mention sword fighting) who meets a Soul Reaper girl and things go tits up and he is given her powers and yadidah, yadidah. Sometimes I took it seriously, but then I remembered that the main character is holding an eight-foot long anime sword and I just burst out laughing. Chris told me sincerely that this was different from most anime, but I can’t say I’m convinced. There are still people screaming and gaining unimaginable amounts of power, there are still three episodes for some battles (One for the bit in the beginning where everyone powers up in a totally over-the-top way and soliloquizes about how they must win, then the actual battle with all of the snarky remarks and shouting and unimaginable amounts of power, then there’s the third episode where one person is near defeat, but then they have another bloody hour-long soliloquy mid-battle, then they discover/remember further unimaginable power, more shouting, and then, and ONLY then, can one person ‘win’.), there are still anime haircuts all over the place, and I am yet to see one girl who does not either have enormous breasts or a miniskirt – or both. Even the damn cats are actually hot girls! Sheesh.
Let’s just say that I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Oh, and the music is awesome.  I love it when the scratchy sound/music thing comes on, and you know something awesome is going to happen. And the cherry on the top? Mr Hat-and-Clogs/Kisuke Urahara – Best Character Ever.

I have actually been doing quite a bunch of work on my boat, but shamefully I don’t have any pictures to show for it. Actually, I think I have a few I could upload, but I’m tired. It imes actually nearly finished now. Nearly.

Now for something poetical.

My life is – Sitting on a swing in an empty park singing along to ‘Still Alive’.
My life is – Locking myself in my bedroom with a cup of tea and eight chocolate biscuits.
My life is – Writing blogs at twenty-five minutes past midnight.

I’m-a gonna Zanpakutō you up, bitches.
(Yeah, I had to look up the spelling for that one…)


1 Comment

  1. Chris said,

    But what other anime have cats which are actually busty females that are always naked when changing between forms.
    I meant it is different in by it doesn’t have robots….. GIANT Robots…..
    Also, from the ones I have watched not many of them actually have swords….
    I thunk it awesome…. (thunk is an actual word???)

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