Koibitotachi Wa Kakurega O Sagasu No

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An alternative title could be ‘I can haz MadWorld?’.
In fact, no, probably the best title would be ‘Two more reasons why Japan kicks all amounts of arse.’ – Don’t worry Max, I won’t be mentioning anime. Perhaps briefly.

It’s been a looooooooong week. Or has it? In some ways it seems quite short.
Let’s start, as they say in The Sound of Music, at the very beginning (a very good place to start).
Monday was the first of the two days of practical Drama exams. I wasn’t actually performing, so I can’t remember much, so I’m not going to write about it. On Monday evening, however, I did do something exceptionally radical and dangerous – I downloaded a J-Pop album.
I’d heard this song on the opening of a certain programme that I won’t mention, but probably all of you will understand… Anyway, I’d then downloaded this song and had listened to it so many times that I felt compelled to get some other songs by that artist, so I torrented ‘Can’t Buy My Love’ by YUI, a female Japanese singer who plays a Fender. What’s not to love?
On Tuesday I listened to YUI on the bus, and it was actually very good. It’s surprisingly easy to listen to, and some even have catchy lyrics, which is pretty good considering that I don’t speak Japanese. By the way, the title is from the song ‘Rolling Star’, and it means ‘Lovers search for hidden places’, apparently. Max decided that in fact the whole album was just reciting Main Kampf in Japanese, but who knows…
Also on Tuesday I had my final Drama exam. I think I might have got the better day for the exam (everyone doing it gets the day off to watch all the other groups perform) since I think the pieces we had to watch were marginally better than Monday. First off, we had a fairly heart-rending performance of Hard To Swallow, starring Sarah G and Peter Hicks which was pretty good, then we had Too Much Punch for Judy, which was a bit repetitive and dull (mainly due to having Alfie in it) and I didn’t think it was that good anyway. After that came Shakers, with Rosie B and the crew. That was really something. The acting was fantastic, the choreography was brilliant and everything just worked really well. This wasn’t like some of the pieces where the main merit comes from the script itself; this play went above and beyond the call of duty, delivering an outstanding performance.
And guess who had to follow that? You guessed it. Our group’s piece went quite well I felt, with Lindsay only missing one or two superfluous lines and nobody missing any lighting cues. At the end the main feedback that I got was ‘Your Scottish accent is unbelievably sexy’ and ‘Your rapist character was far too believable for its own good’. I guess that shows something about my skillez. After us was Teechers, which I was expecting to be brilliant due to having some of the best actors in the school and a great script, but it actually fell short of my expectations I think just because it had to be cut down so much due to the time constraints, leaving not much of a story to follow, just random interconnected scenes.
After lunch we had Bouncers, which was probably second best next to Shakers. All of the everything was awesome. I don’t know what more I can say. The acting was great, and the actors each really suited their roles. Bootiful.

On Wednesday… not much happened. We’ve moved onto finishing written work in DT now, but because I no longer have Drama rehearsals, I can help Chris or Max most lunchtimes.

Thursday wasn’t a good day. I spent all double Spanish trying not to chew my own brain out of my skull, due to tiredness and boredom, and even though Drama had some great cake and chocolate tartness, we were watching our performances from earlier in the week. Most of them couldn’t really keep my interest, not because they were bad but just because on bad-quality tape the performances don’t have nearly the same impact. I also had to watch myself act, which was horrible. That afternoon I spent lunchtime trying to sleep and then I spent Maths moping and being dire before a fantastic practice listening paper in German to top it off.

Today (technically yesterday), Friday, was far superior to its predecessor, although mostly for no-good reasons. I’ve had a sore throat all day and my lessons haven’t been that interesting, but for the most part I’ve been much jollier than I was yesterday. When I got home I did some more work on my kayak, re-shaping the tops of the bulkheads to fit the top panel and then sanding and putting the final coat of paint onto the hull. However, when my mother got home, things took a turn for the bloody:

Bzzzzzzzt crunch splatter. Mmmm.

Bzzzzzzzt crunch splatter. Mmmm.

My mum gave it to me gingerly, saying things like ‘I’m not sure whether you should really be playing things like this’ and ‘I’m not sure what your father will think of it’. In fact, when my dad first saw it he was very impressed by the stylised comic-book graphics, at least until I chainsawed a guy in half in front of him. He then made me go and play the game in my bedroom.
Before I get into the actual gameage, I just want to point out something odd. It might be a glitch with EU version or summat, but when my Wii is set to 4:3 , the game displays in 16:9 and when the Wii is 16:9, the game is 4:3. It’s  just odd, and it’s going to be annoying to have to change the aspect ratio every time I want to play this game, but by no means a deal breaker.
Anyway, onto gameplay. I’d like to mention that when I chainsawed a guy in half in front of my dad, that was the first guy I killed in this game. I knew that the chainsaw was mapped to B-trigger and then a gesture, so that’s what I did. The point of this being to emphasise how tight and intuitive the controls are, and just how easy it is to murder people. My favourite hand-to-hand tactic, which I’ve now almost perfected, is to beat up an enemy a few times with the A (punch) button, then uppercut them with the Wiimote before jumping under their body as it flies through the air with your chainsaw, impaling the body and tearing it in half. Instant Epic Win.
The music is great, the storyline is actually pretty deep and compelling, and the boss battles, while hard, are very awesome. The dialog is really good as well. At one point, the hero Jack goes to investigate some gunshots and finds a civilian surrounded by thugs who are going to beat the stuffing out of him. At first they think he’s a private practice doctor, but then they see his ID, which shows that he works in a public hospital. Jack comes up behind the thugs and asks them why they want him to be private practice. They are surprised, but say that then he’d be worth more points and that they hate the way the doctors take their money. Jack replies ‘Funny. I’ve always been a big supporter of free healthcare.’ Cue chainsaw.

Well, anyway. Buy that game.

Me in my kayak in the water for a test run.

Me in my kayak in the water for a test run.

So as you can see above, I finally put my kayak into the water briefly, and without the top on to check for leaks, stability and such. Whilst I didn’t find any leaks (a bit of water did get in, but I think it came over the stern when I got in) I did find that the boat is VERY unstable. As in, VERY. You see me holding onto the side of the pond in that picture? If I let go, the boat would probably turn over. Hopefully the stability will be manageable one I’m holding a nice, long oar to balance myself and I’m actually going forwards, but we’ll see. Again, the colour on the hull is not final, as this was only the first coat of paint. The blue is now much darker and more uniform.
If you’re sick of boat photos, please tell me. Nobody’s complained yet, so I’ll keep postin’ ’em.

I’ve added a new ‘projects’ category, which I’ll put all of the kayak entries in to and maybe some other stuff later on, like Flash stuff…

Right. I’ll be getting up early tomorrow/today to play MadWorld…



  1. Chris said,

    I’m surprised you got Mad World to say the box art is pretty much the 18 certificate…
    When I did quickly scan down and saw your boat…. i was wondering why there was no top… all explained…. yeah, it all looks cool… and the shizzle

  2. Max said,

    Oooh, so your mother did get it for you. Good show. Also, from seeing the cover of the game, I told you that the chainsaw had moar blood on it.

    Good work on your boat. I admire your dedication and hard work; how you completed it all at home.

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