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Tuesday, March 31 2009 at 23:30 (Daily Life, Music, Pictures, Projects, Rants, Reviews) (, , , )

Muchly great amounts of stuff to write about. So much so that I can’t remember most of it, but I shall do my best, and try to remember all of the things that make me think ‘I must blog about this’ as I do them. I really am just that sad.

Well broadly I spent the weekend before last playing MadWorld, which I’ve now completed. The ending sequence was really awesome, and all of the story aspects came together nicely. And since I’m a repetitive little bastard, I’m going to describe the ending in blow-by-blow detail, much like I did with Deadly Creatures:
So Jack is alone on the top of a building with this guy (you don’t need to know who he is), and Jack has just realised that this guy was in fact the main organiser behind this whole iteration of the Deathwatch games, even though the he is actually trying to pretend that he just saved Jack’s life. So Jack lashes out with his chainsaw, cutting this guy’s side up a bit, causing him to scream out and stumble. There’s some questions asked, but Jack slowly edges the him to the edge of this rooftop, grimacing at the man’s last, desperate plea for help. “I don’t help people -” Jack says, stabbing him through the chest with his chainsaw, before kicking his body over the edge.
Longest pause ever. Body hits the ground.
“I kill them.”

Sure, I could post a video of the ending, but where’s the fun in that?

On Monday I got a bit of a lie-in, because I didn’t have to catch the bus, and that was because I was taking in my (finally finished) kayak that morning. That was the other thing that I accomplished over the weekend, I had to nail the top onto my kayak and add some other finishing touches. Here it is:

The finished boat from the top, complete with paddle which I fully intend to hold in anime style at some point during the testing of the boat.

The finished boat from the top, complete with paddle which I fully intend to hold in anime style at some point during the testing of the boat.

Hull view. Shiny...

Hull view. Shiny...

And after this, maybe some photos of the testing, then no more boat photos, probably ever. Howd’ya feel ’bout that, then?
Anyway, most people seemed to be impressed with the boat, but apart from that it was a pretty regular day.

On Tuesday we had a round of Maths Module 5 mock exams, lasting two and a half hours in total, with break in between. I hastily revised on the bus and jumped into the exam with a mildly positive attitude, which I think kinda payed off. I found the first paper we did (non-calculator) quite interesting and fun to do (please don’t throw things) and I found the last few questions on the paper, which I never normally even understand, quite easy (really, stop with the throwing of things). The second paper I found a bit trickier, with more things that I didn’t understand, but it was still alright, as papers go. In the afternoon we had English followed by Maths, in which we were forced to mark some of our own papers, which is a loathsome task. It is, for instance, not nice to discover that you believed 100-9 to be 81.

I hope that Wednesday was boring. I hope it was, ’cause I can’t remember it. Damn. I’ve just realised that that was the day on which Wii firmware 4.0 launched. Whoop. I now actually have a use for my SD card slot now other than for homebrew, which I have also been experimenting with heavily, including an application which gives brilliant playback of more video and audio formats than I think I’ve ever seen on one single player. I’ve been experimenting with it to watch Bleach episodes on my television – More on that later. That evening, however, I was using the system to watch Citizen Kane, just for the hell of it.

Thursday was, as always, a bit shit. I had to get up early to finish some Spanish coursework (which I was later told wasn’t good enough anyway), so I was exhausted when I got to school, and the day just went down from there. Spanish was utterly boring, as was Drama (although I did get my coursework marks – 109/120 – Please don’t throw any really heavy objects), and Maths and German were miserable. I tried to save a seat for Max in Maths, but then found out that actually he wasn’t there.
I was glad when it was Friday, because it meant that the week was over. Yeesh.

I spent Saturday Torrenting various things, including another YUI album, and experimenting with homebrew. Funnily enough, just as I was encountering a problem with video playback, I looked on the internets and somehow, exactly the update I needed had been made available that day exactly. Which is kinda awesome.
On Sunday I did a lot more lazing and torrenting until about 6pm, when I suddenly had to jump up, get a ton of stuffage together and hop on a train down to London, or rather two trains and a bus, since there was engineering work on. After a relatively stress-free journey and a short journey on the tubes, I arrived at the rather menial flat that my grandparents own in Hampstead. This is the sort of place that has Drawers of priceless silver teaspoons, but none for stirring tea with, or several priceless tables or shelves but no coasters. I don’t really like it there, but I needed to sleep, so I did.
The next day, I got to sleep until a vastly unfair nine o’clock, when I finally yawned out of bed, brushed my teeth and set off for Imperial College University, where I was to have my Arkwright scholarship interview. Upon arriving at the campus, I immediately noticed a fair amount of other people my age, clearly also here for the interviews. Many of them were public schoolboys in blazers, so I did feel a little out of place. After an initial speech by some of the Arkwright people and a university lecturer, we had a tour of the impressive campus and then an equally impressive lunch, after which we were divided into teams of six to do an activity whilst each team was taken to do its interview. Of the 29 people present, my group contained all three of the girls, one boy who looked alright and another public schoolboy called Edmund Eustace. No joke. Anyway, we had to build these weird inflatable structures out of virtually infinite amounts of polythene and parcel tape, so we ended up opting for a double-skinned design which would give a rigid structure without having to fill so much space with air. Near the end, our group was taken for the interviews, so I got my bag full of stuff and took it to a series of scary-looking meeting rooms.
In the end, the world didn’t end and the interview actually went okay. The two people seemed impressed with my boat, my knowledge and my determination, but I won’t actually know whether I got a scholarship until the summer, so we’ll see. After the interview, our team (called l’Arkwright Possé – a Frenched version of my suggestion) tested out our inflatable house thing, which worked awesomely. I filled in a feedback form, said goodbye and then went to stare at some things in the Science Museum for a bit, after some cake and a large cup of tea. The train back was largely uneventful, and I arrived just in time to see Heroes, which was pretty good, I felt.

Today… PE was alright, despite our court being usurped in badminton and persons getting horrifically injured, with much blood and explosions, then only about half the group was present in Biology, so we watched a few videos and then talked for a bit. English was a boring cover lesson and in Maths I explained some parts of the papers we did to Max, who was absent on Thursday and Friday.

Phew… I’ve got to write blogs more often. Oh wait! There’s more.

So I’ve finally got onto the Captain Amagai gaiden arc in Bleach, which I actually quite like when it has Amagai, but it’s a bit boring on the Ichigo side of things. It’s only a one-series thing, so hopefully I’ll be back to owning Arrancar in no time.

I also watched the first Bleach movie today, one of the things that I was torrenting. It was actually pretty awesome quality when i played it through mah Wii, and in terms of content it was very good, considering that it’s a movie based off of popular anime. Better than all those frickin’ Pokémon films, anyway. But anyway, yeah, the plot was good, and the production values are much higher than the regular anime, making for some spectacular shots of stuff. I did have a nerdgasm when Byakuya came in to save Rukia, though.
It did almost do the horrible anime film thing of ‘we don’t really know where this fits into the storyline, so we’ll just make it so everyone forgets everything at the end, so it doesn’t have to link into to running story,’ but they did a bit on the bridge with the ribbon, and that somehow made it all better.

Music-wise, I’ve been listening to some of the MadWorld soundtrack, which is quite awesome, because even though it sounds like regular rap when listened to vaguely, when you pay attention to the lyrics the words are definitely about video games, which I just find to be awesome. The other YUI album which I got was ‘From Me to You’. It’s not quite as easy listening as the other album, but I’m sure I’ll get into it.

I wish I could have some kind of awesome comic strip to match Chris’s, but unfortunately, I have no such drawing skillez. Oh well.



  1. Chris said,

    I don’t have drawing skills… either.
    The bleach film sort of confused me… unfortunately, toward the end it did what all Action, Fantasy, Adventure anime films do, forget the plot and just fill it with cool Endorphins producing violence. I didn’t get the ribbon thing at the end… She walked past at the end… but that made me think, “how long did it take her to get reborn?”. I also don’t want Filler arc spoilers… and I wont spoil anthing for you… unless I have the giant spoiler alert that I used recently….
    Uh… I also found it funny, how going to your engineering interview, there was a problem due to engineering …. just me?
    I would throw a high density mouse at you in which every gram weighs 20,000 tonnes (yeah, it will never end) but… I’m tired… I’m gonna go bed…

  2. Chris said,

    Oh, Ben, you need to change your blog’s time settings… it is still in GMT… you want GMT + 1 aka BST… but it isn’t down as that…. (General setting I believe)

  3. joethearachnid said,

    Thanks for the heads-up. It is now changed to UTC+1. I assume that you knew it was wrong because I commented at you about half past midnight blogging?

  4. Chris said,

    Yeah, but it still seems wrong… my comment at 01:18am still says 00:18am… not to mention that your blog is still 23:30… which is odd….

  5. Chris said,

    however, that comment turned out fine… must change from now on… or something

  6. joethearachnid said,

    Well, obviously it wouldn’t change all the past posts to BST if they were posted while it still thought it was GMT, now would it?

  7. Max said,

    I’m glad your interview went well.

    Your boat is lookin’ good. I believe you heard, I’m finishing my project after half term. Anyway, if anybody asks about your post I can say, “Well, I’ve sat it it. Suck on that.” I am the only person other than you and your family to sit in it, arn’t I?

    Oh yes, and you forgot to mention that you broke your lent by interupting the whole Biology class, which I’ll admit wasn’t very many, to hug Ned.


  8. Chris said,

    I think Rhys has sat in it Max… so that privlege is gone….

  9. Max said,

    Oh yes, and stop bitching on my blog. You seem to bitch about everything I do, whether it be my trying GTA4, because I haven’t actually owned a GTA game before, or just bitching in general. And your comment on Lauren doesn’t know what she was saying was just rude.

    Like in Soviet Russia, all comments against the state, or in this case, my blog will cease to exist.

  10. Why, Oh Why? « I,Blog said,

    […] got a letter a few days ago saying that I was deemed acceptable by my interviewers to receive an Arkwright scholarship award. I don’t get my £250 until the awards ceremony at the end of October, but I might get a new […]

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