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For which this is needed:

A poem to celebrate/illustrate the occasion.

Where is my brother?
Is he near?
He’s gone away to India,
Have no fear.

Now my things will not go missing,
The bathroom will not smell of pissing,
I can eat all the ice-cream I like
And no-one will end up stealing my bike.

My brother is in India,
For two months he’s away.
I hope he never comes back;
He’ll just call me a gay.

A bit shaky, I know, but considering that I wrote it in ten minutes, it ain’t bad.

So, after that fairly self-explanatory section, I’ll move onto other events since last time.
Ah-hem. Umm. Hmm. What happened on Wednesday? Regular, dull and lonely Chemistry, practice exam papers in DT, which we’re working on for the first time ever – I’m still trying nail the exam technique, after which I know most of the details, and more dullness in RS, plus getting guilt-tripped for not doing an RS practice exam. I’m a bit cheesed, cuz I had an strenuous interview, so I thought it was a valid excuse. All the questions on the papers are the same anyway, just phrased slightly differently and in a different order.

Oh geez. Thursday was a bit shit. But then, when is it not? I still hadn’t done the stupid-arse bit of coursework for Spanish, mainly out of laziness I’ll admit, but also because my alarm clock has run out of batteries and tends to lose time by oh, only three to six hours, meaning that if I want to get up early and finish some coursework, it’s a bit of a hit-and-miss situation. So broadly Spanish was a bit dull, consisting of working on speaking test stuff and doodling, but we got to watch the Blues Brothers with the Spanish dub in the second half of the lesson, which worked surprisingly well. We did have the English subtitles to go by as well, though…
I spent Drama being assaulted by nine different people asking me if I:
a) Was gay
b) Was bisexual
c) Would be their gay/bisexual buddy.
How did you score? a) I don’t know. b) I don’t know. c) Go and fuck yourself, Alfie.
This discussion persisted through lunchtime as well, prompting a heated discussion, which I wasn’t even involved in.
In the afternoon, I think I sat next to Max in Maths, and then we did more practice papers with baldy Heath in German.

Friday… was a sad day. Perhaps.
In Maths we did some revision and crack, so no real change from normal, and in English we (thankfully) didn’t have  a timed essay, so we did some lame Sylvia Plath-based poetry revision instead. As well as that, I got back a few essays I’d worked on, including last week’s timed essay and a pretentious crap analyse/review/comment about life in the 21st century. I got an A in the former, and an A* in the latter, despite the fact that I talked about ‘the shadow of an impending financial implosion’. What balls.
Physics was decent since we were studying logic gates for the first half of the lesson, which are all binary and shizzle, so easy for someone like me to understand. However, Miss Fletcher wasn’t there and neither were Max or Chris, so I was just as lonely as I am in Chemistry… In the second half of the lesson we watched Trigger Happy TV, which I kinda like in short bursts, but since this was the ‘best of series 1 collection’, I found it hard to stand an hour and a half of mildly amusing slapstick, especially when the same jokes get used about eight times. Most people wanted to watch Futurama, but Cleo, in all her wisdom, decided that THTV was a better choice.
When lunchtime began, I had to go off to the RS rooms, where we were being forced to do revision sessions with the year 10 group. In fact, out of our whole year 11 group, only Bethany, Alison, Eliza and I showed up, so we had to face off against the year 1os on our own. We whooped their butts, obviously, and then I went to the Maths block with Eliza, who randomly decided to link arms with me as we walked down the corridor. God knows what she’d been drinking/inhaling/injecting, but somehow I found myself in the middle of a Cake Friday ‘Friday Feast’™, which is where everyone in the cake group brings in food when they reach the end of the rota for massive cakeitude. Since I’m not actually part of this group, I wasn’t expecting anything, but I got thrown a few scraps as time went by, including some weird vegan cakes and some Pringles-except-they’re-not-in-a-tube Pringles. After lunch We had German, in which I had to sit with Naomi on one side and Lauren on another. Naomi just bitched about everything, and kept putting on ‘lip butter’, whatever the hell that is. It was called ‘Chilli Pepper’ flavour, or something, so I asked her whether it tasted spicy. She said no, it didn’t taste of anything. I asked her whether is smelled spicy, but she said no, it didn’t smell of anything either. I asked her exactly why this was better than unscented and untasted lip stuff, but she declined comment.
Stupid tart…
In English we did ‘Sell that poem’, in which we get into groups and pick a poem that we like, and then write about exactly how awesome it is. I did ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost, which nobody else seems to like, and I wrote about how the epic battle between one man and a life-changing decision was depicted in masterful verse, incorporating a stunning extended metaphor and a flawless rhythm and rhyme scheme. Of course, everyone ignored my genius and picked a group whose pathetic prose wasn’t even worthy of clipping my entry’s toenails, but I guess I’m doomed to be ridiculed until I die, and my brilliance is realised.

I felt a bit sad on the bus home, as I would not see anybody for two weeks, but I felt alright when I got home and had a cup of tea.

On Saturday I went down to our boat with my dad, ’cause he wanted me to service the winches on our boat. This involves taking the winch apart, putting each of the bits in paraffin, cleaning them, drying them, re-greasing them and then re-assembling the whole thing. Sounds easy, but the things are a pain to take apart since they’re full of tiny springs, the paraffin has apparently caused an allergic reaction on my hands (lots of lovely red spots – like a hundred nettle stings on each hand, and twice as itchy), each of the bits have to be cleaned with a toothbrush, including in all the teeth of the cogs, the drying takes some time, and the grease is almost as bad as the paraffin. It wasn’t much fun, and I’ve still got two more winches to do at some point…

Today, Sunday, I didn’t do much. I said goodbye to my brother before he drove off, then ate half a tub of ice-cream, went for a walk, came back, had a bath, wrote a blog, etcetera.

So I’ve finally caught up with Bleach! There was some Hueco Mundo, then filler, then more Hueco Mundo, then the Turn back the Pendulum gaiden, which just kicked all amounts of arse. It had almost infinite amounts of Urahara, Yoruichi and (soon-to-be) Vizards, as well as a ton of new infos about Aizen and Urahara’s exile. It was really quite nice to get away from Ichigo for a bit and still not have Don Kenoji involved, but in the end it was all too short. I think that in fact there needs to be a sub-manga all about Urahara. OMGZ! There was also young Byakuya, as well as a load of other younger versions of people. It was all too awesome to take in, but then… For the last episode I get to, we go back to Don Kenoji filler. Genuinely funny Don Kenoji filler, but filler all the same. I wanna see the Vizards and the captains fight the Espada, dammit! And I wanna see an Ukitake fight properly… Not to mention I wanna see Urahara fight Aizen, but i don’t think that’s really going to happen. Oh, and Tessai was actually the Kidou master? Awesome! In one bit of filler, he did way of binding 99 on Kon for no reason, and I lolled pretty hard…

Since I’ve run out of a constant stream of Bleach, I’ve started watching Fullmetal Alchemist, which is also very good. It’s a bit darker than Bleach, and not quite as steampunk as I’d hoped, but it’s clever and the story and characters are engrossing. My only worry is that it only lasts for 51 episodes and a movie, and I’m already on episode 15… Maybe after this I’ll have to watch… umm…
What, Chris? What should I watch?

My mother has bought herself a new £1100+ 13 inch Macbook, which I think is incredibly unfair, considering that she whines when I ask for a Wii game that costs £30 and she throwsa fit. It is quite a nice machine, however, and it’s spurred me into looking at getting myself a new laptop. My current funds are about £950, and I think I’ve found a good model at around the £800 mark, so I should be okay, as long as I can persuade my mother to actually buy the damn thing. I wish I had a debit account.

Music-wise, I’ve been listening to my new YUI album a fair amount, and since the music in Bleach seems to have got good again, I’ve downloaded a few more of the theme songs. The first ending for the tenth series is ‘Hitohira no Hanabira‘ by StereoPony, which I think is really good. I found out that in fact this band only have two singles out at the moment and no album, but they are apparently doing a collab with YUI, which will be used in Bleach! How awesome is that? It’s like all my favourite Japanese things grouped together. I hope it’s the opening theme for the eleventh series.

I’ve been reading ‘Knife Edge’ by Malorie Blackman. It’s not as good as Noughts and Crosses and it’s a little boring, but I’ll try and reach the end of it before I go to Germany.

And… that’s it. I’ll be going to Germany on the eighth, so if there’s no entry before then, I’ll be away for a bit.

I’m never sure what’s the best way to finish blogs.
Scroll up to the top, read the poem again and then comment about it.
Holy cow! 1800 words!



  1. Max said,

    You know, it’s nice to hear that you were trying to save a seat for me anyway in maths. All in all, it’s not Tanita’s fault, more Ollie’s.

    Also, as I said before, I bet if anything actually happened to your brother in India you would feel bad for wishing death upon him.

    Your mother’s MacBook sounds good, you should really nag your parents so they finally get you a new laptop so you can play games for propa, like, innit.

    Also, about your comment on my blag; fair enough. I over reacted, and no more will I edit comments, in all fairness, I only did that to two. And I guess it’s true what you say people talking differently online, I mean, I probably have more confidence to say what I’m actually thinking online.

    You should go on Steam before you leave too.

  2. joethearachnid said,

    I’ll try to barge onto Steam if I can get around to it.
    And, also in all fairness, you only have about seven posts to comment on, and both of the edited comments were mine…
    I don’t really mind that much, it’s just that I can be a real bitch at 3:30 in the morning.

  3. Max said,

    Ya, at that time we can all be a real bitch, you just seem to take it out on my blog entries. You know what the solution is? Get that laptop so you won’t be bitching on my blog and you’ll be playing awesome games.

    See you on Steam too.

    PS: Thanks for the anime warnings.

  4. Chris Smedley said,

    Doesn’t your mum in SOME way work for Microsoft? THE IRONY (if that is true).
    Sorry about the late post… Opera sucks…. in terms of RSS Feeds, bookmarks, spellchecks…..
    The poem… was quite good…. Dragged on a bit…
    Terms of bleach
    Shame Byakuya as a child is a complete dick… I’d expect… that as the story progresses…. we will get more turn back the time Gaiden….
    So what was I saying? OH, yeah….

    • joethearachnid said,

      I think this picture sums up child Byakuya in a nutshell:

      • Chris said,

        HOLY SHITS!!!!!!
        (Not Gay)
        In the Manga he wasn’t as…. cute… so to speak…

      • Chris said,

        Also, lol at the boobs

  5. milly said,

    i like the trademark on the cake friday ‘friday feast’.

    • joethearachnid said,

      I wasn’t sure whether to put a copyright thing next to to ‘Cake Friday’ as well, but I thought that Eliza would dispute who was the majority stockholder of Cake Friday Ltd., and therefore who owned the rights to the name. I thought it would be easier without.

      Also, everybody note the shiny new ‘reply’ buttons…

      • Chris said,

        I’d noted them a while back o.o

  6. Chris said,

    Oh, something I also decided upon… way to copy me

  7. Chris said,

    Also Also, a good anime to watch, would be Disgaea….

  8. joethearachnid said,

    This must be my most popular post evar…

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