A (Very) Brief Update

Tuesday, April 21 2009 at 22:34 (Daily Life, Pictures, Rants, Reviews) (, )

Just to post a few things that I want to talk about.


Awesome. Auf ein Stick.

Awesome. Auf ein Stick.


Today back at school was pretty good, if a bit tiring. It was nice to catch up with people, but a combination of doing rounders (NOT badminton) in PE and then helping Chris with his DT at lunchtime and THEN coming home and playing badminton with my mum mean that I’m pretty tired. Lent is finally over, so Ned is running away from me. Poor bastard…
Well, everyone seems to have survived the holiday, apart from Chris Adlem – no big loss.

I’ve got to do some RS next. I was going to cheap out and get the mark scheme off t’internets, but it seems that Miss Lambert may have cottoned onto that, ’cause there aren’t the pages with the date on the front of these ones, but having looked through them, they seem pretty piss-easy. Seriously, ‘Which of Ten Commandments protects human life?’ – I think even most solid atheists know that one.

I watched the first three episodes of the FMA remake, and the verdict is… meh. The first episode was actually quite awesome because it was original story, but then it all went weird, and seems to follow the manga more than the previous version, which is fine in of itself, but… I don’t know. I’m just not feeling that vibe of brilliance that was there before, an indication that this was more than just mere anime. Plus, they changed a bunch of the voices, including Mustang’s. Unforgivable.
I might keep watching it, but then again, I could just read the manga. One of the main things that annoyed me was how rushed the whole intro was – previously showing how they learned rudimentary alchemy with their mother, then her death, the resulting grief, the conviction, the training… It was all packed into one episode, rather than the eight it deserved. They also ruined a lot of the plot points straight off the bat, so anyone new to the series won’t even get that.
Plus, they showed more of the ‘revived’ mother, ie whole seconds of footage, not just flashes of rotting flesh and glowing eyes. I believe that the latter was far more moody.
Perhaps on its own, I might see it in a better light, but compared to the old series I don’t find it as good. I also don’t like the new art style – looks too much like it was drawn on a computer.

Well, that’s not a whole lot of reading content for Max… Oh well.

Oh wait! I haven’t mentioned Heroes lately. It just went really, really weird for two episodes, what with the Daphne/Matt dream thing and the frozen Nikki who’s not Nikki she’s… um… Tracy! Yeah. that was so weird that i was just laughing, even though it was sad. And Micah IS Rebel. So the speculation was correct after all…
More recently I’m very glad that Hiro and Ando are getting more air time, but I’m not so sure about Sylar siding with Baldy. I mean, Sylar is Ultra-Cool and Bald-man is just a prick. Plus the shapeshifting is just going to make everything much more confusing. However, I did manage to tell when Noah’s wife was his wife and when it was Sylar, but I guess that was quite easy.

Right. That is all.



  1. Chris Smedley said,

    … I thought it was her the entire time… at least the two parts that I remember her in… (the yelling gun pointing scene and the scene where she comes in about divorce).
    FMA:BH (I’m hoping that will catch on) is meant to be of their time whilst they are in the army as well as some more back story of their father and how the homunculus and philosophers stone came into it all.
    Of course the first episode would be just condensed recap… it is meant to be a new series… they wouldn’t spend 8 episodes showing stuff which really, Everyone watching it would’ve seen by now. “ruining the plot”… explain? Most of the stuff in any series that you find out near the beginning is NEVER how it is meant to be… if it was, “Ed gets stabbed now he is in Nazi Germany and so is his brother” well, I would guess, this series never gets to that point…
    Really, it is like most series (Lost for instance) things don’t work out unless you have seen the things before….
    And that were my two pence

  2. joethearachnid said,

    As far as I can tell, FMA: BH is a complete remake of the series that just follows the manga plot instead, ie it is in a ‘parallel world’ from the other series. Which kinda sucks, since I’d much rather have a continuation of the old series. The a difference that I noticed was when Hughes didn’t know the Elrics, so it seems to assume that the episode where they helped his wife through childbirth didn’t happen, and that was during their training. I also just thought that starting in Lior was just much more stylish, with me going ‘WTF?’ until the ‘big reveal’ – see picture. For those new to the series, you don’t get that excite ment cuz it was already in the previous episode(s).
    I don’t know, I’m just not sure yet.

  3. Chris said,

    I think in FMA:BH there will be a lot more, and I mean A LOT more about Honehime (Slave 23). Which seems to be in the manga. So yeah, it seems to be following the Manga a lot more. The manga (unlike a lot of anime and manga) is very different to the original series. I’d say this is quite good (woah, Deja Vu) for… something (forgot what I was getting at before I went to brush mah teef)

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