And So On and So Forth

Sunday, April 26 2009 at 23:20 (Daily Life, Music, Rants) (, )

Actually not a lot to say here. Hm.

In terms of the Daily Breakdown™ of the week, here goes.

Wednesday started out fun because I got to work in a good group in Chemistry, in which we were conducting an experiment to investigate samples of water for hardness, but since there were samples of soft and hard water, and then boiled versions of each of these, everyone ended up shouting about ‘Hard boiled 2’ of ‘Soft boiled 2’, creating a rather eggy atmosphere. Mr Peters, who had said explicitly that since this was our last ever can-do task with him we could plan it ourselves, promptly intervened at almost every opportunity to tell us exactly what we were doing entirely wrong. In the end, our results were labelled ‘conclusive’, which I think was a positive.
In DT we looked at metals, which was almost exclusively boring except for occasionally poking Ned in the crotch and viewing the hilariously outraged reaction.
At lunch time there was an RS revision session for year 11 students, so I promptly went to it. However, the only other person I found there was Eliza, and things seemed set to stay that way, so I ended up answering questions with Eliza for half an hour. Interesting, since Eliza and I are probably the ones in our class least in need of revision sessions, unlike some *cough*Daryl*cough*Callum*cough*.
In RS straight after that, everyone got bollocked and we had a very weird revision lesson involving teaching games, etcetera, etcetera.

Thursday was a bit more interesting since it was the day that most people I knew were having their French speaking exams. I actually spent most of the Spanish lesson testing Emily on her questions, at least until Miss Bentley let us watch He-Man and She-Ra in Spanish for the last twenty minutes.

After a bit of leverage with Mrs Bloxham I managed to get Chris and me out of double Drama so we could go and do DT. We spent half an hour sanding down the surfaces, then we had to find some varnish, then we needed some brushes. We asked Mrs Thompson, and then sat in a cupboard for half an hour until she came back with two very small artsy brushes, which caused me to say that it would take twenty minutes just to varnish the top of the shelf. My estimate was actually pretty accurate, so we finished near the bell before running away from the bastard year tens being twats in their DT lessons. They really aren’t very pleasant.
Maths was mediocre, German was… boring.

Friday was pretty decent, as days go.
In English there was no timed essay, which is always nice, then I got to sit next to Max in Maths, then double Physics was also good because Chris and I worked out the conundrum of logic gate latches in a matter of seconds. Well, not really, but we seemed to be able to plough through it faster than most people.
Lunch was good, even though I had another RS sesh for half of it, this time with the year tens but also with some year elevens other than me. For the half hour remaining I went and sat on the field with Rose, Chloé and Emily, where the conversation somehow turned to Good Charlotte… Anyway, we ended up singing many of their songs, as Emily slowly became more and more bewildered by the emo-ness of it all.
German was nice, cuz I got to sit next to Lauren, so she could test me on my speaking topics, and English was also fairly good, involving writing triplets.

Yesterday I did little except play Everything or Nothing (it still sucks) and revise German for my speaking test next Wednesday. I also played a bit of Zack and Wiki.

Today we went to visit my aunt and uncle, where I was set upon by cousins and dogs for some time before we ate lunch and went for a walk. Back at their house, my aunt (who is Spanish) helped me with my speaking test and pointed out everything that was wrong with what the textbooks say. There is no such word as ‘Medica’, people!
I came home and ate frankfurters.

In terms of music, I’ve been listening to Good Charlotte since Friday lunchtime, and also ‘We Didn’t Start the Flame War’.

By the way, Max has started a community gaming blog, which I might post some gaming things on. My first entry is here, but check the others as well.

Phew, that’s it. There’s no anime section, because… I haven’t been watching any. Oh, the most recent episode of Bleach was okay, but nothing’s really happened yet.



  1. Max said,

    I hate to say I told you so, but I did tell you you’d like ‘We Didn’t Start the Flame War’.

    Also, thanks for the linkage and contribution to the new community. We had some down time yesterday as I messed up the whole thing. I had to do a complete reinstall and forgot about the uploads. This said, you might want to re-upload that image of the menu bar as it was an upload, I’ve done the same to mine. Thank God I fixed the database – I just messed up a load of directory locations.

    By the way, did you get The Orange Box? You really should have, it’s just over £1 for each award winning epic-Valve game.

    I believe that will be all.

  2. Chris said,

    WOOP! ‘We Didn’t Start The Flame War” Apart from having a long name (and it being a song that you would actually TALK about) is awesome! It is ever so true for the internet… and catchy…. also:
    2nd post

    You also forgot to mention that we managed to do Logic Gates and Latches with me starting off not having a freaking CLUE as to what they were ^.^ I learned something for once

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