The End Draws Near…

Friday, May 8 2009 at 22:54 (Daily Life, Rants) (, )

Of compulsory secondary education, that is. I have, after this weekend, just five more ‘proper’ days of school.
I don’t think I’m looking forward to it.
A bunch of great people are leaving, and even though a bunch of bastards are also buggering off, I still feel a bit sad. It’s the end of an era. Plus prom sounds terrifying, and I have a bazillion exams coming up – two of them next week.
However, for now we can ask how my week has been. Go on, ask.

For a cut down week, these past four days have dragged on a bit; On Tuesday I started by becoming extremely sweaty and exhausted in badminton, then there was a smattering of Biology before I had to hurry off to my Spanish speaking, which I knew even less than my German (a feat in of itself). It actually went alright, although my presentation sucked a bit since I had only started learning it that morning and I was using a cue card I’d drawn up in three minutes in Biology. The questions were hit and miss, and the role play was just pissy. I went to the beach with my friend, we went fishing, etc. I burst back into Mr Wheeler’s lesson, where I had little idea of what we were doing, and since no-one else seemed to be working either I chatted to Max, Chloé and Chris for the remainder of the lesson, where I was promptly crucified for my musical ignorance – All just because I heard the opening of one Coldplay song I don’t know very well and thought it might be Muse. You bastards.
That afternoon there was sucky English and Maths.

Wednesday wasn’t too good either. It began with a practice paper in exam conditions in Chemistry, developed into boring-arse lectures on mechanisms in DT and peaked in RS where Callum and I had to act out our weird thing about pilgrimage sans Nico. It sucked.

Yesterday we did practice listening papers in Spanish (fun fun fun) and annoying things in Drama to do with talent shows and trying to squeeze The fucking Blackout into every fucking aspect of everything. I got their album. I listened to it. Five times. They’re shit, GTFO.
Lunchtime was interesting-ish because we spent the whole time deciding who would be what in the army and making allusions to the fact that Eliza has lost her virginity to a South African person called Storm. There, that’s on the internet now.

Today was marginally better than I expected, with not so much work in English and Maths (in which I finally ‘got’ vectors) and a fairly fun Physics lesson, in which I ignored Chris, much to his annoyance. Actually, that was a crap Physics lesson. I just felt miserable.
After that there was a brief revision sesh for RS, then yet another Friday Feast™ in which I managed to beg some cakeage from the overlords. Read about my German lesson here in Nico’s new blog.

So now it’s the endo of the week and I’m exhausted, but I have Spanish with Miss Page tomorrow and Elliot on Sunday. Will I get any time to revise for RS? Unlikely.

Music-wise, I now own everything out on the ether by Stereopony and I’ve been shuffling a lot and listening to to things I normally skip. I’ve also been continuing through Little King’s Story and I’ve been watching Fringe and some One Piece, as well as the obligatory weekly Bleach episode – Which was quite awesome. Kira cut a guy’s head off.

I love balls.
Bouncy balls.



  1. Chris said,

    g00d to know… wow… slightly one finger out on one hand…
    uh… something witty and negative [/comment]

  2. milly said,

    i DO NOT like being referred to as an overlord. it is not nice or good.

    • joethearachnid said,

      At least I didn’t call you Gollum, unlike SOME people. What would you like to be called instead? Guardians of the Confectionery? I quite like that.

  3. Max said,

    Nice short blog thar. You did forget to put anime warnings in, but I’ve been watching enough of it recently as they’re quite a few AMVs by people who I like on YouTube.

    And don’t worry about physics, we all feel miserable as no-one understands the equations in P5, most don’t care either as (I believe) they’re not likely to turn up. Plus, did you really ‘get’ vectors? Both you an Lauren didn’t seem to have a clue what Mrs Bray was on about, they are consfusing, very confusing as they just seem to over complicate things.

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