A Covenant Between Myself and the Internet

Monday, May 11 2009 at 20:12 (Daily Life) (, , )

The title in fact there referencing the fact that whilst the Old Testament of the Bible (written in Hebrew) was a covenant between God and the Jewish people, the New Testament (written in Greek) is a covenant between God and the human race.
I have an RS exam tomorrow, by the way.

So yes, I felt like writing something to put of the revision and inevitable nerves a bit longer.
Saturday was a good day because I had Spanish with Miss Page, and since I’ve finished my Speaking, I can’t be forced to do that any more. Haha! Well, after I few tense minutes when I thought it would just be James, Ellen and myself Emily turned up and then Chloé arrived ten minutes later.
We spent most of the time doing alternative listening/reading papers, then marking them and discussing them, but there was some time for gossiping in between, which mainly consisted of bitching about Miss Bentley. We also looked through the papers in relation to the Chief Examiner’s report, which discusses how well students did in each question, and contains some additional advice for students at the end. A fair bit of it was quite hilarious, like people thinking that they heard ‘beber’ and assuming that someone’s mother has a drinking problem. The questions were also a bit weird, consisting of body image obsession, depression, and some other things that make it sound like the whole population of teenagers are emos. Hm…
Anyway, that was good fun, and I feel a bit more confident about my Spanish written exams now. I even managed to get the best or joint best marks in most of the papers, I think.

I’d scheduled Sunday as a day on which I’d go and see Elliot, which was fairly fun. We played the inevitable masses of games, I showed him a trailer of The Conduit and of Red Steel 2, and he drooled over MadWorld, etcetera. He wanted to borrow MadWorld, but I said only on the condition that he admitted that Shadow the Hedgehog is the worst character ever. He declined.

Today was decent because no lessons really got on my nerves, and nothing was totally crap. RS involved a bunch of revision, English had a fairly nice timed essay, We made quiz questions in Drama (the talent show idea was scrapped) and we had a Mrs Bloxham lesson of German, so little if anything was achieved there. At lunchtime I was called names, then I spent core RS wandering around and DT revising… DT.

But the best thing about today has yet to come – DOUBLE BILL OF HEROES!
Including the final episode of the series. OMGZ².

Oh, I also re-watched the TBtP arc of Bleach, just ’cause it’s really awesome.

Nice short blog, and only a few days since the last one. Don’t say that I don’t ever do anything for you.



  1. blackbeardslog said,

    Elliot thinks that Shadow the Hedgehog is good? KILL HIM!

    • Elliot "EZ" de Bondt said,

      Who is this blackbeardslog anyway. You have no soul! Think of a better name you bastard!

  2. Chris said,

    you don’t ever do anything for me…. EVAR!

    I can easily forsee the future season of Heroes which I will say… in a blog I have writtin in my head just never got round to ever doing….

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