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It hasn’t QUITE been over a month. But it has been a very long time, during which many things have happened, and for my useless incoherence and incompetence, I formally apologise. Then I steal your hat.

So what do I need to cover? Lots…

First, let’s get this amazing awesome out of the way:

And you thought that there were only damp Japanese schoolgirl rockers in anime…
Also, does it look like Juliette at 0:50? It does to me.

So one of the first things to happen after my last post was a week’s trip to the south of France with my extended family, to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of my aunts. It was good fun overall, despite the ten hour road trip there and back, which I managed to pass by watching two of The Lord of the Rings films and reading.
We were staying in an old barn/farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, which was almost impossible to find, but had plenty to do including a decent-sized swimming pool and a number of different ‘flats’, or bits of the house for each family. I was actually not with my parents, but was lumped in with one of my cousins, complete with aunt and uncle. They’re probably actually the nicest ones of the bunch, and my cousin had a shiny new DSi with New Super Mario Bros., which he sucked at and I rocked at… So I mostly played it for him. No complaints here.
Over the week there was walking, canoeing, visiting amazing places and eating crêpes. We had several really good meals and some sucky ones, and I managed to avoid my grandfather… mostly.
Partway through the week, I had some astounding news. The covenant of little bastard cousins had all met together and decided that I wouldn’t be their punching bag any more, because somehow I had gained their respect. I think this had something to do with my amazing skillez at NSMB.

So I returned to Britain, filled with Orangina, vigour and Carambars.

Plunging back into the monotonous drawl of the exam timetable, things got off to a flying start with the second Mathematics exam, which I seem to remember was easier than the first paper and had several fun questions. This was quickly followed by DT, which really sucked al load of balls and made no sense, then a double bill of rather nice English exams, annoying German, even more annoying DT, and more recently, challenging Biology and meh-ish Chemistry.

During the number of days when I was not at exams, I accomplished a number of things.
One of the first was trying out my kayak on a reasonable stretch of water:

Launching the boat. Tension.

Launching the boat. Tension.

Woah! Yep. I dint think anyone except me actually has the ability to control this beast.

Woah! Yep. I didn't think anyone except me actually has the ability to control this beast.

As you might be able to tell, there are some stability issues. The other factor was that my mother, who can be a ridiculous copycat sometimes, had decided to get an inflatable kayak that basically trumped mine in every way. Apart from my AWESOME.

Ramming speed, Mr Sulu. Wait, I need to do Star Trek...

Ramming speed, Mr Sulu. Wait, I need to do Star Trek...

Well call it a draw this time...

We'll call it a draw this time...

I decided, on balance (no pun intended), that I might call the boat ‘Arwing’, as an in joke to myself and some other people, since it’s just so darn good at barrel rolls.

Also taken soon after that was a picture of my experience playing GoldenEye 007…

Visible in the background is a scientist who flew past me curled in the foetal position a moment before the game froze. I love N54 glitches, because even when they come at annoying times, theyre just so hilarious.

Visible in the background is a scientist who flew past me curled in the foetal position a moment before the game froze. I love N64 glitches, because even when they come at annoying times they're just so hilarious.

I’ve also finally got around to playing Ratchet and Clank 1, which I’ve now completed twice (once without the RYNO, once with). It’s a fun game, but having played its sequel, the downgrade is just hard to take, as all the seemingly minuscule changes made to the basic gameplay between the installments becomes painfully clear.

There was something else… E3? Yar.I’ve already covered Nintendo somewhere, but I can’t link to it directly because – Pokémon Theme comes on (dances) (Incidentally, I’m going to request karaoke at the UVI prom, and with that song. Duet, Chris?) – my internet is being gay. Well, I can just say look somewhere on
Natal looks quite fun, Milo looks creepy, and the Playstation Wand just looks ridiculous. Game-wise, it’s a pretty big ‘meh’ over most of the stuff, particularly things like Uncharted 2, which I just don’t get, although those same fans probably also don’t understand why NSMBWii will be fun, or why having a numbered sequel to the best 3D platformer EVAR isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A few games which did grab me were The Last Guardian and Modern Warfare 2, which I’ve decided I might pay attention to. I did also like the spike in cover for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, which was featured with English menus and was named IGN’s fighting game of E3 ’09. Talking of IGN, their overall game of E3 was not Uncharted, or MW2, or anything ‘hardcore’… it was Scribblenauts. Which is still awesome, but I could practically hear all the angry gamers being pissed that some amazing DS puzzle game was being rated above their CPU-crunching FPS clusterfucks. It was sheer brilliance.

Just remembered putting in the pictures that I also went to see Star Trek, which was very much awesome. The CGI was standout jawdropping, projecting an Enterprise that was industrial and alive and not just a bridge with extra sets where needed, and the acting (for the most part) was brilliant, particularly from whoever is Doctor McCoy was played by and Simon Pegg as Scottie. Also very, very awesome was Sylar, I mean Spock, played by Zachary Quinto. It was actually very strange that when he and Old Spock were next to each other they did look like and and young versions of one another. There were plenty of throwbacks to the old series, and even an Enterprise reference, but lacking was an actual story, any intelligence and any scientific, ethical or sociological exposition which has been the hallmark of much the series in the past.
Let’s say… Four stars.

So yesterday, lots of things happened:

  • Scandal released their new single (see above);
  • Stereopony released their new album, Hydrangea ga Saiteiru, which I’ve downloaded but not yet listened to;
  • It was Craig from Screwattack’s birthday. I’ve been spending some more time on Screwattack since watching their hilarious E3 coverage;
  • I had my Chemistry exam;
  • My brother returned from his two month long trip to India.

So after my exam I had to go home and help in the last-ditch effort to tidy my brother’s bedroom (it’s now tidier than my own… creepy), having helped assemble some new IKEA furniture for it on the Tuesday.
We had around a three-hour drive down to Heathrow, for which I had to navigate around traffic jams on the M25, which somehow managed to pay off in the end, and so we got to arrivals in plenty of time to see Guy come in. We had a board which read ‘MR G.A. BROWN – OUEED2U INC’ – try saying it out loud.
The dialogue went something like this:
G: “Hi” (hugs)
Us: “It’s great to see you”
G: “This might seem like a really odd time, but can I borrow twenty quid?”

Not much of a change after all, then. After that we bought some beef jerky for him, then drove home, again trying to navigate around traffic jams. I got some kind of massive knife thing as a present, but it’s blunt as hell. Don’t worry, I’ll sharpen it up before I cut your throat with it.

And that’s really about it, for now. I’ve got a Physics exam tomorrow, after which there will be a rowdy after-exams party to which everybody who never goes to parties seems to be going. Should be a blast.

So you were wondering what the end of this blog looks like?

Well BAM! There it is.

Oh, and I’ll try and do the next one faster. Sorry.



  1. Chris said,

    I’m still suffering from withdrawel… what is the whole Sign thing?

    • joethearachnid said,


      • Chris said,

        I meant as in what did the long thing that we were meant to say outloud to make sense but it didn’t…. mean?

      • joethearachnid said,

        It sounds like ‘weed to you’, i.e. drugs ‘n’ shit.
        re-watching Bleach at 03:30am FTW!

  2. Max said,

    Yes. It does look like Juliette. Scary stuff.

  3. blackbeardslog said,

    The video doesn’t work, fix it I want to see awesome!

  4. blackbeardslog said,

    Oh wait, it worketh now.

  5. blackbeardslog said,

    And Eddie can control the beast

    • joethearachnid said,

      What is with people posting things that make no sense? Is it some kind of conspiracy to get me all paranoid?

  6. Chris said,

    Nico is just a lonely old man….

  7. Chris said,

    Okay, I final watched that video, the opening riff is quite good. The entire song eventually blends into itself. Also, you know the common stereotype that all japanese look the same, well… this video doesn’t help, when you get all three guitarists doing the exact same thing at the exact same time (oh wait, that’s right they aren’t a rock group, they’re a girl group) the all become the same.
    There was a heavy lack of a solo…. Also the end seemed… a bit perverse…. the old janitor man walking out after watching teenage (or meant to be) girls getting wet…. yeah….
    At times the drummer looks a bit like Rose… like the facial structure (and chin and stuff)

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