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Where everyone is shlightly shtoned… or, apparently, in a brothel. More on that after these messages.

Since last time, a few things have occured, almost all of note. First of all, on the morning of the tenth I was visited by a woman who organises this film-group thingy which I attend, to ask me to come up with some ideas and eventually write a script for a ten-minute short film, which will probably be made at some point. Actually, come to think of it, the number of ideas I’ve had have been few, and those ideas I have had have all involved re-enacting Punch-Out!! in real life. Not exactly deep, and I don’t have a super-intelligent black guy on hand to be Doc Louis. Any ideas would be welcome, preferably not anime rip-offs.
However, I wasn’t really paying much attention to the last third or so of this because an Amazon package had just arrived from Mr Postman, and I was kinda anxious to get my grubby little hands on it. When the meeting had finished I rushed out and grabbed the package, ran as far away from my brother as possible and tore off the cardboard to find a shiny-looking copy of The Conduit (Special preorder edition with art booklet and sleeve!), which I stuck in my Wii and blasted some dudes on.
Knowing that I had just scant days left before I left on our boat to the Netherlands, I attempted to play as much of the game as possible, staying up until nearly five o’clock in the morning (twice), once to complete the single player campaign, which is a lot of fun but kinda generic, and the other to pwn n00bs online, which has never felt better. Only now do I wish that there could be a voicechat option for the Wii other than the God awful WiiSpeak so that I could tell fools that I was in their base, stealing their ASEz. Anywayz, I managed to play it to reviewable lengths, so there is a review (or there should be, Peter might be lazy) on, by me.

Then, before I knew it, I was torn from the warm and soft embrace of Pwiinage (that’s pwnage, using a Wii) and cast into the bowels of a ship that promptly set sail on a 26-hour voyage to Ijmuiden, which I still have no idea how to pronounce. I spent much of the journey sleeping due to the large waves, although I also read quite a bit and came on deck once it was dark and the sea had calmed down to view the veritable city of brightly-lit oil rigs that populate the North Sea.
Upon arrival in Ijmuiden at around 4am it was raining heavily and we were all exhausted, so we went to sleep and rose again at a more fitful hour – around 11-ish. There wasn’t a lot to do in Ijmuiden beyond a large but rather dull beach and some fish restaurants, so unsurprisingly we went to the beach several times and had a dinner out in a fish restaurant, and other than that it was just walking around the boatyards. In the boatyards there did happen to be a Volvo Ocean Racer (VOR is a very prestigious and dangerous blue-water race) that was unrigged, but its keel alone was about as tall as most people’s masts. We figured that with a mast on it, out of the water the boat could easily be upwards of 100 feet tall. That’s about twice as tall as out boat.

After a few days in Ijmuiden, today we travelled along the Nordzee canal that leads to Amsterdam, where we entered a pretty and fairly empty marina. However, after about ten minutes, another boat came in. Then another. Eventually the boats were all packed in so tightly by various rafting means that I worked out that a minimum of seven boats would need to move completely out of the marina if we ever wanted to leave again. Whilst this was happening we had lunch and travelled into Amsterdam, where we breathed deeply every time we passed a cafe and even saw an Oriental brothel, and possibly some of its… ahem… workers. There isn’t that much to say about Amsterdam, apart from the fact that the buildings are very old and beautiful and that I’d totally forgotten that we went there on the year 7 trip to the Netherlands. In fact, it was there that Harry Ng decided that I must be in love with Anne Frank, causing me to still think of him as a complete twat to this day and quite probably also starting some of my friendship with Max, as we joined forces for some kind of united front against Harry’s douchebaggery.

Well, it is nice to have an internet connection, even if there is no-one to talk to. Max has written that he’s been talking to actual real people, which shows that a) he is a traitor to the closed mentality of nerd-kind and b) he is a lucky bastard that he doesn’t get dragged off on trips and gets to go go-karting and… grr.

Game, book and music-wise, I’ve been playing Punch-Out!! on and off (still can’t beat Mr Sandman) and exploring a bit more of Final Fantasy VII. Gawd, I love the version of the FF prelude in that game. Brings tears to my eyes. another emotional moment was when Cloud and Tifa were on the gondola around the Golden Saucer and she couldn’t bring herself to tell Cloud that she loves him… *sniffle* I guess all nerds are just romantics at heart, or maybe it’s just me. I wish Aeris would hurry up and die already. Then I can have some RED XIII GOODNESS!
I also briefly played Crash Bandicoot (which I actually own the disc of), and to my surprise it seems that it wasn’t just me that sucked at the game. The controls are actually HORRIBLE, the 2D sections are really annoying when you accidentally step off the 2D plane due to 3D controls still being there, and often the hit detection is waaaay off. The thing is, I can remember all these problems from when I played the game ten odd years ago, and I thought it was just because I wasn’t very good, but apparently not. It seems that one of the defining games of my childhood was just not very good.
I’ve been reading more Harry Potter, going back round to the beginning again, because I don’t really have much new material to read after that, beyond a few books I got from a charity shop. One reads a lot on a boat to pass the time, so a plentiful supply of books is tantamount.
I’m still listening to Hydrangea ga Saiteiru, which I seem to remember that I forgot to mention last time: broadly, I like it. The album starts off a bit slow, with some very good ones like Ki More Hi no JOHNNY(?) and Otomegokoro, but some slower numbers like Nakanaide don’t really stick. Effective Line is short but sweet, and My Mistake, Hitohira no Hanabira and Aozora Very Good Days really bring the end of the album to a peak.

That is all.



  1. Chris said,

    Gon Sarnit Ben! If you want something to read I can thrust something which I want your opinion on! TT.TT
    But really, with the Harry Douchebaggery there isn’t much in terms of a weak front. Everyone ever thinks that…. EVER… Even Callum S and they are best friends (and Harry thinks Callum is a twat so it is all good). I was wondering once I found out you were in Amsterdam (which was earlier yesterday) if you’d seen any hoes. So you have! woo!
    When do you get back? Cause we should do something….

  2. Max said,

    Holland, and Amsterdam especially were lovely places on the actual trip. The Holland trip probably did start our relationship as friends I guess, especially with the whole apparent Harry thing you spoke of.

    I’m no traitor to anyone, I think more or less everyone, even individuals from the so-called nerd community, have had some social interaction. You still have The Conduit to look forward to playing when you get back; look on the bright side, only about another month to go.

    And I agree with Chris, when do you get back? We should all try and meet up of something.


    • joethearachnid said,

      If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand million billion times: I get back on or just before the tenth of August. I even write that in my last comment on your blog.

  3. Chris said,

    Sounds like a plan!

  4. milly said,

    my dad was born in amsterdam… hmm..

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