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Check that amazingly awesome title. Yeah.
Almost as good as this. Almost.

Anyway, as you might have guessed from the title, I’m now back in England (and have been for several days) and I’m also not on a boat. I suppose it’s only right to cover events since last time, since that’s really the point of this, isn’t it? Hm?

So shortly after finishing my last blog we started out on our night passage through Amsterdam, timed so to minimally impact traffic and trains with the lifting bridges. And… yeah. It was pretty fun. I started out sitting on our sail on the boom, but then everything got a bit samey after the tenth or so bridge, so I lay down on the sail instead and dozed until I got cold, at which time I went down below to sleep for a few hours in the warm. It was pretty cool, though, knowing that I was sleeping on deck on a boat that was travelling through Amsterdam at 3:oo am with twenty-seven other boats.
Some hours later I woke up in… uh… somewhere. I can’t recall where it was, but there wasn’t a lot to it and I was very tired.
The next place we went to after that was Dordrecht, a fairly nice but somewhat grey city that we’ve visited in previous trips to the Netherlands. We were originally planning to stay there for two days, but that evening we found out via a phone call that one of my father’s cousins, who had been ill for several weeks, had died. Since most of my father’s relatives live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands and the fact that we guessed the the funeral would be on the Friday (this was Sunday), we realised that we’d have to be home by Wednesday in order for him to make the funeral. This prompted my mother to go totally mad and start planning things, so the next day we cancelled our extra day and set off for Colijnsplaat, which is only a short distance from the Roompotsluis, beyond which lies the North Sea.

To get there we had to battle through several complicated locks and avoid about a million people before finally mooring up and then receiving new information that the funeral had been postponed until Monday. Feeling rather robbed of our extra few days but also feeling that we might as well go considering that we’d prepared and the forecast was good, I sailed us across the Oosterschelde far too fast and we crossed through the ‘sluis without any problems, me only noticing at the last moment that we’d forgotten to get out the liferaft for the crossing, causing a massive rush in which many things were nearly thrown over the side and lots of shouting.
However, things eventually settled down, the Netherlands disappeared behind us and soon it was night on the North sea. I was given a watch on my own (a first for me) from 2:30-3:45, which was quite boring really, but it was kinda interesting listening to music on my iPod in the middle of an empty sea; the music seemed like it was echoing all around the world.
We arrived at Suffolk Yacht Harbour at around 10am the next day and headed home after breakfast, only to discover that my brother was not at work – he had an ‘upset stomach’. We tidied up a bit and then I sat down at my computer and attempted to catch up with everything that I’d missed over the last few weeks, including blogs, videos and news from various sources.

So for the last few days I’ve been mostly playing games and internat surfing, and attempting to contact people about doing stuff to assay my boredom. I’m actually considering re-reading the Twilight saga.
Yesterday I went to see Harry Potter with my parents… and I didn’t like it. Death Eaters can’t fly! WTF? Why was the Burrow destroyed? Why were there no lessons apart from Potions? WHERE THE FUCK WAS NEVILLE? He didn’t get a single line! How is Harry going to know where the Diadem is? Why was Lavender so ugly? How the hell is Harry going to know how to find the other Horcruxes when he hasn’t been told that they’re all heirlooms of the school founders and Nagini? Where will people think the ring came from is we miss out ALL of the House of Gaunt stuff? Why is Harry still such a sucky actor? How does Hermione somehow keep on getting hotter? Erm… I mean… er…
Yeah, so I didn’t like it much. Without the day-to-day lessons interspersing all of the other stuff it just felt more like an adventure that happens to be set in a school, rather than a school adventure.
I’m assuming that Dumbledore’s funeral wasn’t included because it’s going to be used instead of the wedding as a jumping-off point for the next film, but we’ll see.

Today we went to see my grandparents, where my grandfather half bored me to death by talking about the National Gallery after I vaguely expressed in interest in going there. However, I did a neat little book with most of the National Gallery pieces in it, as well as a rather good book full of typefaces. I’ll probably bring it into school at some point just to annoy people with how freaking awesome Century Schoolbook is. My grandparents used to be publishers, so I had to run any fonts I sort of liked past my grandmother to check whether they were allowable, not too American and don’t have bad associations.

I’ve been spending a reasonable amount of time playing Breath of Fire IV, having downloaded a PAL disc image to replace my busted actual disc. It plays much better now, but it’s still not as good as BoF III. By the way Capcom, screw all of the Resident Evil Wii-makes, give me freaking Breath of Fire VI any day. Seriously.

I’m planning a few upcoming features, which i’m going to write about here so you can point out in a few weeks when I’ve pretended to forget about them.
-A photo-based tour of our boat, along with commentary.
-A list of all of the things that I initially ranted about in blogs that actually sucked, but I didn’t realise until later. (This may take some time and come in several installments.)

Anyway, that’s all.



  1. Chris Smedley said,

    Yeah, the 6th film missed out a large amount of plot development and seemed to be more interested in, “Oh look, Ron and Hermione have soooooo much sexual tension! IT’S A LOVE STORY! LOVE IT!!!! ARHHHH!” than the actual plot… Dumbledore would be spinning in his grave….

    Were you on watch for pirates? Or Ninjas on boats to go Pirate on? o.o

    Sucks about Father’s Cousin though…..

  2. joethearachnid said,

    One thing you learn when sailing a relatively small boat: Fishermen are MUCH more dangerous than pirates.

    And as for the cousin, I never actually knew or met her at all, but I did get to go home early and spend all my time playing games, so…

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