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It’s time for that segment you all love and look forward to, Leave it to Kero! Umm… yeah.

So no blogs in fifteen days. Wanna know why?


Nada. Niet. Zilch. Zippo. Cero. Kyo.

Well, nothing really of interest to all two of my readers and definitely nothing of interest to those strange fellows out on the intarwebs.

Firstly, I’ve been spending a reasonable amount of time playing The Conduit. I’m now level 17 or so out of 24 on the online. I can pwn ‘most everyone with pistol headshots. It’s a lot of fun.

I’ve also been helping my dad restore our other wooden boat, a dayboat-ish sized dinghy called a Miracle. It’s mainly involved crawling inside tight spaces and ruining t-shirts, but it’s also involved monotonous scraping down of bits of wood. Actually, ‘monotonous’ is a pretty good description for the last fifteen days.

My main ray of sunshine recently has come from watching the Cardcaptor Sakura anime, which is beautiful and brilliant and just plain would have made me cry at some points had I not lost that ability. It may look like a cartoon about catching cards to a mere onlooker, but it’s actually deep and all about human relationship and different kinds of love. In fact, I often got annoyed when the cards got in the way of the relationships.
The characters are all beautifully crafted and the viewer gains an emotional investment in every one, whilst even the weirder relationships (young student-teacher, cousin incest, gayness) are only used to help explore the way that love affects the lives of everybody.
Anyway, it’s really, REALLY fricking good (as good as FMA in my opinion), but only if you watch the Japanese version. In the dub most of the relationships are removed, Tomoyo gets the really, really stupid name of Madison, and you don’t get the awesome music.

Oh, and Li is also awesome.

One side effect of this is that most of the CCS fans are girls, so I’ve been going onto the girly side of the web. It’s weird, but manageable.

(I probably like CCS for the same reason that I liked Twilight – some kind of deep-seated feminism.)




  1. Chris said,

    … FFS! This is annoying… I’ve already commented… it all disappeared… and I also blue screened….

    So, any pirate attack wounds?

    Okay, I mostly re-watched Cardcaptors because of Nostalgia, which makes us do odd things… I don’t like the subs cause the opening is bad, plus I’m a busy man that does 3 things at one time, so I’m not looking at the computer screen often. I stopped watching dubs cause the quality was bad…
    Wasn’t it Kiros Corner as well?
    It is Madison because in those days things were heavily westernised….
    Those are my thoughts anyway…

    • joethearachnid said,

      Pirates? WTF?
      And the opening for CCS is _awesome_, you just haven’t learned the lyrics yet. Anyway, Tobira wo Akete and Platinum are better.
      In the sub I watched, it was Leave it to Kero, so that’s how it is.
      Sorry for all of this subtitle over dub elitist stuff, but it’s basically your fault for making me watch Bleach in the first place, then I would never have got impatient and switched to the sub and got hooked on the music and I would never have started by Japanese phase in life.

      Also, I just finally managed to watch CCS: The Movie 2, which was super, super, ultra, mega, omega, giga, terra kawaii and brilliant and so lovely at the end when… *SHPOILA* Sakura thinks that Syaoran has had his feelings for her taken away, but she tells him that she loves him anyway, and then it turns out that the card she created out of her love for him has been absorbed instead, and Syaoran says that he loves her too, and then Sakura jumps across the gap and…. Hanyaa…

      *Runs away to find manga*

      • Chris said,

        Couldn’t you have said cuteness… saying Kawaii just makes me begin to fear that you are turning into some horrible abomination from the internet. *cough* Otaku *cough*

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