The Results of ‘Socialising’

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Last Tuesday my dad shouted a lot at a lavatory. That is all I shall say in the matter.

Wednesday was significantly more interesting both in terms of the actual living of it and the writing about it – I went to Elliot de Bondt’s house. On the way there we picked up Peter, who had somehow manged to persuade his parents to let him bring his Xbox 360 halfway across Suffolk for our enjoyment.
So we drove halfway there, drove back again to get The Conduit (didn’t put the disc in the case despite leaving it out ready – grr) and then finally arrived. Since things were a bit of a blur, I’ll break it down game-by-game:


  • The Conduit – The pointer spazzed out a bit due to Elliot’s crappy TV (which also looks really poor – turn up your colour and brightness, man!) so it was kinda unimpressive. I couldn’t even get my usual pistol headshots when in multiplayer.
  • Wii Music – It was Peter’s idea. Move along.
  • Castle Crashers – WAS AWESOME.
  • Shadow Complex – felt like a Metroid rippoff with loose controls and a retarded 3D gimmicks. I also didn’t like the cutscenes or art style. But other than that, yeah, pretty good.
  • Fable II – kinda underwhelming. Once you’ve killed three people with a massive fire spell, you’ve killed them all. The animations were also clunky and looked like they were from some cheap MMO. Bad Peter Molyneux, bad.
  • Gears of War – I didn’t actually play it, but I saw it being played – or tried to. Everything is so brown and grey that it’s almost impossible to discern anything. The voice acting was similar.
  • SoulCalibur IV – I sucked at it, and Cervantes doesn’t look as cool.
    Dreamcast (yay):
  • SoulCalibur – Ivy’s boobs are about ten times smaller in this one. Elliot had not unlocked Cervantes. I did like it more that IV, however.
  • Sonic Adventure – Surprisingly good. Sometimes the camera goes nuts and the hubworld is somewhat confusing, but hell, it works as a 3D Sonic game – and that’s an achievement.
  • Jet Set Radio – Totally insane, and REALLY hard. It’s not broken or anything, and I’m sure I could master the controls with time, but it’s just tricky. The cel-shaded graphics look very nice and run fluidly and the music is awesome.
  • Erm… I think Peter played Prototype. It looked okay.

Interesting fact: the button layouts for the DC and 360 are almost identical, which was interesting considering that I was playing them both for the first time in one day. The 360 is alright, but the Dreamcast wins through on sheer nerd street cred and Shenmue.

Then came results day… yeah.

English Lang – A
English Lit – A
Maths – A* (booya, mofos)
Science – A*
Additional Science – A
Chemistry – A
Biology – A*
Physics – A*
DT – A
German – A
RS – B (WTF?)
Spanish – A (Yayz)
Drama – C (WTF³?)

So generally, pretty happy with the results. I am annoyed about both Drama and RS, but particularly Drama. I got 107 out of 120 for coursework, and EVERYONE says that my performance was good. So a freaking C? I blame two people – Laura Archer and Lindsay Compton.
RS… meh. I must have screwed up one of the essay questions. I’ll redeem myself at A-level.

I got there reasonably early, so after getting my results I waited around for Max whilst he let apparently half the school go in front of him, then I waited for Max with Chris. Max was indecisive, so we waited around for him to do something until we eventually got that we should be at his house at around 15:00 the next day. I saw Chloé just before she got her results, and just after – she only got an A in Geography and (I think) one of the Englishes. For shame. (The rest were A*s…)

I went home and deflated a bit. Every time I felt annoyed about Drama it was balanced out by the victory of getting an A* in Maths – I needed to do that to prove to myself that it was worth me doing both Maths and Further Maths.

The next day, after packing up some things, I set off with my dad to find Max’s house. We did eventually find it after going several miles in the wrong direction and going round in a circle, but we got there.
And, in fact, it wasn’t even a mansion. Not nearly as grand as I had expected. In light of this, and since max still gets very expensive computers and GoKarts, I have changed his title from ‘Rich Bastard’ to ‘Spoiled Bastard’.
So I went out to the summer house at the end of the garden and found there Max, Chris, and (to my astonishment) Ned. Funnily enough, as soon as he saw me, his phone started ringing with calls telling him to go to work. He hadn’t been told I was coming…
So yeah, Ned was only around for about ten minutes before he left, leaving his two six-packs of Coca-Cola behind but taking his own six-pack with him. *sigh*.
I wanted to play Brawl, and since the save file is un-transferable due to online stats I had to hack Max’s Wii via Bannerbomb, start up the HomeBrew Channel, dump the save data file I had extracted from my own Wii earlier and then start up the game which suddenly had all of the characters unlocked. Nobody even said thanks…

We played Brawl, I pwned with Jigglypuff and Max got bored of losing. Then we played MadWorld and Double Dash and something else… maybe.
Then we went to Max’s room and played TF2 for about three minutes. I was still not convinced, but I did get to be admin and kill random people. Then, to my even greater astonishment than Ned being temporarily there, Emily and her brother Alex arrived. We sat in Max’s only slightly Pokémon-themed bedroom for another bit after that whilst Alex and Max argued about ‘noclip’ or some such folly. We went into the summer house again and played Wii Sports bowling after making Miis of everybody. I could have sworn I had mine stored on my Wii remote, but apparently not. I got to be a gay dwarf with too much facial hair.
Soon we had to order some kind of food, but no-one was being decisive so I opted for a Chinese. We then spent hours ordering everything, during which Max’s father got steadily more annoyed. After we had ordered we went down to the nearby playpark, which was all some kind of crazy space-age urban development thing (Charsfield is basically the ghetto) with amazing swings and various insane devices. The conversation turned to results; Emily was thrilled to learn that Chloé had only got an A because that meant they had the same mark, despite Chloé beating Emily by two grades in most tests.

We went back just in time for the food to arrive. Max’s father had decided that we needed fattening up, so he had ordered two of everything; enough for about eight people. Since there were five of us and Chris was too busy being emo to eat, we didn’t really make much of a dent in the food as we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on the projector. I still don’t really like it much, but it was fun to make jokes about various happenings, although Emily became steadily more cringing over time. We ended up throwing away enough Chinese food to keep an actual Chinese family alive for weeks. In our house, those leftovers would have been breakfast, lunch and dinner again.
After the film we played ‘spin the coke can’ (out of which came I dare to eat one of the Chinese menus – I finished it several hours later) until Emily insisted on going home. Alex resisted strongly, but I believe was promised noclip if he left.
After that it was all a bit quiet until Max’s father came in and talked to us for hours. That may have been my fault.
Chris wanted to watch V for Vendetta, but we couldn’t work the DVD player, so I demonstrated how through the powers of DVDX and MPlayer CE I can get a Wii to play a DVD very nicely, and even switch off the subtitles. No-one said thanks for that, either. The film was pretty good – some bits were confusing and others were ridiculous, but I liked the idea of a police-state Britain being overthrown by the Anonymous masses.
Then… then people either slept or watched me play Punch-Out!!, F-Zero and FF VII, during which Chris suddenly got excited. Then some enemies had confuse-punches which caused Tifa to somehow punch herself in the face, and I died.
I watched a bit of the CCS movie 2 in the early hours of the morning, finally going to sleep at about 6:30. We all got up at around 1:00am, had breakfast and then played Wii bowling until we were picked up.

I was a bit out of it for Saturday, then yesterday I was angry for some reason, but today I feel a calm serenity. Sort of.

I’m watching the Disgaea anime. It’s good. I also watched Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series up to the most recent episode. That was good too. I have two seasons of Dragon Ball Z to watch, courtesy of Elliot. Not so sure about those.

Well, this blog was basically redundant. Everything (at least after the first part) is already known by everybody who is crazy enough to read this blog, so… Well.



  1. Chris said,

    I approve of the second from last paragraph and the first…. 4 sentences…
    Thanks! For all that tech stuff you did!

    The confuse punch was funny… *sigh*

    Who needs to eat when you can filter feed?

    And you secretly deep down want to be a gay dwarf…. with lots of facial hair… search your feelings you know it to be true…

    (My hair gives me the power to defy gravity!)

  2. joethearachnid said,

    I tried to shorten the anime section for Max’s sake. I didn’t even mention that I think the ending song to Disgaea is [synonym for ‘awesome].

  3. Chris said,


  4. joethearachnid said,

    Not _quite_ that good. Wiktionary offers excellent, super, phenomenal, fantastic, terrific, wicked, bang-up, way cool and sweet.
    It’s pretty excellent, but not quite as good as, say, ‘Endlessly’ or ‘I Know’.

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