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Actually referring to several things here. I’m pretty sure that Heroes had the title first, though… Yeah…

So today we didn’t have any power because EDF had a scheduled down-time for maintenance or whatever. Because of this I went down to our boat with my dad, where we FINALLY got our sea toilet working again – for now. It seemed to be going smoothly at first – it always does – but then one of the bolts in the least accessible corner behind all the pipework wouldn’t go in, so my father and I took it in turns to shout at it and bludgeon it with a mallet, until we gave in and just used a smaller bolt. I did manage to get my ankles soaked in seawater and get metal splinters in my foot and hand, though.

When we got back there was still no power, even though it was about 5:30 and the power was meant to have come back on at 4:30… or something. Anyway, we called up the people and asked and they replied that they were very behind schedule, and power would be back by 7. Meanwhile, I had been cleaning and refilling my oil lamp, hoping to get some use out of it before the power came back on; it did, just as I was replacing the last tiny nut. I was annoyed.

After that I had a swath of paperwork to get through, most of it involving my GCSE grades. First I had my GCSE results and A-level confirmation slip (the sum of my life is currently 106), then I had to write to my Arkwright Scholarship sponsor (TWI) to tell them how happy I was to have them sponsoring me, and include my GCSE results and confirm my A-levels, then I had a SEPARATE questionnaire to send to the Arkwright office which details my GCSE results and yes, confirms my A-levels. Sheesh.
The most interesting thing about the last one was that there were only ten spaces for results – no good for my FIFTEEN GCSEs. Bitches. (I had to borrow some space from my expected A-levels.) The letter was interesting because I had everyone in my family individually proofreading it, telling me that ‘obliged’ is far too Dickensian. I must ask, what’s wrong with writing like one of the best authors evar?

So the main reason fro this blog is that I’m actually completely terrified about starting Sixth Form. I don’t know why – most of the people will be the same, it’s the same school, and I’ll be the big scary one intimidating the year sevens – but it just seems daunting. There’ll be new people, mostly from Stradbroke, on my bus who have parents who are retarded or had their child when they were twelve (I wish that were a joke) and I’ll be in form half full of Upper Sixth. Well, it might be fun, and it might be an adventure.

Here goes nothing…

Odd note: I’m so nervous that it appear that I can type properly again. Apart from the eight corrections I had to make in that last sentence…


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  1. Chris said,

    Some people just don’t understand our genius…

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