I’m on ‘Cloud Sixth’…?

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Well, the last blog was like the anime series finale, so imagine that between that and this blog there was an epicly long filler series involving some new characters we don’t care about and a plot twist and storyline taking place in a nondescript time frame apparently in the middle of a giant battle (between me and… uh… the Paperwork Monster) that is apparently forgotten entirely as we rejoin the main plot. Which is NOW.

Sixth Form arc: Restart!

So yesterday was a tad sucky. It started off with Nico on the bus being questioning, then when I arrived at school I had to queue with the unwashed masses to hand in a form that I’d filled out the night before that half the year seemed to have forgotten/mislaid/not known the existence of. I found that I was in Mr Peter’s form, along with Nico (gah) Adam, John, Albert, Mia, Aless, Rosy Barker, Evie S and… Lydia. If you don’t know (and let’s face it, why would you) this is just a re-hash of half of my form last year with no new people whatsoever. This is good, but at the same time, geez… the most interesting person I have to talk to is NICO. Talking of Re-Hash… (plays Gorillaz)

After the basic introduction by Mr Peters and the handing out of moar paperwork we received one of the most boring assemblies I think I’ve EVER had from Mr Hirst. In it, he talked about a New Scientist article on smartphones (I have that issue) and said perfectly boringly that he had heard that ‘app’ was short for ‘application’. I facepalm’d and zoned out after that. There was some more paperwork and words from Mr Peters, including the giving out of timetables and the arranging of student-tutor interviews. I promptly noticed a somewhat large issue with my timetable; I had been put down for Music. Considering the insane difficulty of music at A-level is such that even musical career A* types like Rose aren’t taking it, the fact that I didn’t take Music for GCSE, the fact that I never even considered music for A-level and the conspicuous absence of RS, which I noted from Nico’s timetable shares timeslots with Music, I deduced that this was some kind of error. This meant that the first order of the day (in which we had no lessons at all) was to get my timetable fixed by Mr Jenning’s magic powers.

After that the day didn’t really have much going for it apart from talking with Peter and his friend MechanicalCatfish (Luke) about nerdy things so powerful that we burned things around us. It was really strange to find that this Luke fellow likes almost everything I like, including anime, retro stuff, Zelda games and Scrubs. He one-upped me by having a GCSE in Japanese, though he doesn’t have Lylat Wars on the original N64 and can’t even complete it, let alone get anywhere near my pro high score. As a result of this excitement Chris got shunted a bit as he was with Max and Nico, who would definitely NOT have enjoyed the conversation. For this, I apologise.
I also talked to Chloé a bit about films she’d seen over the summer, jumped on Ned a bit and jumped on the Sixth Form Garden. ’cause I can. There was a bus assembly in the afternoon and then I was bored for a bit before we went home.

Overall, not an entirely inspiring day, but a taster of something of the attitude to be expected towards us as Sixth Formers.

Now, today was awesome, surprisingly mostly due to it having actual lessons in it. In the morning before form time I talked to Chloé in the common room. This is nice because we used to talk in the mornings in JMc, so it’s nice to know that not everything is going to change.
In form we finally saw all of the Upper Sixth half of our group in all their glory: hairy, scary and including Henry Gibbons. There was form time just for the LVI as the UVI went off for an assembly, but then we had to go to an assembly with Mr Jennings for a WHOLE PERIOD to learn stuff we basically already knew about cars and drugs and shit. Why did he make us read all of the rules in the yearbook if he was just going to tell us all of them again in extremely boring detail?

After that, introductions back in form and break, I had… a study period. Since I hadn’t yet had any lessons, I didn’t have anything to study, so I went to the common room and talked to Molly and her crew for a bit, and found out that in fact (with the exception of Abby – phew) they were all doing Classics, which was my next and first class. When we finally got to Classics, it was pretty interesting; there were about twenty of us packed into the Business and Enterprise centre, which was pretty crowded with just the Latin crew all those months ago… The lesson was actually pretty good, but we got given a ton of stuff to read and I’d forgotten just how… quirky… Mrs Stephenson is, with her flipping the exercise book  over and going ‘OMG! It’s liek another buk!’ Well, not that, but she still seems so proud of the idea after all these years…

In the aftermath of Classics, Chloé came down to see Mrs Stephenson about Ancient Greek lessons with Eliza, but apparently while we were waiting outside she was being guilt-tripped about not taking Classics… and so my lunchtime project began: trying to get Chloé to make up her mind about doing or not doing Classics. By the end of break she’d managed to draw up a rough timetable using my Classics lessons as a reference and dropping Chemistry. I tried to persuade her to go and see Miss Fletcher, her form tutor, but she insisted on going to see Mr McWilliams, whom we caught just outside the English block after running up and down the corridor indecisively five times. He agreed to chat it over with her in period six, which anyone who is anyone has free.

Then it was suddenly the end of lunch, so I had to register before going to my first lesson of FURTHER MATHS! Mr McWilliams was having to walk around the school to avoid the current building works, so in the meantime I randomly decided to plonk myself down between Ellen and Chelsea, more to annoy Ellen than anything else. Mr McWilliams was grumpier than usual when he came in and basically introduced the subject by saying that we should all kill ourselves at the age of 25, then another person came in (bringing our group to a total of 10) so Mr McWilliams had to go all the way back to the Maths block to get another book. In the meantime, after some slightly awkward conversation, I opted that we should all introduce ourselves by saying our names and the AS levels we were doing. It actually worked fairly well.
When Mr McW finally returned, in an even worse mood, we finally did some Maths. He did tell us that the first load of work we’d be doing would be fairly easy to do for our group, and indeed the vertex-edge graphs do seem fairly simple at this point. Well, not ALL of them are simple, just the ones that don’t have multiple lines joining vertices…

When the lesson ended Chloé went in to talk to Mr McWilliams for about five minutes before we realised that we were holding up an entire PE class, so Mr McW and Chloé went over to a table and I talked to Peter about how awesomely awesome Metroid Prime Trilogy is (released today) and how for some reason I acquired a copy of LoZ: Wind Waker earlier, complete with a memory card. The box was rather battered and the manual was one from the limited edition two-disc version, but a game is a game, and Gamecube games don’t come cheap in Europe. I don’t even know where it came from, but it somehow ended up in my hands and no-one else wanted it or claimed ownership of it or even appeared to understand what an awesome game it was, so… *yoink*
I checked the memory card when I got home to see what other saves there were, but there was only Wind Waker… Now if only my Gamecube controller wasn’t broken. Time to get out that soldering iron again…

Eventually Mr McW got Chloé to make a decision, so she went down to Mr Jenning’s office and had her timetable changed. That was an ordeal.

Oh, *Anime* the latest episode of Bleach was AMAZING. I don’t care if it’s filler, they had hollow Ichigo fighting the evil guy (Muramasa) inside Ichigo’s soul, and then suddenly HI is getting beaten by evil powers… Meanwhile, Renji is fighting his own materialised Zanpakutou but is getting his ass handed to him ’cause he doesn’t really want to accidentally destroy his sword…
Then in the last few minutes, Ichigo jumps out in front of Muramasa and is all like ‘You can’t hurt him, he may be a hollow but he’s part of me!’ and at the same time Renji is all like ‘It doesn’t matter that you think I’m weak because the only thing that matters is getting stronger!’ and then Ichigo goes ‘I need all the parts of myself, and if I need to defeat you to get back Zangetsu, then so be it!’ and then Renji is all like ‘I’m gonna kick your ass’ and Zabimaru goes ‘No way, your sword has no power without us inhabiting it’ and then Renji goes ‘HOWL! ZABIMARU!’ and it transforms and then materialised Zabimaru is all like ‘OMG WTF NO WAY!’ and then Ichigo runs towards Muramasa and then it’s the end of the episode. Ben lets out a fangirl squeal. *Anime*

This was meant to be a short entry, but that didn’t really work out, did it?



  1. Chris said,

    So it seems you had an eventful first two days. Who else is in your further maths group?

  2. joethearachnid said,

    Moi, Adam, Ellen, Cara, Hannah, Chelsea, Robyn, someone from another school called Alex, someone from the Upper Sixth and Amy Brook.

    Well, at least Ellen isn’t too boring, as for the rest…

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