A Week of POWER

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Not entirely sure where the power came from, but I can sure as hell tell you that its level is OVER 9,000! Yeah, I’ll stop making that joke now. It was old ten years ago.

Tuesday, AKA ‘mind and matter collide’ day had three periods of RS (Ethics) with Mrs Riddell-Croft and a double Physics with Mr Halls. The Ethics was very interesting; we looked at what we would be studying over the next few months and examined some ethical situations like whether to save people dying in a car crash or go on to save a mother giving birth who needed urgent medical attention, and also whether to hit old people or a baby with a train, or risk the emergency brake. We looked at Absolutism (the crazy one) and Relativism (the sensible one) and each of their advantages and disadvantages. It’s nice that instead of GCSE RS fact-learning there’s a lot more freedom to just voice anything as long as you can back it up.
After the fire bell went RS was cut short so I ate lunch hurriedly and went to the Seminar room where I was doing Ancient Greek lessons with Mrs Stephenson, along with Eliza, Chloé and Ash Ketchum. Learning the whole new alphabet was pretty trippy, but I hope it’ll make Maths and Physics easier as well as boosting my wordpower once we actually learn some words…
Physics wasn’t quite so good for me. Mr Halls (considered ‘dreamy,’ I’m told) earned brownie points earlier on by playing half of the LHC rap but lost them again by expressing how ashamed he was of being a Physics student. He should be more like Miss Fletcher: proud of herself and batshit crazy. Anyway, we did an experiment with ping-pong balls and party poppers that was wildly inaccurate but fun nonetheless. What I found shocking was how many people were unable to arrange the equation we did at the end (even Max, who got an A in Maths). I keep on having to remind myself that I’m not in the super-group any more.

Wednesday is the McPwnage day, constituting four lessons of Mr McWilliams with study periods first and second from last. It all blurs into one a bit, but we ended up being in MC5 for all of the lessons (with its super-uncomfortable new ‘unbreakable’ chairs). In Further Maths we looked at more vertex/node-edge/arc graphs including Eulerian and semi-Eulerian specimens. Mr McWilliams said that he liked the idea of ‘nodes’ because they made him think of Borg data nodes. I think I was the only one who got it.
Normal Maths was less cool with just surds and how to sort them out good ‘n’ proper-like. It was made better by the fact that I was sitting with Tom C and Chloé (rather than say Max) so I had friends around me but wasn’t distracted from the maths by talk about nerdy things.

Thursday is called Aristotle day, because it has ancient Greece, Philosophy and Maths.
In Classics we just watched a slideshow of things to do with the Odyssey and Greek culture with Mrs Stephenson commenting. It wasn’t really mindblowing. For that matter, neither was Maths with Mr McWilliams – simply more surds.

Now Philosophy. That was mindblowing. We discussed the course, then got straight down and dirty into the theory of Plato’s cave and later the idea of the ‘World of Forms’. We all had great fun picking holes in it (is there a perfect fax and printer, fax-printer combo or all three in the world of forms?) and going slightly off-topic as well as acting out the cave story and coming up with new takes on the idea (being locked in a cinema with only Pixar films, anyone?).
During lunchtime the age old argument was struck up again between me and Luke. Pirates or Ninjas? It was a battle of epic proportions that unfortunately ended in a stalemate of sorts.
Maths in the afternoon finally completed my set of four identical Maths books: two each for both Maths and FM, one with Mr McWilliams and one with Mr Hydes. This was a Hydes Maths lesson. It was fairly basic stuff about lines, but Chloé (having changed groups) had already done the lesson and so was steaming ahead of everybody. It was all I could do to stop her doing all the questions all over again…

Friday is… just awesome, really. I can’t think of a better title. Starting off with a breakneck pace, double Physics with Miss Fletcher was actually slightly dull because we were doing basic mathematics about re-arranging formulas, standard form and graph types. I know it’s important for some people to revise/learn this for the coming weeks, but I couldn’t help but feel impatient about the lack of materials we were meant to be studying.
In the following study period I tried to do some Physics but couldn’t concentrate, so when Eliza came looking for Ash Ketchum for his Pokémon training Latin lessons with her I followed her back out onto the garden to await the coming of Classics… in which we watched more slideshows of pictures and learned the basic layouts and names of bits of a typical Greek temple.
After lunch came more vertices and edges with Mr McW, followed by more time rugby tackling Chris on the garden and then home.

Yesterday I really had nothing to do. My parents were at a wedding, my brother was at his girlfriend’s house and I had no homework, despite what Mr Jennings says otherwise. So what did I do? Well, I fiddled with my new Facebook account that I had made of Thursday evening, played French then Japanese music really loudly and then proceeded to download MORE Japanese music, namely the new(ish) Stereopony single ‘Smilife’ (which is excellent, and the b-sides are brilliant) as well as Yui’s ‘again’ (same story) and the Yui b-side compilation ‘My Short Stories’ in glorious 320kps quality, which I have yet to listen to. I also sorted out a lot of the other kinks in my iTunes library, like getting a good quality version of Asterisk and making sure everything had album art.

Today nothing really happened until 2pm, when I was driven to Luke’s house for his birthday gathering, described as being about ‘Watching Futurama, eating Chinese food and playing Street Fighter IV.’
And that was basically it. Okay, so I played Lylat Wars on the Wii as well (the Gamecube controller really doesn’t work well for the precision) and got decent high score, and we also watched the Scrubs musical, which I know ALL the words to. This annoyed Luke no end. Methinks he might not invite me back again…
Oh, and Street Fighter IV was pretty good. Though not as good as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will be…
After that I was picked up and taken to my brother’s girlfriend’s house where everyone else in my family had just been entertained and fed. I couldn’t stand the adult chatter, so I went and played Guitar Hero 2 and played ‘Carry on, Wayward Son’ on medium. I’ve wanted to do that for YEARS. Then Hal (Beth’s little brother) did Cherry Pie on expert and actually played along on a real guitar when I did Sweet Child o’ Mine. I got pwned by a twelve-year-old.

Throughout the week I watched both 300 and 30 Days of Night, both lent to me by Chloé. The former was kinda awesome (especially after reading about the Spartans in Classics) and it was well choreographed as well as superbly acted and impeccably masculine. The main thing that got me about it was not the depiction of the Persians as evil deformed beings (it’s how the Spartans would have told it, anyway) but the music, which I felt was a little too rocky at times, making it feel more like a music video (albeit a super-awesome one) than a film.
The latter film, 30 Days of Night, was pretty cool as well. It wasn’t trying to do anything new, but at the same time it knew what it was and how to execute that very well. The horror was horrible, the gore was gory, the action intense, the villains evil and the inevitable whittling down of the characters was sad, but not as sad as the final ending.

I’ve also been listening to some of Superbus, a French band who are really rather good. Although Max probably finds the idea of French music more disgusting than Japanese, I’m not sure…



  1. Chris said,

    I believe it was you that said, when I mentioned Muse B-sides being pretty good, “They aren’t exactly b-sides are they? They can’t be B-sides unless on a Vinyl record.” Or something along those lines…
    OH HO HO! Look here lots of b-side talk… and if it wasn’t you then…. well, I’m fairly sure it was… ages ago though….

    And I wonder if you’ll be saying physics is easy when apparently everyone fails the first module (I don’t know what they mean by Fail… F I imagine, but I think they mean like D and below…)

    • joethearachnid said,

      I can’t say that I remember that… although it does seem like the sort of this I’d say. I mainly got into b-sides when I was trying to download Namida no Mukou and the only way I could find it was as the whole single. Then I realised that the b-side was actually better than the a-side, and so since then I’ve made sure to try to listen to them.

      And I don’t fail things. I’m far too maniacal to not get good marks, and at least I actually did my homework, unlike Max…

      • Chris said,

        As Dougle so blatantly yelled out…

  2. blackbeardslog said,

    Nice entry, and as for the unbreakable chairs thing, they’ve obviously never heard the term ‘Jenny Woodard’.

  3. millyandpippin said,

    i am very jealous of ancient greek


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