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Tell me what the title says, and earn a prize.

So I’ve now been on Facebook for one week, and so I’m now pretty certain of two distinct thoughts on the matter:

  • Facebook can go die;
  • Facebook can go die.


But the question you’re all dying to ask is ‘Ben, how is your fabulously interesting week so far?’ Well… it’s been long and tiring.

Monday literally FLEW by. I really can’t remember much about it, and what I can blended into Tuesday, which was all a bit shit what with my one free period having been stolen by FROCKING General Studies, in which we learned the difference between a tabloid and broadsheet newspaper. Gasp. As someone with five A-levels to study for, I can’t help feeling that my somewhat more restricted time could be better spent advancing my education and pretending to be Street Fighter/Punch Out characters in the common room… I’m going to go to one more, and if it still sucks then I’ll ask the big JJ about skipping the lessons. In fact, I could probably just take the exam at the end and still get a C.

On Tuesday evening I tried going to bed at 8:30, but actually woke up even more tired than I had when I went to bed. Fortunately Wednesday was fairly easy in its awesomeness, so I had first period trying to do Classics notes but actually helping Peter write a letter to Robert Hitcham’s to request work experience, which was far more interesting than Doric friezes anyway. In Further Maths Mr McW. serenaded us with the Flash Gordon theme song and introduced us to Kruskal’s algorithm and the infinitely superior Prim’s  algorithm for finding spanning trees of minimum weight, whilst in regular Maths we did… something I forget. But it had Surds in, anyway. I think it might have been cancelling out surds on the bottom of a fraction.

In my last free period I went out into the garden to read some Odyssey and was getting through it until Rose asked me if I happened to have French dictionary on the off-chance. I replied in the negative, and so she asked if I could look at a bit of French to help her translate it. I remarked that since I hadn’t even taken French for GCSE, A-level might be a bit much, and so Rose managed to sort it out. I read on until Rose got bored and came to ‘annoy me,’ then Chloé came over so we all talked about which Greek gods or goddesses we would each be. I can’t remember who Chloé was (she was either Hades or married to Hades), but I was Hermes and Rose was a combination of Aphrodite, Penelope and Helen and by that logic we reasoned that Zaki (Rose’s boyfriend) must be Odysseus. Near the end of the period Chris and Max and possibly others came out, and so when the bell went Chris led me through the secret passage between the bushes at the end of the garden, much to the surprise of Mrs (Miss?) Armes, who was teaching PE on the fields.

Today I was listening to Panic at the Disco[!] on the bus this morning – never a good sign. I had some Philosophy to do, but as I got out my stuff during registration I remembered that today was the day for paired reading, so upon Mr Peter’s expected prompt I went off to the library, where a few people were already there. Then more turned up. Then more. A lady whose name I can’t remember came in and told us to gather round, so I sat at the central table whilst still more people were arriving. She started speaking about our duties and what we should be doing, but people just kept on coming. I counted about 60 people in the end, not bad for a year of ~160. Are there really that many illiterate year sevens? And can we fit 120 people into the library? Methinks a re-think is in order.

Classics was good, but Maths was better; Mr McWillams wasn’t there. In the lower school we’d have a cover teacher and cover work, but in this case we just had nothing. After everyone else realised this and left (I’d realised beforehand) I was left in the classroom with Chloé. She, being Chloé, wanted to do some Maths anyway and I needed to do my RS, so we got on with that and I got some really good flaws in Plato’s stupid cave down before break time came along.
Philosophy was fun because it was almost all just discussion about ‘CHAIRNESS’ and picking holes in everything, along with a really disturbing 70s cartoon representation of the cave analogy (and you can’t spell analogy without anal).
Lunch dragged on a bit after Alfie finished apparently trying to rape Chloé (?) and double Maths brought with it a capable dose of ‘bluh?’ as I stared at the first set of questions we were meant to do for about fifteen minutes as my brain experienced total hardware failure and was sent back to Microsoft for repairs. However, after that we moved onto something else so I switched to Linux and ploughed through some of the work feeling distinctly emo in my demeanour. I got through it all, though and as we walked to the buses after the lesson Chloé remarked on how this Thursday was ending in exactly the same way as the previous one. Indeed, she was right.

Everyone on the bus was far too loud, but not loud enough to block out the awesomeness of Simian Segue and Velonica, so I made it home safely and sank down with a cup of tea and a stack of biscuits. I need to do some Classics notes (the ones I started on Wednesday) and also go through some Maths stuff, all before 11pm, when Screwattack is doing an Out of the Box on DJ Hero, which I am vaguely interested in, even I have no intentions whatsoever of buying it.

In other news, The Odyssey is progressing nicely, with Telemachus still pwning everything in has path and descriptions as visceral and brilliant as ever.
In music, an interesting fact: there’s a thing that some songs do where they go into a cappella or minimal instrument mode, and then they bring in the bass drums before going back into the full melody. It’s in plenty of songs, but few of them actually get it perfectly right – but coincidentally both Yui’s Summer Song and Stereopony’s Nagereboshi absolutely nail it. It’s good.
I’ve been listening to Superbus some more which is still really good, particularly some songs like ‘Sunshine’ and the rather strangely named (and chorused) ‘Sex Baby Sex’. They don’t even have the excuse that the Romans had that ‘sex’ is 6. It’s a really good song though.
I also finally got around to downloading ‘Kusari,’ which is the ending song to this Disgaea anime. It’s good.

What was also awesome was when Barack Obama called Kanye West a jackass. That really made me feel better about life as a whole. Observe this (not the original, blates):

Epic lulz.

Ash Ketchum (who will be known as that on here forever) is apparently a drug dealer, if you listen to Eliza’s rumour-mongering. However, I’ve decided to be lenient after Eliza told me how he talks about me all the time about how funny I am (particularly when Ethan said ‘I’m going to bring XXX object’ and I said ‘Well I’m bringing SEXY BACK!’). Apparently he’s told Eliza about that at least three times now. It annoys her, but it gave me a little warm glow inside…

Remember, prizes for title decipherers and play safe, kids!



  1. Chris said,


    Or something like that….

    • joethearachnid said,

      But close-ish.

  2. Peter said,

    Now here I was thinking you weren’t /quite/ technical enough to make a Linux gag. Clearly, I was very wrong.

    • joethearachnid said,

      I’m glad someone appreciated it.

  3. milly said,

    oo… ooo… its ancient greek, n’est pas?? give me a clue

    • joethearachnid said,

      The letters are Beta-Lambda-Omicron-Gamma-Gamma-Iota-Nu-Gamma-Sigma.

  4. milly said,


    • joethearachnid said,

      Bugger. Now I need to think of a prize. For now you can be content with the fact that you won…

  5. milly said,

    yeeeeyyyyyy.. prize

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