Je Ne Suis Pas un Hereux Lapin

Tuesday, September 22 2009 at 20:24 (Home, Music, Pictures, Rants, School) ()

Yeah, so it’s been a tough past few days.

Monday was difficult because everything was confusing and hated me. We learned the MOST POINTLESS ALGORITHM EVAR in Further Maths (Shell Sort). Double Classics dragged on a lot and was a bit of a bitch with all the homework, then at lunchtime I was bored and tired. In Physics we measured the breaking something of thread and paper, which was probably the most fun thing all day because it gave Max an excuse to get out his Mac and note everything down in Excel. In Classics again we noted down the differences between Doric and Ionic temples and got even MORE homework.

I went home and found that everyone in my house was arguing and so after dinner I ran away until Waking the Dead came on, which was even more screwed up and strange than usual. After that I caught up on the Mario/Sonic e-mail flamewar I’ve been having with Elliot.

Today was pretty sucky. We basically re-covered everything I thought we’d already done in Ethics (move on already) and made strange notes about everything. General Studies was… complete shit. It really was DULL.
Ancient Greek was pretty fun, as we actually started to do some actual phrases. The problem is that now we also have Dorothy and Ellen L joining in. Dorothy I don’t mind, but Ellen always needs everything repeated nineteen times and with her the group isn’t quite as cool as it was, you know?
That afternoon I would have had double Physics with the Hallster, but he was otherwise predisposed so we just had some sheets to do at our leisure. I went into the common room for a bit but couldn’t concentrate (Lauren watching Twilight on Max’s iPod Touch made me feel a tad queasy) so I went onto the garden where I actually got quite a bit of work done… until Lydia and Tanya (sp?) showed up. I hadn’t yet got to know Tanya despite her being on my bus and in my RS group, so distracted from my Physics I asked her random questions as I do when I meet people. She lost points for not liking Merlin but gained millions for thinking Twilight was crappy and not getting what’s so good about Robert Pattinson. Then a bunch of other people came out, including Dougle who lay down on the grass and dozed off. After while I decided it might be funny to drip a tiny bit of water on his forehead.
So what does he do? Goes apeshit and throws the whole bottle over my nice new shirt. Then Lydia spilled water all over the cover of my Physics book. As in the title, I was not a happy bunny. I stalked off and sat on the bus and ruined people’s fun before coming home and writing an emo blog to make you all depressed too.

After going on the Yui fan site (?) and then going onto a topic about Stereopony I found that there was a lot of talk about another three-piece all-female J-rock band called Chatmonchy. I decided to get one of their albums.

There is also an awesome Stereopony T-shirt that I super-want that will only ship to Japan. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, I almost forgot. Ned today made a big fuss about this picture, which I shall repost here with its original caption:

Ned cupping his breast and crotch at the sight of me.

Ned cupping his breast and crotch at the sight of me.

Ned apparently did not like this. I can’t really see why. I mean, it’s been on here for nearly a year now (reminds me – anniversary of being on WordPress is 14th October) and that particular entry seems to have actually netted me a few unsuspecting victims… I mean readers. Well, it’s going to stay there no matter what Ned does.

Here’s some more awesome music… (>’o’)>



  1. Chris Smedley said,

    Well, I have to admit, that was probably one of your better blogs in awhile… even if it wasn’t depressing like you said it was….

    And yeah, Ned confronted me about it one time and got all worried and stuff… They found it by google searching the sexyness that is Ned Roach…

    • joethearachnid said,

      So basically you like the blogs where I’m miserable? How nice.

      • Chris said,

        Well, I didn’t get a feel for it being miserablé… but oh well… I liked it because it was just… I dunno pleasant on the eye…
        wink wink

  2. Max said,

    Good call on deleting that last post. 😉

    • joethearachnid said,

      It’s not deleted: technically it’s ‘Pending re-review’.

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