Explosions and Feeling Crap

Sunday, October 25 2009 at 23:35 (Anime, Home, Rants, School) (, , )

Well, if you’ve been following my Twitter then you’ll know that a few days ago my computer experienced colossal failure. There I was, happily watching some porn (it wasn’t actually porn; I can’t remember what it was) when suddenly BAM! There it is. (The avatar’s foot, that is.)
Anyway, there was a big and scary BSOD with ‘IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL’ – a message which actually means bugger-all. It’s bollocks that roughly translates to ‘Oh noes! Something went wrong!’ and serves no useful purpose at all… especially since from what I’ve seen nothing is wrong with my hardware anyway. So I was fairly phased by this and I went to bed with a heavy heart and heavy(ly swollen) glands – the only thing worse than your computer giving you the finger is your computer giving you the finger and feeling like shit.

School on Friday was a bit suck-tastic; I almost didn’t go in because I felt awful, but decided it would be best became it was the last day before half term and I felt that I should get the chance to wish everyone well over the coming week. Really, I needn’t have bothered. We learned tantamount to nothing in Physics (although we did eat biscuits) then I spent most of Classics not concentrating/sleeping. The afternoon was the worst, however, because I had no Further Maths lesson and so had no choice except to sit in a chair feeling exhausted and watch the seconds tick by. However, all of this time did give me a chance to talk to Peter about how best to tackle my computer problem and even Max showed up for the last two periods to print off some work, so we all had a nice chit-chat.
On the way home on the bus I talked to Oscar and Tanya of whom the former gave me a free packet of Tunes and the latter gave me 60p for a packet of Super Noodles (which were very much appreciated). It’s good when people are nice to me.

Yesterday, upon realising that I really had absolutely nothing better to do without a computer, I started again watching the episodes of Dragon Ball Z Elliot had lent to me. Apart from that I also ordered a new laptop:

XPS M1530

Complete with: 2.0 GHz dual-core processor, 4GB memory, 320GB hard drive, 256MB graphics card and a biometric fingerprint scanner.
So nothing earth-shattering, but it should run Portal okay, and that’ll be one New Year’s resolution down.

That evening I dined on quince (pasta) and slices of mince (bacon) which I ate with a runcible spoon (fork).
I slept totally shitily and ended up getting up at around what I thought was 8:45. When I got into the kitchen, however, the clock said that it was 7:45. I thought I was going mad until my parents called up and reminded me about the clocks changing. Stupid clocks.
I finished watching DBZ and then set about working out what to do with my current laptop. I snooped around on the internet for a bit looking for OSs but eventually said screw it and just got Ubuntu. I downloaded it, stuck it on a disc, put it into my computer and hammered F12. And it worked! It took about ten minutes to load up, but once it got there it was pretty fast, even running from a CD. I nabbed my mum’s portable hard drive (it’s 500GB, and she’s barely even scratched it) and started shovelling over all of my important stuff – about 20 GB in all, which took just 20 minutes to transfer.
Well after that I decided that I might try installing Ubuntu so that I wouldn’t get the slow and loud disc running all the time… and that’s where it gets complicated. Suffice it to say, it didn’t work and I plan to get Peter (as the regional Linux expert) to fix it. I could go into more detail but that would bore you and me both more than we already are – and no-one should be that bored.

Well, I’m still running Ubuntu to write this and it’s pretty stable, but I’m also looking forward to my new laptop. Reinstalling all those vital little programs (WINamp, 7-zip, VLC etcetera) will be really annoying, though.

Well, bet you had fun reading this! Here’s the nerd team to sort any of your problems:

THE TECH GUY – Also known as Peter, he seems to be from another planet. Even if his bleached skin and strange voice didn’t tip you off, you can quickly see that his technical know-how is out of this world.

THE HTML GUY – Brought up by his millionaire parents, Max had little time for normal toys as a child. Tinkering with code since the age of three his websites will simply blow away the competition.

THE OTAKU – Fluent in Japanese, Luke is as mystical as they come. His enormous database of anime and manga knowledge is matched only by his giant robot fetish.

THE CHRIS – [EDIT] This member was killed off in the second season for being an arsehole.

THE GAMER – At an impressionable young age, the flashing lights and sounds of videogames brought Ben’s plans for world domination to a crashing halt. Now dedicating his life to always finding that last energy tank, he never allows anything to come between him and his games.


Fighting every day to tell you that there are over 9,000 ways that THIS IS Sparta and I’ma let you finish, but I herd u liek mudkipz.



  1. Peter said,


    And I don’t have a strange voice!

  2. Chris said,

    (Second time of typing this out)
    “THE GAMER – At an impressionable young age, the flashing lights and sounds of videogames brought Ben’s plans for world domination to a crashing halt. Now dedicating his life to always finding that last energy tank, he never allows anything to come between him and his games.” BULL. FUCKING. SHIT!
    You should be the Otaku. Just because Luke speaks Japanese doesn’t make him an Otaku… You are more suited by saying not much other than aimless junk half the time. As well as now mostly talking in Internet Lingo (which sucks… btw)
    I’d also like to be removed from this “Nerd Force” due to the fact that I don’t need a team to make others feel bad about themselves… and not all that other crud… Speaking of which, you missed out how you did in that Physics test….

    ALSO ALSO, you missed out LOUDS. Like Thursday… and like the rest of the week….

    • joethearachnid said,

      Well, I obviously touched a nerve here. I’ll edit it, your highness.
      Honestly, you use a bit of hyperbole to make people sound like a superhero team and everyone just overreacts.

      And yes, I missed out most of the week because most of the week (like Friday) was SHIT. Here is the rest of the week for your amusement:
      Monday – Classics was boring, we did a test in Physics. Further Maths was confusing.
      Tuesday – RS was waay too long and I had printed off the wrong sheets. At least we didn’t have General Studies but Physics wasn’t much better – another stupid test.
      Wednesday – Basically a day of not getting things in [Further] Maths. Mr McWilliams as angry as ever.
      Thursday – Classics was dull, Maths really accomplished nothing, RS was fairly confusing and in the afternoon Mr Hydes was just being a twat.

      That’s why I skip bits – I don’t really want to write about unpleasant experiences that I can’t really remember anyway.

      And FYI, Luke is a self-admitted Otaku. If you think I’m more Otaku than he is you should just see his bedroom. Every wall has something anime related on it and he has has shelves full of just manga and anime DVDs. He even has a few copies of monthly Shonen Jump – they look like phone directories. All I do is watch subs because I think the acting is better.

      • Peter said,

        +1 to Luke being more Otaku. He owns seven (?) volumes of Cardcaptor Sakura!

      • Chris said,

        I know have more for me than I did before…. oh goody!

  3. Max said,

    I like the name you’ve given me, it can have two meanings. Firstly it makes me look awesome to geeks, then when the ladies ask what’s HTML I’ll just wink and say, “How to make looove.”

  4. Elliot "EZ" de Bondt said,

    Question: How come I’m not one of your nerds? And besides I started watching anime way before any of you guys. Mr. OTAKU I am.

    • joethearachnid said,

      Again, you have seriously underestimated Luke’s Otaku-ness. Anyway, you don’t watch subs or read manga! STFU.
      You’re not on there mainly because I couldn’t think of anything interesting or witty to put.

      • Elliot "EZ" de Bondt said,

        Exscuse me Mr. Hot-Pants.(look It up)
        As a matter of fact I DO READ MANGA, I DO WATCH ANIMES IN SUBS (But dubs are just so mush easier, I’ll say it again: Your spending more time looking at those words than the anime itself. Luke is an exception because he knows the damn language!) AND AT LEAST I’M MORE OTAKU THAN YOU!

      • Elliot "EZ" de Bondt said,

        What about my cartoon drawing skillz . You’ve seen them. And you stole that world domination thing from me!

      • joethearachnid said,

        Well, you don’t watch nearly enough subs to be an Otaku. Seriously. Anyway, it’s nought to be proud of, really.
        And did you go out and buy volume one of Reservoir Chronicle: Tsubasa today? You did not. Betya don’t even know what Tsubasa means without looking it up.

        And everyone has plans for world domination. I had and lost those before I’d even met you.

        • Chris said,

          If Mr. Logical/Mr. Put-down is to intergect for a second. Once the cards have been shown, I’d say Luke is more Otaku (again, not being a good thing) what with also going to at least one anime convention… in costume (granted not much, but still). And just because you “started watching anime before all of us” doesn’t make you Otaku. Besides, I doubt you did… I for one started watching Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh RELIGIOUSLY when it first came out, Card Captors on the original airing on CiTV. I also watched Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z when they had it on Cartoon Network in the evenings and Sailor Moon in the mornings on weekends on I believe at the time Fox Kids. So… *shrugs*
          But yeah, not something you want to aim for… it wont get you much love in Japan if you ran around saying you were an Otaku where it is normally viewed as a bad thing. And isn’t that what most of this is about… trying to become more anime but the closest of which would be becoming Japanese?

          • Elliot "EZ" de Bondt said,

            Finally! A decent reply. You managed to convince me Chris. Why can’t Ben do that?

  5. Chris said,

    Ben doesn’t work with logic…

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