Does This Work?

Thursday, October 29 2009 at 01:16 (Site Update) (, , )

I’m experimenting with writing a blog from Windows LiveWriter. My new laptop has arrived and I’m experimenting with whether any of the crap Vista has thrown at me is actually any good at all… mostly not. Back with a full and in-depth rundown of the past few days’ activity soon, promise.

I must also say, the editing layout is also not nearly as nice as WordPress’s.

[EDIT] There’s well-hidden Categories and other options, but no Tagging. Boned.

[EDIT2] Okay, there are tags. They’re just called ‘keywords’ instead.


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  1. Chris said,

    Yeah, the LiveWriter is pretty pointless really. It requires an Internet connection…. and so does an Internet browser… most people have an Internet Browser up at the same time as about anything… really it isn’t worth the bytes it takes up…

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