Vlog #1

Saturday, October 31 2009 at 00:40 (Videos) ()

Because I’m cheap and wanted to see if it worked.

Peace, brethren.



  1. Chris said,

    (Writing this as I watch)
    I’d suggest not being so static…. Cause apart from the odd bit, you were just sat shoulders stark still… is the other half of that money going towards a 360. Cool, you got Watchmen.nice tie in a silly amount of packaging….
    Also, more emotion in the voice… because it is a bit slow… and slightly monotonous. Ah well… it was… amusing!

    • joethearachnid said,

      Yeah, the thing about being static is that if I move around it gets super blurry. There was a moment of fubling when I was looking for Tsubasa that I edited out where the blurriness was enourmous.
      Yes, I know I need more emotion. I am a robot, and this was me randomly trying something at the end of a long day before I played Mass Effect for four hours.

      • Chris said,

        It’s still good though! But yeah, I can understand how if it is the end of a long day it can mean that you can’t exactly be loud etc.
        But yeah! I think the robot thing was brought on with the suit making you look all box shoulders.

  2. Max said,

    Well… It beats reading.

    Nice vlog, I am glad you have a new laptop so you can play games that weren’t released in the age where there were still dinosaurs and hobbits. And you can wear your Arkwright tie and badge to school with pride! In fact… Do so.

  3. Chris said,

    May I please ask how you did it? Like, what did you use to record? I’ve always thought of doing something like this… but with all the attempts, the sound was a shit storm… now… I think I can do the very clumsy thing of hitting Record on two different things at the same time and hope the sync is up… but yeah… WOO!

    • joethearachnid said,

      Combination of built in webcam, built in dual microphone and built-in Dell webcam software… there’s probably some kind of (better) substitute on the internet… and then bunging all the footage into Movie Maker before basic editing and throwing it onto the interwebs for the coyotes to have.
      Really, not much to it. Took about half an hour.

  4. Elliot "EZ" de Bondt said,

    HA! You look so stupid with that suit.
    But do you really wanna do enginering, I mean with your Intellect and my Wacky Imagination, we could still achive World Domination. Wadda say?
    As a matter of fact I just watched Watchmen. Good movie. Get It.
    And back to the whole Tsubasa thing. Well… I bet you didn’t know it meant “Wings” when you first heard it.

    • joethearachnid said,

      Comic > movie. Easy.
      And yes I did, I’m fluent in Japanese. Obviously.

      • Elliot "EZ" de Bondt said,

        Ah! Shut up! No ya didn’t.

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