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You know that poll, two posts ago? Yeah? You all had the chance to vote. Therefore you have only yourselves to blame.

So a few weeks ago now I got up and caught a train to the great metropolis of Ipswich to see my great amigo Chris so that we could frolic to the camp end of town and buy each other flowers and rub oils into each other. It seems we got a tad lost, ’cause we actually ended up in a cinema watching ASTRO BOY (the most manly thing since Chuck Norris) and definitely neither of us nearly or slightly or did actually cry a little bit at the end. Defo.
I decided that for Astro I’d go to see it without any predispositions put upon me by reviews, so that I could enjoy it entirely on its merits, or lack thereof. For the record it may have had some very slight flaws in terms of blahblahblah – WHO CARES? There’s an anime robot boy KICKING ARSE! The acting was good as well, and the animation was very good. It’s the same guys who did the TMNT movie and who are also doing the upcoming Science Ninja Team Gatchaman movie… at some point, hopefully.
After the immense doses of awesome we inhaled, Chris and I wandered around Ipswich in a dreamy haze, wandering here and there amongst the dispersed video game, manga and comic book retailers. We also stopped in Subway – an interesting experience for me since the last and only Subway I had been in to previously was in Brest, four years ago. The guy at the counter apparently hadn’t been trained to deal with people who didn’t know what to do, so he just sat there gormlessly.
All too soon it was over, and I trained my way back to Diss and was driven back home.

Oh, some time before that again, there was the Classics trip to the British museum. It was a good experience overall, but I’ll break it down into the most interesting parts (the ones I can remember, anyway):

  • Getting on to the coach, Amber asked me if I would sit next to her… to which I mumbled some kind of non-committal reply. For a minute I thought it would actually happen, but then Mrs Stephenson moved the year 11s (who were on a separate art trip) to the front of the coach so that we could have the back half we were promised. There was a space next to Jagger! Seat get! … Chaos averted.
  • Walking around in the morning, there were some very cool and some questionable things. An Erechtheion Caryatid is just dandy, but a depiction on a vase of some guy balancing a wine cup on his penis is just plain scary.
  • Lunch was interesting – a roll with chicken tikka sandwich filler and garlic mayonnaise. I asked Chloé and Eliza about this combination but decided that it was edible – little knowing that it was this very filler that would cause me horrific stomach cramps and emergency evacuations of my insides over the next few days.
  • The Parthenon sculptures need to be seen to be believed. Chloé was taking notes whilst we listened to the audio guide, but I was content just to sit and absorb them. Seriously, if you ever have a spare hour or so in central London, go see them. Even the smashed-up half of Poseidon’s torso is amazing, and that’s basically just a huge hunk of rock with a tiny patch of detail.
  • I spent rather a lot of money on books, but I don’t care. Haven’t got around to reading them yet, mind.

The past few weeks have been a bit… well, shitty. The last week particularly – the work I’m being given is just starting to overwhelm me, I got back my grades for my January A-level exams and Charity day was on Friday.
In terms of grades, I ACEd it; I got an A in Physics (HOW?), a C in regular maths (one mark off a B) and an E in Further Maths. The E has been the main source of my worry and insomnia over the past few days. The Physics is obviously great – even if my marker was apparently on crack at the time (seriously, I wasn’t expecting grade at all), the Maths is all right because I’m confident that with my Core 2 and Mechanics skillez I can even out my overall mark for this year and retake Core 1 next year as need be. See, you have to apply to universities with AS grades, so they have to be pretty darn good if you want to get anywhere pretty darn good. Since my crazy ambition is to go to Imperial College, I’ma need to get pretty much straight As to have any chance. This is why the Further Maths is a worry – Discrete 1 is the easiest Further Maths module, so even if I retake it and do okay I’m now seriously lacking confidence about my prospective grades in Pure 1 and Discrete 2.

On Charity day the main school has a non-uniform day, but since the Sixth Form wear their own clothes every day there is a theme and they dress up. This year the theme was groups and duos. Guess what I went as? That’s right… nothing. I’d racked my brains for an idea (it had to be an original idea) and there had even been several well-laid plans that had fallen through. So I felt decidely dejected for most of the day, brooding on my grades and observing everyone else who had ‘made the effort’. There were some people, who… well, they could only be described by the last two lines of page 56 of Breaking Dawn. That’s right, cryptic messages, bitches!
Fridays are never a particularly good day anyway, but this one was served with extra hot sauce, so to speak. I don’t like hot sauce.

In terms of miscellaneous activities, I’ve obviously been dedicating exorbitant amounts of time to certain games, my favourite of which to play at the moment is Left 4 Dead 2… but only when Max and Peter are simultaneously available. Which is rarely – even on the special day at the special time we arranged. My cries of frustration were akin to those of when Max startles the witch, methinks.

Musically-wise, I’ve been jamming to quite a few tunes lately, not least because I’m now using my mother’s old 80GB iPod Classic and can actually fit all of mah tunes on there. I’ve been properly listening to Project Chaos and the regular Sonic 3 & Knuckles OSV a lot, and also I’ve been listening to Scandal’s finally-released proper album, ‘Best★Scandal’. Well, they proclaim themselves as ‘The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock’ and I’d say that still holds up pretty well. I’ve had some doubts about their music in the past, but this album just really kicks arse.

You’ve got tracks like the catchy and exciting ‘Scandal Baby’ (they do really like their own name), the sublime Yumemiru Tsubasa, Hitotsu Dake, which sounds like it should be the opening for some kickass anime, and also a new mix of Kagerou. Since each of the girls in the band take it in turns to sing you also get some nice variety that keeps tracks feeling fresh. What more could you ask for? Well, you might ask for it to be in English and not suck, but fuck you all.
My blog, my music, my rules, bitches.

Oh, a quick tip, music wise. If you ever need to sync something to an iPod but it doesn’t play or skips when it reaches a certain point in a track, try having iTunes convert the MP3 to an AAC or vice-versa. Make sure your sampling rates for conversion are set high, so you don’t lose sound quality. After that it should play fine. It worked for Scandal anyway.

I came up with an idea for a story that Peter seemed to want to steal quite badly, so I figured it must be pretty good. I won’t write what it is, because then you’ll probably steal it and sell a million copies, you evil internet-based bastard.

I do believe that’s it. I tried not to be too emo about it all, even with my mood as what it is recently. Tell me how I did, will ya?

Max, your turn 😛



  1. Peter said,


    • joethearachnid said,


      Wait, he survived by falling off a balcony.

  2. Chris said,

    You do remember that you bought Mass Effect whilst we were [strike]oiling up[/strike] in Ipswich, cause it seems all you’ve done is just put it in your ruddy 360 and then lost it…. PLAY YOUR DARN 360 MORE! Your gamerscore of 0 is embarrassing….
    subway was pretty funny how at the start I basically told you what to order with your shift glances towards me…. Ahhhh, good times…. Definitely need to do it again!
    Buggerific…. I could’ve sworn I had something else to say….. oh, perhaps it WAS….. if you do put this magical idea onto paper, don’t make it boring… I don’t want to start reading it and go “Buggering Fuck, this is like reading the FUCKING Bible!” so yeah……. keep that in mind, so it’s all good…

    • joethearachnid said,

      I didn’t mention Mass Effect in case my parents read this ’cause the 360 is TEH HUGE SEEKRIT that would cause them to strangle me if they found about it. That’s why.

      Also, the console hasn’t been online in a while – I’m sure I have at least one achievement.

      • Chris said,

        You don’t…. I checked yesterday, your Gamer score = 0… and has for AGES! You’ve got some catching up to do….

        • joethearachnid said,

          As I said, it hasn’t been on the internet in a while. What, you think I’d connect it just for you?

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