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May the Fourth be with you!
No, wait…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Nope, not that either.

Happy Election Day?
Fuck it.

So last week was a tad crappy – I spent most of it sulking because my parents, having just returned from an expensive weekend in Paris (all I got was a shitty mug) decided that the plan to go and see Iron Man 2 (FYI I would kill for that poster) with Max and Chris on the opening weekend (not to mention Free Comic Book Day) were irrelevant and that the weekend would be better spent sailing to Brightlingsea and socialising with old farts. I whined all week, and I never gave up hope. Alas, it was not to be.
Apart from that, a pretty uneventful week. Greek was off, the school election posters pasted around got steadily more ridiculous and in a daring collaboration with Nico we managed to get our joint ‘model’ essay finished in the combined time of about 31 minutes. It got 84% or something ridiculous.

On Friday evening the weather for Sunday and Monday (when we’d be returning) didn’t look good – it looked like we might not go after all. I, then, couldn’t understand why my parents were so dutifully getting overnight bags and the like ready. It turned out that even though we might not go, we were still committed to having a meal on the boats of an old fart couple – thus dashing any vague hopes I still had of Iron Man 2. Turned out that the event was a real surprise: the old people were boring; the food was bland; the boat was far too hot; my stomach hurt and I was bored to within an inch of my life. After dessert I managed to run away back to our boat where I binged on Neon Genesis Evangelion.
The next day it was decided that the forecast was too bad and that the trip would not happen. I was not happy and ordered to be taken home, where I locked myself in my room and binged some more until the weekend was over.

This week has actually been pretty good thus far: Tuesday’s RS amused me (which it really shouldn’t have – we’re doing war and peace) and that afternoon we had a Physics lesson that Mrs Smith could have made into the most monotonously abhorrent thing ever, but Mr Halls actually made fairly engaging. We also got back our final marks for our AS coursework – I got 25/30, putting me on 83% and a solid A overall in the course.

Wednesday was also pretty fun. In Further Maths we finished the general solutions for trigonometry functions and started on solving quadratics with numerical solutions. It was all oddly agreeable and made sense for the most part – but of course the difficulty is all in the application. In regular Maths we worked on integration and differentiation with negatives and fractions which was tedious and not all that interesting, although I did get to talk to Adam about various exciting things. Lunchtime was probably the peak of the day: the school electoral debate. Each party (I felt) played its role very well, and the debate ended up (probably largely due to the particular students arguing) into a fairly hilarious and entertaining spectacle. It was what we were hoping for, anyway. In period 5 I worked on a Further Pure 1 paper. I skipped the first question, did half of the second and then aced the third. All this took 50 minutes. I’m really not very confident in my ability to do well in this exam.

Today was probably the best of the bunch. Levi had stolen my seat on the bus, which I don’t necessarily mind, but it gives me an awkward dilemma: I can sit in front of her and thus be closer to the lower school arseholes at the front, I can sit behind her and be closer to the Sixth Form wankers at the back, or I can sit level on the opposite side of the aisle, where I’m uncomfortable because I’m used to leaning on the other side. I chose in front.
In form time Mr Peters asked for volunteers to help with the election ballots, so, paired reading being off, I decided that I might as well use this borrowed time helpfully and volunteer. Of our year, I was the only one. I was beset by year 11s with increasingly ridiculous names (like India Quinn) whose names I had to take down, tick and then give a voting slip. Eventually they dried up and apart from a few brave sixth formers no-one else came to vote, so I went off to Classics.
In Classics Amber gave an… interesting presentation on the Propylaia, then in Maths we did numerical integration and at break time I hurriedly copied down some quotes on Plato and his erstwhile student Aristotle for Philosophy, which was next. That was also pretty fun, with a weird selection of revision games and quizzes that all actually made me learn a few things without actually feeling like I was learning. I also picked all of the hardest questions for our team in the quiz, much to Nico’s disgust.
At lunch I milled around for a while and eventually decided to get a Mechanics paper done – easier said than done, as the internet was out (I couldn’t print of the mark scheme to check answers) and the library was still largely out of action after being the voting place all day. I settled down on the one bit of unoccupied table space and began to work. Soon Chloé came over to steal my table space and do some Physics notes, and somehow we ended up watching both the beginning of Gladiator then Hercules on her iPod. I’m still not entirely sure how that happened.
In Mechanics we actually got very little done despite the double lesson, as Mr Hydes left us mostly to our own devices and as such we ended up chatting rather than working or revising. I also got some support in my probably vain attempt to get Head Boy with a whole two people pledging their allegiance. Wow.

Keep in mind that I’ve also been watching a whole bunch of anime this week. This will all be covered in the paragraph below, with punctuation removed to reduce size.
So I decided to start watching Neon Genesis Evangelion which was pretty good and exciting despite all of the characters being fucked in the head and the ending being crappy as such I decided to watch the movie End of Evangelion which gives an ending that is more satisfying in some ways but also much more unsatisfying in others but anyway I recommend it and it’s good also I watched FLCL after that because it’s also made by Gainax which is weird as hell but quite funny and very poignant and is only six episodes long so it’s not that bad if you want to watch it and after that I started watching Code Geass which is a bit more complex but has character designs by CLAMP and is therefore awesome in a bucket with added win on top and the characters even the crappy ones become more endearing after a while and I’ve also downloaded the first episode of Darker Than Black which I will watch tomorrow.
/me takes deep breath

In terms of the Election, I’d vote Lib Dem if I could. David Cameron can suck my dismantled Trident missile system.

Other than that, not much going on. I have 18 days of giving up video games left and my first exam is on the 18th. Is Ben doomed? Will he pass his exams? Is Darker Than Black any good?
Find out, next time on Supernizzle.



  1. Chris said,

    Racist…. Darker than Black!?! Black as the ace of spades!?!

    Um…. Something something something something something. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!
    I swear I had something else to say… Watch SOUL EATER! It’s pretty TITS-ish!
    Um, I like the Trident Missle System thing, as well!

    • joethearachnid said,

      I believe that in Japanese it’s actually Daka zan Buraku. Not that it makes any difference whatsoever.
      All I know about it is that it’s highly thought of and that the second series opening is Tsukiakari no Michishirube by Stereopony. Which rawks.
      I shall look into Soul Eater, but keep in mind that I also need to watch K-on!, a whole bunch more Code Geass and maybe even some Gundam 00. That also has a second series opening by Stereopony…

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