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Sunday, November 6 2011 at 23:17 (Uncategorized) ()

Damn the BBC are good. I really appreciate what they do for British culture as a whole. I mean, not only do they have a great history of incredible shows (too many to list), but they just keep coming with great new stuff. I’ve always had a soft spot for BBC dramas – Spooks, Waking the Dead, Old Tricks, Hustle, that kind of thing. They’re almost always consistently good, well acted and well produced. Other things like Merlin and Doctor who are kind of campy and and not to everyone’s taste (and both made by BBC Wales, hmm…) but I’ve really enjoyed them.
The recent Page Eight was an incredible spy drama featuring Bill Nighy that pretty much blew me away with how engrossing and interesting it was. And this was pretty much an hour and a half of people talking. No gadgets, no shooting and no car chases, just character drama that couples fantastic actors with superb writing.

I also appreciate the iPlayer. Of all the channels that offer on-demand services, the BBC still seems to be ahead of everyone else, at least as much as they can be without being service providers themselves (see Virgin, Sky). Right now I can just download the whole of Merlin series 4 that’s aired so far in HD in a variety of formats. Sure there are limiations on playback and the time you can keep it, but the ease of use is just unmatched. Why hunt down torrents when I can watch the show in well-encoded HD for free?

You stay classy, BBC.

(Unrelated: WordPress? What the fuck happened to you? Seriously?)


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