Went a little nuts in HMV

Monday, November 7 2011 at 18:57 (Uncategorized) (, , )

And bought all these:divids innit

The guy at the counter gave me an odd look when he got to the last one. He was actually so surprised that he forgot to neutralise the security tag and so I got attacked by policemen when I tried to leave. Not wanting to waste time I simply shot them all with my awesome and flew away.

Most of them are vaguely remembered Moviebob reccomendations, Princess and the Frog is just because and Submarine I have no idea about but hell it’s directed by That Guy From The IT Crowd. A certain person had better bloody appreciate this. Movie reviews possibly inc., we’ll see.

I currently have a godawful cold. I’m not sure exactly which god looks after cold, but I guess Apollo is medicine so I should pray to him to get better. And I just hit implicit differentiation in Core 4 again, which is awesome because implicit differentiation is kickass.

Oh oh I also got to wear my new overcoat for the first time in anger today. I’d been looking for one for ages in charity shops but my mother finally found one in the British Heart Foundation shop in Diss for £25. I hope I look vaguely swish in it, though I probably just look like a very young businessman with a cold. Still, it’s got an easy buttonhole to put my poppy in.

I think I’mma have to redo all my old categories because they were way too specific and mostly shit. Of course, that would imply that I was planning to blog more and hahahahahahaha oh god never make promises on the internet.



  1. Max said,

    Nice blog.

    Think it probably says bundle about your taste, or mine, that I recognise none of those DVDs! Bargain bin buys?

    Definitely want to see a picture of the overcoat and ‘businessman Ben’ in the next post. As long as you’re not like the twats from Junior Apprentice it’s all good.

    Guess I hold my end of the bargain and get my blog back up!

    • joethearachnid said,

      Sucker Punch was a big thing not too long ago. Repo Men involves Jude Law going to people’s houses and cutting them open to retrieve artificial organs (it’s awesome, i just watched it), Submarine I have no idea about but Film4 films are usually pretty good, Gran Torino has Clint Eastwood being an angry Vietnam vet who shoots gang members or something, and The Princess and the Frog was the animated Disney film that came out before Tangled.
      Most of them were 2 for £10 except Repo Men which was £3 and Princess and the Frog which was £8.

      As for the coat, I might come down to London sometime over the next few weeks so you can see it in person. We’ll see.

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